Venus Retrograde


Thankfully we’ve already passed the period with Venus in retrograde for 2020 – with everything else that’s happened in this year it’s a relief to know that we’ve got a good long stretch until the next time Venus decides to throw our love lives into chaos. Venus won’t go into retrograde until late in 2021 – from December 19th, 2021 until January 1, 2022. Plus, unlike this years time of turmoil which lasted for more than a month (a whole 43 days), Venus will only be in retrograde for 13 days – just under two weeks. This means we’ll have gotten nearly a full year of Venus in full control of our love lives before we suffer two weeks or romantic insecurity and panic for just under two weeks.

Venus Retrograde

When Venus goes retrograde it throws everything related to love and money into a complete chaos. Opportunities may dry up, relationships fall apart, things that looked good suddenly disappear and you may find yourself tempted into behaviors, relationships and opportunities that you’d never have even considered when Venus was in her right mind.

No matter what the year 2021 holds for you there are a few basic things that you should never consider when Venus is in retrograde:

Venus Retrograde Considerations

  1. New Relationships
    This doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a good time, just know that something that starts during this time probably isn’t going to last. Go out and intend to have fun. Save the deep, heart-felt commitments for January 2nd.
  2. Ending Relationships
    Venus is the goddess of love and while this is a time of examining things in your life this is not the time to make any decisions and definitely not the time to take any actions. So definitely look at your relationships closely and use this time to identify areas where you are not being fulfilled but don’t break things off. In the ‘light of day’ you’ll be more encouraged to communicate those needs to your partner and work with them to get the relationship back to a healthy place.
    There are two related areas here – getting back together with an ex and losing your temper. During a retrograde Venus it’s shockingly common for old lovers to get back in touch and because we are emotionally vulnerable we will want to connect. Instead use this time to look back at that relationship and see what lessons you could learn to carry forward. And likewise with losing your temper; tensions are high for everyone during this period. If you feel your anger flaring take a step back and remove yourself from a situation before you make a mistake, like ending a great relationship, in the heat of the moment.
  3. Making Crazy Big Decisions
    The top three crazy big decisions that end up being disasters: taking on a new look, making a big purchase, redecorating your house. While this time will be the perfect time to sit down and look at a new tattoo, a new hairstyle, a complete home makeover and even the fiscal potential of buying a snazzy new car this isn’t the time to act on any of those actions! Hold off! Write down all the pros and cons of these decisions and then resist the urge to act on them no matter how certain you are that it’s the right decision and you totally are being logical about it. If you’re being logical, if it’s the right decision, then waiting until January 2nd, 2022 won’t matter will it? You’ll come out of the retrograde slump with a clear mind and be able to decide if you want a new car payment, and a home under construction – we’re pretty confident though that you’ll decide against getting bangs.


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