Numerology Number 46


The Crown head in Chaldean Numerology

One of the most important and desirable number in numerology is the number 46. A lot about this number has been discussed in the ancient books. Numerology Number 46 denotes the crown above the head in ancient Chaldean numerology scriptures.  Which means a person who is smart, intelligent and possesses intellect will also possess the crown, and this number signifies all these three qualities.

Number 46 in numerology destiny is a number which is known to give the ultimate in success in any business or work one undertakes. This number has the potential to elevate even the most ordinary person to unimaginable heights. One can see princes, kings, rulers, and ministers in this number as we know from learning about number ones on this page.

Person with name as number 46 in numerology attains greater heights as their age progresses. This number is been widely considered as the ruler number, which can produce great leaders for the country and also world’s most famous people. But people with name as 46 should not be dishonest, as it may pull them down from the crown.

Number 46 can be used by people born on all the date except 9, 9 born people should stay away from using number 46 or 37 as their name, as it may cause damage to their eyes. The best results will be yielded if used by a person born on 1 or life path 1.

Some of the world personalities with name numerology 46 are JOSEPH STALIN, ALBERT EINSTEIN, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, DR RAJENDRA PRASAD, NEIL J ARMSTRONG.

It is also widely considered as name as number 46 in numerology is very favorable for the Nobel Prize, as many Nobel Prize winners and scientist’s have their name in 46. This alone is a very interesting association when it comes to Numerology and common links between those who share a specific number!


  1. Hey Friend, what do you think about this …say if there is compound number 46 …. and person is born on 1 of any month and having 46 as name total , life path 5 … and as we know that 5, 6 is enemy no . of 1. how his life path effect him negatively or positively ? and second thing is in 46 again 6 is enemy no… does individual no 4 and 6 effect separately or 46 together effect more to the person's life. which will have powerful effect compound no. or single no separately. If possible then do reply . thanx.

    • Saachin,

      Number 46, 23, or 32 or any double digit number when used as a name are whole and cannot be separated. Compound rule is applicable only to number 1 to 31 for every month to calculate brth date and lifepath, for name the results are based on whole number only. we cannot split 46 as 4 and 6. but we can split a name into primary and secondary name like Astronlogia = 20 + 21 = 41

      • Dear Sir,

        My day number is 15 and life path number is 1. My name number adds up to 77, and now need to change the surname. Can I make it as 46 or 42 or 51 or 69 or something else. Kindly advise.

      • Dear Sir,

        My day number is 15 and life path number is 1, my current name number is 77.  I need to change my surname.  What should be my new name number 46, 51, 69 or something else.  Kindly advise.  Thank you.

  2. There are two more question if you can answer it ….How to calculate fadic numbers ? and is it possible in numerology to predict things in future like astrology in individuals life and in general ? if yes the what are the aspect /Criteria to do that ? Thanx for Reply , to earlier Question.

    • Saachin,

      Its very simple to calculate fadic number, the term fadic number is also called lifepath, to calculcate, if you born on 23/5/1973 then fadic number is by adding all the digits i.e. 2+3+5+1+9+7+3 = 30 = 3+0=3, hence fadic number is 3. Yes its possible to predict future in numerology with the help of lexigrams and chaldean numerology, both needs to be mastered well to predict future events.

  3. hi,

    my b'day is 18 sep 1978…a/c to my Nisha Shukla – it adds upto 35. can u pls throw info on no 35 & also what no is lucky to me & that stuff..i really liked all the articles u hv written recently. awaiting for u r reply

    • Hi Nisha,

      Your name comes 35, your lifepath is 7, which makes you interested in religion, spiritual, occult, and higher consciousness. But your name as 35 is not good at all, its a number that should be avoided in name as it may cause some grave dangers to you both mentally and physically, its my sincere advice you sign your name as Nisha alone, this make your relationships smoother and happier than your past ones.

  4. hello,
    im interested with all your research and i like it. my name is malia mohamed. but people call me malia. but in my email or card or my signature i write in malia mohd. i just want to know wihich is better for me?malia or malia mohd?and not forgotten my birthdate is 15/11/1983. can u please gimme some info or advice on this?

  5. my name KUBENDAR SANKARAN VALAIYAR date of birth 25 – 05 -1973 __ I NEED POSITVE CHANGE IN MY LIFE i tried my best in altering my own name according to ur guideline for my own betterment i would like to explan to you __if my new name will be like thiz ???????? WHICH IZ BEZT NAME FOR ME ????? __ 1, NEW name KUBENDHAR SANKARAN VALAIYAR=68__ 2, NEW name KUBENDHAR S V = 41__ 3, NEW NAME KUBENDHAR=32__ 4.NEW SHORT NAME KUBENS =23__ i m confued which hould i keep?__plz guied me __thankz__kubendar

  6. Dear Rajendra sir,
    In reply to saachin tillak gabba, You have said that compound nos.dont effect separately,eg.No.46. No.4 & 6 will not effect separately.
    But in case of no.33,it is said that despite being no.of Venus,Native having name no.33 will have religious inclinations because of the effect of double three as no.3 is number of jupiter.
    Pls clarify.Awaiting yr reply.

    Thanks n warm regards,
    Himansshu Mohan
    [email protected]

    • native with number 33 will have religious inclinations, but not due to double 3 's, but actually its a number of Goddess Shakti in Hindu Mythology. also that number is a number of Kuberan. The goddess of wealth. Hence 33 brings immense wealth and devotion

  7. How many names can people have in Chaldean Numerology? Is it just first and last, just first…..or can they do the whole 6-named shebang? ie Marie Lou Ellis Nancy Wells Smith? so how much is too much

    • Unlike in Pythagoras Numerology system, The name in Chaldean Numerology sytem is divided into two Primary n Secondary Name, Even if its 6 named, It will be divided only into two divisions. Primary name being the real name of yours and the secondary being your sur name or additions of sur names and other names like family names

  8. sir, i am reading all the articais writen by you.they are exelent and i am getting knowledge about numerology.but i have a doubt,my name is narala.rohith kumar my name rohith is 24,rohith kumar is 39,rohith kumar reddy is 55,n.rohith kumar reddy is 60 and narala rohith kumar reddy is birth day number is 25/7 and my life path is my mame hormonious to my day & life numbers ? please explain i said above my name has 24,39,55,60,68all these numbers,how can i get in to a conclusion? all these numbers will influence my life or one or two numbers.please reply me. thank you.

  9. hello sir,as my name is long and contains five diferent numbers which number influencess more on me? my name number 68 and my date of birth is 25/9/1979 will it be good.

  10. Hi sir, I am a 5 & 3 person (born on 14-01-1977) which will be the most suitable name number for me? Number 1, 5 or 6??, my current name makes a 9 (36)
    thank you

  11. 27.09.1969 is my DOB. The total comes to 4+33 = 37. You have mentioned that those born under 9, should avoid 37 or 46 as they might affect the eyes. Can I have your valuable suggestion for suitable name number please as I am determined to change my name, if 37 is bad for my birth number.

    I am the regular reader of your blogs and would like to sincerely thank you for the great service to human kind.

  12. Sir, May I have your suggestion please. As such, I am facing some setbacks in my life and your suggestion of suitable name number will be of great help please. Thanks again.

  13. Hi sir, I am a 5 & 3 person (born on 14-01-1977), my life is moribund and stagnant for last couple of years without any progress, my current name makes a 36, could you please suggest to which number I should change my name to?

    Thank you

  14. Hello, I hail from Germany and am in India for last couple of years, recently I came across with this site and find it quite interesting, will you be kind enough to briefly asnwer query which is: my dob is 23-05-1982 and my name summs to 46, I hear from other sites that it will not be good to have a 46 name number unless one a birth or destiny number 1 or 4 & 8, what is your opinion please.

  15. Thank your sir for the prompt reply, this leaves me with another question if you dont min, do you think any other number can be me more luckier other than 46 in this case?

    Best Regards,


  16. i am preparing for ias exam. i am preparing well. For my satisfaction, i would like to know which name number will help me to reach my goal. of course with my hardwork only.

  17. i am preparing for ias exam. i am preparing well. For my satisfaction, i would like to know which name number will help me to reach my goal. of course with my hardwork only.

    Which number can i choose?

    2.Sk vijayan-21 vijaya sundar raaj vijey kumar

  18. Dear sir,

    Thank you very much for suggesting my name change. Please clarify this sir. In the topic ‘changing one’s name’, you have mentioned that for 19 born it is better to keep name in 37 or 46 istead 33 or 41. pl let me know why you have suggested k. subramaniam -in no 32 for me (dob 19-10-1963) instead in 19,37 or 46. Also most people call me ‘mani’ and in office either subramani or ks.Will they affect me?

  19. Dear sir,

    Thank you very much for suggesting my name change. Please clarify this sir. In the topic ‘changing one’s name’, you have mentioned that for 19 born it is better to keep name in 37 or 46 istead 33 or 41. pl let me know why you have suggested k. subramaniam -in no 32 for me (dob 19-10-1963) instead in 19,37 or 46. Also most people call me ‘mani’ and in office either subramani or ks.Will they affect me?

    • For 1 borns, name should be kept in 1,19,37,46 in child birth itself, then it would mould them accordingly, since you have crossed 40 yrs, things like finance, stability, health is more important, hence 5 suits you in these areas

  20. Hello Sir,

    My name is Karen Christi Klesic and my birth date is 2-18-78. What would be the best name for me, the luckiest? Should I not use my middle name or change its spelling? I am very confused and things have not been going so well for me. Thank you kindly.

  21. Hello Sir,

    Thank you so very much for your answer. I would like to ask you one more question if it’s ok. Would just using Karen Klesic and leaving out the middle name Christi not be good? That’s the way I have been using my name for the last fifteen years. I really need success and health in my life and I would like to know which one is best for that? Again, I thank you very much.

  22. Dear Sir,
    My daughter name is R.S.Thanushree and her birth date is 27-12-2006. What would be the best name for her, the luckiest? Should I have change her name or any change in its spelling so that her life will be nice & good? I am very confused in this matter if you help me it will be very well for me. Thank you.

  23. Thank you very much for all your help, I really appreciate it. I would like to ask you for the future name change after marriage. What is the best number for my name to be for 2-18-1978? Also if you can tell me for my mother 2-24-1950 and for my brother 7-24-1980? Thank you so much.

  24. Hi Sir,
    Could you throw some on the love / marital life of persons with No. 1 date & destiny, I have two of known friends who had unhappy experience in their life details are below:
    Case 1:
    [DOB 19-11-1978 (1 & 1), current name number 36] – was in love with a person for more than 9 years, they broke, later got engaged to a person (it happened so quickly) this was aslo broken (as the person didn’t like the behaviour of the partner when they went out together), now is in love with a person who is 4 years younger to her an yet to tell their respective homes about it.
    Case 2:
    [DOB 28-11-1978 (1 &1), current name number 28] – got married at the age of 19 divorced within 6 months, was in love with a person for 8 years which broke couple of months back.

    Both were laid off from their companies due to recession and he later is yet to find a job.
    Thank you,
    Maria Len Schmidt

  25. I see that 46 is all important and lucky. How about if the name totals to 64? Does it have the same effects as 46 or the opposite or neutral

  26. hello there sir

    my name is yugenderan (37)
    but i have recently changed to (46) yuuggenderan

    i was borned in 9.2.1991
    if i cannot change my name to 46 or 37 then what number should i change my name to?

    very curious..
    thank you..

  27. dear sir i have 3 as a day number and 8 as life path number ,early life i had name totals to 3 and frankly say i havent achieved anything in my life until now 41 years old . so kindly need ur advice `which is best 23,32 0r 41 which is best to choose thanks

  28. Dear Sir,
    This is my repetive mail to u. Please reply me . My Name is VIVEK PANDEY which comes to 44.I was born on 13.04.1979 . Can i keep the name as VIVECK PANDE, which comes to 23 & 23 i.e 46.

  29. hi sir,
    my sister is having her birth date as 26 and her life path is also 8.she didnt get a job and she is in a depressed condition.her name(without including the surname) vibration is in 23 in chaldean rule and 31 by pythogorean.i know 23 is good.i think this 31 had bad effect on her.
    by searching in the website i thought by changing her name she can have her luck and i suggested her a small correction and by that she got 32 vibration in name by pythogorean rule and 24 by chaldean.does this vibration bring luck to her.please give ur reply

  30. Hi friend

    The number 46 is fascinating.
    And about that I have a question …

    I research Numerology, albeit superficially, in order to avoid a bad vibration, and not be able to attract or something, because I know that with this responsibility may appear that my spirit might not be able to afford.

    But, being objective, I noticed that if I add the father’s name (which I have not until today, at 27), the number 46 appears in the sum of the consonants of the name. In this case, is bad, or the effects, according to his illuminating essay, will be the same?

    Thank you for your attention.
    A brotherly hug.

  31. Dear Sir,

    May God bless you for helping many people who struggle in thier walk of life
    as thier name is not harmony with either life path or birth no.

    God has created solutions for every problems. Numerology is one among them.

    In fact you are doing very good job without expecting any fruit out of this except good life humanity.


  32. MY DOB IS 16.04.1979

    46/37/19/23—– IS SUITABLE FOR ME



    S VIJAYAN—–19

    AS RAAJ VIJEY——-23

    S. NAGARAJAN———-23

    sir, you have mentioned like 23 is good for govt jobs. pls tell me will that suitable for my dob. and which can i choose i.e. AS.RAAJ VIJEY / S.NAGARAJAN

  33. Hi.

    My date of birth is 20 April 1980.
    I spell my name as Suumit Gupta.
    Place of birth is: Delhi.
    Time of birth is 22:52 PM
    I am not able to achieve much in my proffesional front as compared to my high educational background. Please sufgeest what can be done in this case and how are my future prospeacts. Earlier I use to spell my name as Sumit Gupta but recently on suggestion of someone I have changed it to Suumit Gupta, whether this name chenge is fine.

    Suumit Gupta

  34. hello sir ,

    My date of birth is 13th nov 1979 , i wanted to know that whether i could use my middle intial (R) ( husbands name ) while signing, like PRNersihan , or sign as payalnersihan fully . i just got married , and my name before marriage was payal lunkad , i used to sign as payallunkkad though . Pls do advice what would be the luckiest for me to sign as . Also does the signature really matter .

    thx so much
    payal nersihan

  35. Sir,

    my dob: 16.04.1979

    I am trying for Govt jobs through competitive exams.

    Which number will be suitable as per astrology?

    you have mentioned that 5 would be more optable for competitve exams for govt job.

    As per that i have changed my name as S.NAGARJAN(23). In fact, mind wise i could find few changes. But i am coming across many obstacles. What is the solution for the same. Or can i start practing as AS.RAAJ VIJEY(23).

    Please do help me sir. I am married.jobless. I was forced to leave the job from a pvt co. as there was misunderstanding with my boss.

    Please do guide sir. waiting for your reply.

    Or can i go for 46———–MS VIJAY PRASANTH OR 37———–ASK.NIRMAL KUMAR OR 19———-S.VIJAYAN. All these names are given my numerologists only. i found more changes in 46 both jobwise and moneywise. But no much performance in job.

  36. Dear Sir, I have a friend whose name is Jeevanantham date of birth 19th March 1971. He is jobless and cannot get job wherever he goes, he also behaves very mean and irresponsible towards other people. He doesnt seem to have any interest in working but talks as though he knows the whole world. Can name numerology change his attitude to be a better person and get him a job? What is a suitable name number for him and how to make it work ?

  37. Dear Sir,

    My name is Ramakrishna K Agarwal, birth date is 23-01-1976. My name number comes to 46, will this be beneficial to me as my birth no is 5 & destiny no. is 2

    Thank You

  38. sir, my d.o.b is 27-09-1982. my life path number adds upto 38. my name is p.jamuna… do you suggest a name change for betterment in life?

  39. I am navin my D.o.B 27/9//1984 recently i am change Rajha number 10
    which number is help my life sir please tell me
    number 37 or 46 or 10.
    Navin is good name or not. now i can change Rajha its good or not please help me sir . which number is help ful for my life.

  40. Hi Astronlogia,

    My date of birth 4 – 11 -1973 ,
    Name number 46 will workout for me! or 42
    kathir velavan (42)
    kathir velaven (46)
    Kindly suggest good one!

  41. My daughter born on 1 and her life path is 9. Her D.O.B is 28/May/2010. Her name number comes under 46. As you said in above article. Persons who born on 9 should avoid name number in 46. But what about person born on 1 and having life path 9. May i continue her name number in 46?

  42. My daughter name number comes under 46. She was born on 28/May/2010. So her birth number is 1 and life path is 9. As you mentioned in the above article, those who are born on 9 should avoid name in number 46 to avoid eye dieases. Then what about person born on 1 and having life path 9. Please explain my doubt

  43. Sir, my dob 31-10-1969, name in passport is Annamaraj Ravi Kumar , which equals to 46, will it be benificial to me..

  44. What if the there is a full name constituted by three sub names, first name number 31, middle name 05 and the last name 10 (all name components make number 46) and the person having this combination is born on 28th, and his life number is 1 as well ?

  45. sir my birth total comes 33 does that means i will have imeense wealth….?
    and my name total comes 37 
    do these match 
    dob 19-11-1992
    someone told me that it is one of best combination’s….IS IT TRUE ?

  46. My dob-28-12-1963. name- sandeep singh(48). i wish to change the name. There are following alternative-
    1) anuraag jasraaj singh(46).
    2) anuraag j singh(37)
    3) a j singh (19) .
    Pl suggest the best alternative.

  47. Hey Saravana If i m a 6 person with 8 as life path which is better for me 46 or 23, if i want to enter politics ???

  48. hello sir, my name is k venugopal which gives 46, my date of birth is15/8/1982.

    sir i am into business from almost 10 yrs , have done many businesses but not able to succeed as you mentioned that 46 number is v good for business, i am not able to hold a grip in my business, i dont tell its worst but i have a big dreams of being v successfull. so plz tell whats wrong??

  49. i am 50+ yrs now.I neither have money, career or even average good luck in my life thus far. I have consulted numerous famous, reputable astrologers, palmists & numerologists, but unfortunately all their predictions of my past, present & future (at the time i consulted them has not even been 99% accurate). Some say my chart is a difficult one to interpret, frankly, I dont understand. I am writing to you as a possible last resort and my inner intuition tells me you may be the person to unravel my “mystery” chart. I was named Surendran s/o P.S.Nair at birth,and used Surendran all my life. but changed it to Surendren Nair recently and started to sign it as such in an upward direction. I am running Sat/Jup/Sat now. My DOB: 21-12-1962. TOB: 23:20 (local time, GMT +7:30). POB: Klang, Malaysia. I would like to know if Surendren Nair [46] is a lucky name number for me.If it is, does all the significations attributed to this powerful number will bear fruit in my life even at this point. I am thinking of going into politics and hope to be an extremely successful politician and possibly lead my countrymen, despite what i have told you about my present predicament. Will this materialize?, Should i form my own party or join an existing one, otherwise if this is not tangible, what line and direction/trade/business do you advise i should take? And one last thing, Although, all the people whom i consulted above were well known as experts in the field, none of them were even 100% correct in their readings and predictions especially regarding my marriage, marital life and children. I would highly appreciated if you would provide your invaluable insight in this matter and put my anxiety and apprehensions to rest in peace. Thank you for the great ‘seva’ you are performing here. ! hope i had not asked too much of you, but i sincerely believe you understand my utter frustration with charlatans, though i have not lost faith in this divine science. Perhaps ‘karma’ is now playing the role to ask you to answer my decade long queries satisfactorily. I would most grateful and highly appreciate, if you could reply directly to my email address ( if this is permissible i dont know, i am sorry if had inadvertently made a mistake asking this favour), as wish the answers to be private. Om Sai Ram. May the Lord continue to bless and shower his grace upon you.

  50. Dear Sir,

    My DOB 24/ 04/ 1968. I had my name as Raginishri. K -26 till my PG degree and I had changed it to Ragini. K – 15 from 1988 onwards. Now for the past 3 years, I am using Shree Ragini. R.K. – 37 in my mails. Since my natal chart has exalted Sun in 11th place, I have started using 37. Can I use Shree Raginee. R. K – 46 instead of 37 ? Generally, people say after the age of 45, our life path number has more effect. Now, I am running Venus dasa and it is there for 16 more years. That is why, I preferred the calling name in total of 33 or 42 and the official name in 37 or 46. Kindly advice. Which is suitable for me ?

  51. Dear Sir, I am Somnath Mali. My Date of birth 10/10/1989 at 12:35 AM. I am a singer but can’t get success in my career. Can I write my name as ‘Somnath Mallick’ instead of Somnath Mali? Which is most lucky for me? Please give me your valuable oopenion. Thank you.

  52. Hi sir,
    I have read most of your articles and the way your are helping people is appreciated!
    I have started food company. I am the main cook here. my name is jagpreet verma my dob is 01 11 1984, My company name is registered in 46 no. not happening good do I need a name correction?
    Thanking you in advance!
    Also sir if you have any site so that we can get some more information regarding numero.

  53. I got twins(baby boy & baby girl) on 21/05/2017 at 8:31am & 8:32am respectively. Kindly advise best names for them as per numerology for their bright future. Plz help me.



        DOB IS 02 07 1983.

  54. Hi !

    I was born on the 9th and my name total is 46. Whats the solution to it ? I believe the power of thoughts has always helped me, never thought negative . so have never face any issues either .
    Best Regards

    • Number 9 is ruled by Mars which is why you will have lot of energy and you will be active, courageous and smart. You should read Hanuman Chalisa daily for benefits.


    • As your destiny number is 8, it is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of delays, obstacles and obstructions. Therefore you will face many issues in your life. However the good thing about Saturn is that it is the planet of delays but never denies. Therefore you will receive enormous success eventually. All you need to do is remain focused and do the Saturn remedies given below.

      1. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays
      2. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily


      Navneet Khanna

  55. My birth number is 3 and life number is 1.. Recently I have changed my name number to 46 which includes my father’s name as well. Also should I used the this full name as my signature? Or is it okay to sign in brief? Thank you.

  56. Hi sir,
    My DoB is 27.03.1991. My day number comes to 9 and life path adds to 5. What would be the best number to have my name in??
    I also have enemical Mars in Gemini in 2nd house.

  57. Hi.

    I was born on 27.03.1991. What would be a good name number for me?
    I’ve had brain and eye problems since childhood.

    • Relationship between 6 and number 5 and 9. This will never be a straightforward relationship because either a lot can come from the relationship or nothing at all. All of you will need to adopt the path of adjustment for this relationship to become success. Walking on the same path would be difficult but not impossible. If you try you can go miles ahead.


      Navneet Khanna


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