Libra Tarot Horoscope


A tarot horoscope may seem like something totally made up, but combining tarot cards and zodiac horoscopes isn’t at all unique or unheard of. The two together can provide a tarot card reader or astrologist with more information they otherwise wouldn’t have access to during a reading. The Major and minor arcana can be used to provide extra support and little details that take a horoscope reading from bland to exceptional.

Libra Tarot Horoscope

Libra is an air sign and though they are known for their changeability, much like the wind, the Libra is one of the most steadfast and reliable. They are intelligent and well-spoken, able to formulate arguments and sway people to their side – like a strong gust of wind carrying you away. These talents are even more obvious when they are arguing over something that they care about passionately. When a Libra is speaking in support of a cause that matters to them they are stunning communicators.

The Major Arcana associated with Libra is Justice and this isn’t at all surprising when so much about Libra’s is focused around balance and justice. There is nothing more central to the heart of the Libra than what they consider to be just and right. The tarot card Justice backs up these feelings – its meanings centered on karma, consequence, accountability, and honesty. All of these themes are cornerstones of the Libra personality.

The minor arcana that work with Libra Tarot are:

King of Cups – Representing the male Libra, this card represents the Libra’s ability to hold back his emotions and impulses and work off balance and intellect. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel, just that he is master of his feelings and has control of them. He is a reminder that, when faced with a new challenge, that balance is better than wild emotionalism.

Queen of Swords – Though she comes across as stern and emotionless, the Queen of Swords stands as a reminder that decisions should not be made solely on emotion. The facts are the most important truth to consider and though compassion is also a part of justice, truth must prevail and that means using your mind over your heart.

1st Decan: Two of Swords – We enter the first decan in the middle of a stalemate between forces of the universe and must determine which side you will support or be stuck here for a long, long time. While neither side may seem appealing, you must make the choice. This decan is about making the hard, sometimes unpleasant choices – you cannot avoid or evade these issues or they will simply get worse.

2nd Decan: Three of Swords – From the place of indecision with the first decan, the three of swords carries us into the second decan with pain and grief. While these are a part of life, necessary to learn what mistakes to avoid, that only helps to numb some of the pain. There is a reason that swords are the cards of Libra’s decans – they can bring pain but not without a lesson to help us in the future.

3rd Decan: Four of Swords – The third decan is a time to rest, the four of swords telling us to withdraw so that we can heal. This is the time to work on regaining your mental clarity and to re-evaluate your priorities. Take the time to heal and recover so that you can come out of this period of life stronger and in a better place.


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