Mayan Astrology Compatibility


Mayan astrology compatibility can be difficult to piece together. Mayan astrology is based on a system that is very complex when compared to the standard astrology system we usually use. The most basic system has 20 glyphs corresponding to the months in the Mayan year as opposed to the 12 symbols normally used for each of the months in a standard year. These glyphs are referred as the Tzolkin which is a perpetual calendar system based on the energy over the cosmos rather than the movement of the planets. The Mayan year had 260 days and these were broken into 20 day groups, each of which was assigned a sign. Additionally, each day was assigned a number between one and thirteen that corresponded to the cycles of the moon. Between the numbers and the signs there are 260 different combinations of characteristics.  Learn more about Mayan Astrology here:

Mayan Astrology Compatibility

Mayan Astrology Compatibility

When you want to check your Mayan astrology compatibility, you will want to find a good calculator that will calculate your long count birthday in Mayan because it will be more accurate. Do this for both yourself and the person you want to check your compatibility with. Just as in normal astrology, each of the Mayan astrology signs will have multiple other signs with which it is compatible.

Mayan Astrology Signs

Mayan Sign: B’atz
Meaning: East Monkey
Traits: Enjoys the arts, excellent organizational skills, people are often drawn to them
Compatible with: B’atz (East Monkey), Ajmaq (West Curiosity), Imox (North Left Side), Kame (South Death)

Mayan Sign: E
Meaning: West Path
Traits: Diplomatic and natural leaders with a gift for politics and storytelling
Compatible with: E (West Path), No’j (North Knowledge), Iq’ (South Wind), Kej (East Deer)

Mayan Sign: Aj
Meaning: North Authority
Traits: Love to learn and never give up on anything they decide to put their mind to
Compatible with: Tijax (South Knife), Aq’ab’al (East Dawn), Q’anil (West Seed)

Mayan Sign: I’x
Meaning: South Jaguar
Traits: Passionate and courageous, full of energy and very charming; get along great with the opposite gender
Compatible with: I’x (South Jaguar), Kawoq (East Family), K’at (West Net), Toj (North Fire)

Mayan Sign: Tz’ikin
Meaning: East Bird of Power
Traits: Lucky with money yet also generous and very friendly
Compatible with: Tz’ikin (East Bird of Power), Ajpu (West Sun), Kan (North Snake), T’z’i’ (South Dog)

Mayan Sign: Ajmaq
Meaning: West Curiosity
Trait: Quiet and analytical taking life slowly; able to get along with everyone but prone to anger
Compatible with: Ajmaq (West Curiosity), B’atz’ (East Monkey), Imox (North Left Side), Kame (South Death)

Mayan Sign: No’j
Meaning: North Knowledge
Traits: Wise, intelligent and yet trusts everyone they meet not realizing that not everyone has their beset interests at heart
Compatible with: No’j (North Knowledge), E (West Path), Iq'(South Wind), Kej (East Deer)

Mayan Sign: Tijax
Meaning: South Knife
Traits: Very artistic and intelligent they manage to be both focused and yet dreamers
Compatible with: Tijax (South Knife), Q’anil (West Seed), Aq’ab’al (East Dawn), Aj (North Authority)

Mayan Sign: Kawoq
Meaning: East Family
Traits: Motivated and caring, they are spiritually attuned and very lucky
Compatible with: Kawoq (East Family), K’at (West Net), I’x (South Jaguar), Toj (North Fire)

Mayan Sign: Ajpu
Meaning: West Sun
Traits: Confident and always able to stay positive they have a lot of energy but tend to spread too thin
Compatible with: Ajpu (West Sun), E (West Path), Ajmaq (West Curiosity), K’at(West Net), Q’anil (West Seed)

Mayan Sign: Imox
Meaning: North Left Side
Traits: Prefer to stay home and keep a house, turning it into a place of comfort and happiness for others
Compatible with: Imox (North Left Side), B’atz’ (East Monkey), Ajmaq (West Curiosity), Kame (South Death)

Mayan Sign: Iq’
Meaning: South Wind
Traits: Devoted to their passions and must follow their life path or they will become very depressed
Compatible with: Iq’ (South Wind), E (West Path), No’j (North Knowledge), Kej (East Deer)

Mayan Sign: Aq’ab’al
Meaning: East Dawn
Traits: Most often in a good mood and able to achieve what seems impossible they are very respected and good friends
Compatible with: Aq’ab’al (East Dawn), Aj (North Authority), Tijax(South Knife), Q’anil(West Seed)

Mayan Sign: K’at
Meaning: West Net
Traits: These people are honest and genuine, filled with energy that allows them to overcome obstacles
Compatible with: K’at (West Net), I’x (South Jaguar), Kawoq (East Family), Toj (North Fire)

Mayan Sign: Kan
Meaning: North Snake
Traits: While excellent leaders they prefer to stay behind the scenes; tend to underestimate their own value and fear mistakes
Compatible with: Kan (North Snake), Ajpu (West Sun), Tz’ikin (East Bird of Power), Tz’i(South Dog)

Mayan Sign: Kame
Meaning: South Death
Traits: Very attuned to their intuition, easily get sick but have great charisma and are natural leaders
Compatible with: Kame (South Death), Ajmaq (West Curiosity), B’atz (East Monkey), Imox (North Left Side)

Mayan Sign: Kej
Meaning: East Deer
Traits: Advisors who want to be loved by people both privately and at work; very diplomatic and analytic
Compatible with: Kej (East Deer), E (West Path), Iq’ (South Wind), No’j (North Knowledge)

Mayan Sign: Q’anil
Meaning: West Seed
Traits: Creative and intuitive they like to travel and love being responsible for the people around them
Compatible with: Q’anil (West Seed), Aj (North Authority), Aq’ab’al (East Dawn), Tijax (South Knife)

Mayan Sign: Toj
Meaning: North Fire
Traits: Very strong and determined to bring balance and justice to those around them
Compatible with: Toj (North Fire), I’x (South Jaguar), K’at (West Net), Kawoq (East Family)

Mayan Sign: Tz’i’
Meaning: South Dog
Traits: Very faithful and kind, have above average sense and want to bring balance to those around you
Compatible with: Tz’i’ (South Dog), Ajpu (West Sun), Kan (North Snake), Tz’ikin (East Bird of Power)


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