Twin Flame Numerology


Understanding the Twin Flame and the importance to numerology can be very difficult. Understandably everyone wants to be special and so there are a number of misconceptions and a number of misleading ideas out there. One of the first misconceptions is that everyone has a Twin Flame. This simply isn’t true. While it is true that everyone has a soulmate, Twin Flames are a completely different and much more rare connection. Another common misconception is that seeing signs such as double numbers (11:11, 22:22, etc.) is a sign that your Twin Flame is close by. While this can be true, it’s not the most reliable sign as these numbers can be signs of other very important things happening in your life.

Twin Flame Numerology

Many people believe that Twin Flames have the same Life Path number or that the combination of their numbers has numerological significance. If they do not have to have the same Life Path number, then how does the Twin Flame impact numerology? The answer to this question is found in understanding just what a Twin Flame is. A Twin Flame is more than a soul mate. They are more than someone with whom your sexual compatibility skyrockets; in fact in some cases there may be no need for a sexual joining because these two people join on a spiritual level. Twin Flames are the two sides of a single coin; the male and female energy of a single spirit – a soul split in two. From as far back as ancient times there are stories of ancient gods splitting the souls of humans in two and leaving them to wander until they find one another and become whole again. Perhaps the best description of the Twin Flame is that they are ‘home’. For every person that sensation is different, and for many it can be terrifying. Your Twin Flame knows you because they are you, and you know them because you are them. This is a deeper connection than soul mates and if you do not have a Twin Flame it is something you should be thankful for! A divided soul struggles to achieve enlightenment and may travel through many incarnations before it finds its other half and both are ready to move on to the next evolution and a new incarnation.

Using Twin Flames Numerology

Using numerology to find your Twin Flame isn’t as easy as just calculating some numbers and knowing where to be or where to go. Your soul must be ready to receive this connection. Your Twin Flame will only impact your numerology when you are ready to find them. So begin by figuring out who you are and what your purpose in life is. While there is no Twin Flame calculator, there are lots of numerology calculators that can help you figure out your Life Path number and what it means. For example, if you have a Life Path number of 4 and tend to be a practical and disciplined person but you’re in a job surrounded by people who can’t ever meet deadlines and leave you constantly frustrated then you’re not going to be in a place where your Twin Flame can meet you. You’ll need to find an outlet for the negative energy that is building up within and around you before you will begin to attract the attention of your Twin Flame.

Once you have begun to sort out your life and have started on a pathway of enlightening your spirit, you may start to see symbols for Twin Flame numerology appear around you. Some of the most common are your Life Path number frequently appearing alongside another number. This could very well be the Life Path number of your Twin Flame! Learn more about them by researching this other Life Path number. Seeing duality numbers, those that correspond with 11:11, 11 and 1, can also be a sign, but as mentioned at the start of this article, those numbers are always a sign that the universe is trying to show or tell you something important. These signs should never be ignored! They may not always point you to your Twin Flame, but they will always point you towards a universal truth that it is important you learn!

Finding your Twin Flame, if you have one, can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. It leaves you feeling vulnerable and exposed in ways you never thought possible, while filling you with a love and contentment you will never have felt before. When you find them you’ll feel at home, you will know that you love them because they are you, and you are them, and together you are ready to achieve the next evolution of your shared soul.


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