The Avengers Numerology Compatibility Analysis


The Avengers have been saving Earth from all sorts of problems. How well do they all get along together? The Avengers Numerology compatibility gives us hints as to their personalities and how well those personalities mesh together.

The Avengers Numerology Compatibility Analysis

The Avengers Numerology Compatibility

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers
aka Iron Man and Captain America
Tony Stark Numerology Number: 2
Steve Rogers Numerology Number: 9
Compatibility Score: Potentially High
This pairing is found all over the Avengers and it has the potential to be a great relationship… or a truly bad one. Two’s need constant attention and nine’s love to give attention, but the nine tends to focus on the world at large, leaving the two constantly wondering why they aren’t good enough for the affection that nine is showing everyone else. You see this frequently with Tony and Captain America… Tony tries to do something right and yet it’s never good enough for the always focused on the “whole of humanity” Captain America.

Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton
aka Black Widow and Hawkeye
Natasha Romanoff Numerology Number: 2
Clint Barton Numerology Number: 9
Compatibility Score: Potentially High
These two are a case of two and nine working together well. Clint has figured out that Natasha needs gentle attention, and a reminder that she isn’t the monster she thinks she is. He’s opened his home and included her in his family, giving her a place where she can be safe and feel as though she’s getting the attention she needs.

Wanda Maximoff and Tony Stark
aka Scarlet Witch and Iron Man
Wanda Maximoff Numerology Number: 2
Tony Stark Numerology Number: 2
Compatibility Score: Medium
These are two souls both needing and wanting the same thing. Never mind that Stark Enterprise weapons destroyed her childhood home, Wanda and Tony have the potential to have at least a cordial relationship with one another even if it will never move beyond that. These two people understand one another on a deeper level which means they can cruelly and viciously hurt each other with little more than well-placed words, though Wanda’s abilities certainly give her the upper hand if she wants it.

Pietro Maximoff and Clint Barton
aka Quicksilver and Hawkeye
Pietro Maximoff Numerology Number: 3
Clint Barton Numerology Number: 9
Compatibility Score: High
This relationship always starts hard and fast with nine as a teacher and three as a student. Both are comfortable with each other, both are friendly, and Clint’s general tendency to only see the good in people gives Pietro a place where he can comfortably learn and never fear making a mistake.

Samuel Wilson and Steve Rogers
aka Falcon and Captain America
Samuel Wilson Numerology Number: 2
Steve Rogers Numerology Number: 9
Compatibility Score: Potentially High
Another relationship where things could stay good but also go bad. It’s going to be entirely up to Captain America to maintain this friendship. He’s going to have to learn how to balance his friendships with his duty so that no one feels abandoned.

James Rhodes and Tony Stark
aka War Machine and Iron Man
James Rhodes Numerology Number: 7
Tony Stark Numerology Number: 2
Compatibility Score: Potentially High
Rhodey Rhodes and Tony Stark are a perfect two and seven pairing. They have separate needs, but manage to come together and find a balance that suits the two of them. Tony keeps himself busy, but when they get together they are sure to find comfort in spending time with an old friend.


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