Numerology and World Politics – 2011


Year 2011 will be remembered as a year of revolution in many ways. Revolutionary decisions as a result of protests in the developed nations will be highlight of the year. The year 2010 (Year of Jupiter in Numerology) has been the year of Asian dominance in many ways, countries like India, China, South Korea, Japan have had their own measure of success. 2010 belongs to India and China in particular, as this year will mark their maximum success in countries economy as well as in world politics. Whereas, though china enjoys economic growth, In the end of yer 2010 China may witness a natural disaster. For the western countries, year 2010 is quite a forgettable year due to mounting unemployment issues and recession.

Numerology and World Politics – 2011

Year 2011

What makes this year so special? The year ruled by rahu (Number 4 in numerology) will mark great reforms in society. Many of the unanswered problems of humanity will find its solution. A series of environmental pacts will be made to ensure green emission. But this very year can act as “Casus Belli” for a potential war in the successive year. Whenever Rahu rules a year, it creates skirmishes, violation of treaties, and communal or social crisis to create causes for warlike situation within a country.

For Asian Countries, India might face its greatest internal threats during that year, with  intruders into Kashmir. Diplomacy may fail and escalate into United nations interference. For India, China may deploy more personnel on disputed borders to destabilize the region and the two countries relationship will turn sour. But more than external threats, it will be the internal social issues and communal issues that can seriously hamper India’s prominence in global market.

Planet Rahu’s year may signify record number of inventions and discoveries in various field. New diseases and illness will continue to haunt mankind, and the cure for them will also be found out. In a bizarre way, the year 2011 will also witness record number of divorces in marriage, change of profession, and more people venturing into independent business.

USA’s unemployment rate will be worrying, but USA will involve in a massive weapons trade with new and existing countries. USA will form new allies and same time invite herself a new opponent in that year. The dollar value will still depreciate till end of 2011.

The Problem Factor

Major issues for countries will be their internal problems. In US, people may rebel against govt policies, and ask for effective reforms. People may be drawn to immoral activities during that year, and to extent in can even become natural for people to live a untruthful life. This scenario will continue worldwide. Anti-Nature acts by men will continue in rapid rise, interestingly the society will recognize many activities that are destructive to mankind.

People should watch out for fake God-men, or prophet or savior who may emerge suddenly from no where and cheat the whole world. The year is a challenge to the remaining leftover of divinity in mankind.

Countries which gives importance to regional peace and address internal and social issues can emerge successful in year 2011. Technology wise, Inventions in electronics and Internet revolution will touch its new peak.  Internet based businesses will be the trend of 2011.

Verdict : Its time to question your true morality in 2011



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