Mumbai – Never ending Battlefield


Before creating this post, let me Salute all the brave commandos, policemen and various civilians who have given their lives to protect the people of Mumbai in eve of Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks. They are the true Heroes of our nation. Tears were flowing down from my eyes when i saw my countrymen’s bodies were carried away from Taj hotel. This isn’t the first time Mumbai is experiencing such a brutal terror attack. Right from 1993 Bombay blast, it has always been a city which constantly faced floods,disasters,terror attacks, political instability, communal violence and more.. Some might not politically accept the fact i am gonna say now but nevertheless its a naked truth.

Mumbai – Never ending Battlefield

Mumbai as Bombay

Mumbai was previously called as BOMBAY which sums up to 17, which is bound to create struggles and hardships, then BOMBAY was changed to MUMBAI which comes number 18, This is where it started having more problems and losses than before. The number 18 is said to be a number of war! 18 denotes battle field, and also causes destruction from all five elements of nature. Remember the day war in mahabarath! Mumbai, if name changed as MUMBAI then it comes 19 – The number of rising sun which will make it prosperous with valour and strength.

Also note that SRILANKA,KASHMIR also have value 18, which is why there is a non stop war and calamities happening there. The problem started for srilanka when they changed from CEYLON to SRILANKA. Similiary kashmir has to be spelled differently as KAASHMIR, which will immediately stop the war conflict happening over there.




      •  my name is dinesh luwang meisnam, then changed to LEICHIL LUWANG, now I again changed to BONA MEISNAM… it this no ok!… i actually born on 18 november 1974, but my academic records ans on passport is 01/02 1978….now i am handeling my passport under the name…..”BONA MEISNAM, DATE OF bIRTH- 01/02/1978..COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME?

  1. my name number comes to be 26, that is.,13(first name) and 13(last name). Birth date is 28 nov, 1979. Is that gud sir? Please suggest me if it is required to change.

  2. Hello!

    I am truly a 7 (born 1962 07 18) but life comes to me as a battlefield ..I guess it is because I am born the 18th. I do want harmony but often people around creates this chaos..
    And sometimes it is so crazy I must laugh – but I am tired..

  3. Hi,
    My DOB is 29-04-1969. Sir, all I tell you is that I need some help. Please suggest what I could do do change the current phase of my life. I read your analysis about the number 29 ( and a few other sites as well ) and it sure does’t sound positive. Please advice. Thank you.

  4. My brother’s name comes to be 18, but he is always success in everything from child to now, get high paying salary in job and position, also his day is 1 and life is 8.

  5. HI, my full name number is 76 and my birth number is 8 and lifepath number is 18. Is my life going to be full of turmoil. What kind of affect does name number 76 have on me?

    • Spain’s official name is ESPANA (23). Phonetically its Espanya (24). Spain calls herself as Espana, the country’s affirmation is what counts than what perceived by others

  6. Name number 18 as well as 38 both are dangerous for woman, they can create fear and ill health due to emotional turbulence. Saturn, Moon and Mars is not a good placement in 12th house, especially the conjunction of saturn and moon, as it can cause unstability and peaceless state of mind. Being in 12th house can cause one to be lonely and separate from world. To counter all these effects, you need a number to conquer your mind first, and i.e. 23. sign as CRISTIN M

    • Ok, first af all, thank you for replying. You are right, i suffer from those things you mention. I had thought of 5 as a name value as well, but I remember reading from you that too many of the same numbers is not good. Since I have 5/5/5 for birthdate (though life path is 6)…and my Mercury is in Gemini (10th house) and I have problems with nerveousness, thoughts, anxiety, sleeping…Wouldn’t another 5 (Mercury) make it worse as I understood from what you have wrote in other ocasions? If not, about 14+18=32? I used to be called that as I child (the problem is I did not like it…).

      Best regards

  7. Dear sir,
    My name is Bhumi (18) and surname is Parmar (18). My DOB is 6.8.1979. I am a graphic designer by profession but it seems as if my career has never kicked off. 

    I wanted to change the spelling of my name to Bhumee (27) and Surname to Parmaru (24). Will this change get me some luck. Please help me out. 


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