The Adventuring and independent Sagittarius the Archer


Sign: Sagittarius the Archer
Dates: November 22nd through December 21st
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Life Pursuit: Sagittarius wants to live a good life and make a difference in the world.

Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius is a naturally exuberant sign with an enthusiasm for adventure to rival Aquarius and a love of life that makes them as optimistic as Aries! They take aim, as the archer, at what they want and with determination make sure their aim is true achieving what they desire in relationships, work, and even their vacations! This sign has such a zest for life that they make their own happy endings!

Trying to get Sagittarius the Archer to keep their feet on the ground can be a challenge, however and those around them need to be free to move because a Sagittarius will only be miserable if they’re tied down and forced to stay in place. Jobs that allow them to travel are ideal because they love to explore! In the right circumstances they will be big-hearted, generous and fun-loving, but you cannot try to fence them in. They must be allowed to roam free and love it if someone will roam with them.

Because of their tendency to be everywhere at once, they tend to overlook the details, deciding close enough is good enough. But this enthusiasm for life should not be tempered, it’s the same enthusiasm that makes them genuine friends that care about those around them deeply. They will overlook your flaws and just be whole-heartedly your friend.

Sagittarius love freedom, much like Aquarius, and take on the world with an open-mindedness that allows them to try everything yet throw away anything they find too restrictive. They want to learn, and want to know and will always be searching for more knowledge, more to do, and more to love.

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, they are constantly looked to expand their lives in whatever way possible. This can lead to an over-abundance of expenses on unnecessary things. Thankfully, they also love to store up knowledge and will use this to help balance the times of famine in order to bring back about the feast. Read more about the other signs and how they compliment Sagittarius in various roles on our Zodiac page!

A Sagittarius in love will not be denied, but lovers beware, those under this sign are notorious for having a complete lack of tact. They will be downright blunt and even accidentally rude to those on the receiving end. You must be prepared for this and able to weather their opinions without becoming too hurt.

This is a very social sign and the Sagittarius will always be surrounded by quick friends and casual romances. However, because these friends and romances come so easily to the Sagittarius, and this sign is highly idealistic, they tend to run at the first sign of trouble. They love their freedom and have a hard time buckling down and doing the work to make a relationship last when the going gets tough.

The signs most suitable for a relationship with a Sagittarius are other fire signs like Aries, Leo and other Sagittarius, or air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Remember, a fire breaths in oxygen to live!


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