Archangel Metatron


The Archangel Metatron is believed to be the keeper of records and the one that records all our choices while keeping them safely stored in the great archive of the universe which holds our Akashic records. It is believed that Metatron was originally the human Enoch who was taken up to heaven without dying and given a new form and new duties there at the foot of the throne of God. He is a guide, known for helping to lead Moses and the Hebrews out of Egypt; and he is always willing to help us as well.

Archangel Metatron

You will know that Metatron is trying to get your attention if you being to see the number 11:11 pop up more frequently. This is likely a sign that he has felt that you are ready to evolve spiritually and is trying to encourage you to stop. These numbers are the Archangel Metatron symbol known as the Gates of Metatron and signify that it is time to awaken to the real potential of your soul.

Archangel Metatron’s Appearance

It’s not unheard of for those interacting with Metatron to describe his presence as a bright, white light. His energy is very large, similar to that of a motivated and determined parent. Some people have even felt some dizziness and a sudden surge of energy that encouraged them to ‘give 110%’. His aura has been described as deep pink and dark green and you may get a scent of spice such chili peppers. You’ll also find that as you spend time in his presence you lose negative energy that distracts you from the positive, the good and the spiritual in your life.

A common item mentioned when discussing Metatron is the “Merkabah” or “Metatron Cube”. This is a cube formed by sacred geometry and is used by the archangel to cleanse you of unwanted energy, to assist you in achieving ascension or continuing along in the journey of your ascension path, and can even help to provide healing.

When you reach out to the Archangel Metatron you want to know how he can help you. He is there to help when dramatic changes happen in your life. He helps to raise your vibrations and energy so that you can tackle draining encounters. He has been charged with helping us grow into adulthood and will try to point us to necessary adjustments as he works to write our universal history in our Akashic record.

Remember that archangels cannot intercede in our lives unless we ask and the best way to ask for assistance is via meditation when our hearts and minds are cleared of the negative pressures of the world and we can focus on raising our energy as we clear our mind. As you meditate feel your energy rise, focus on seeing it come from your third eye like a bright, brilliant indigo colored beacon. You will see him likely as a light like a bright star coming to join you. Speak to the archangel and affirm your joy in meeting him and your desire to reach your purpose.


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