Top 10 worst numbers (as first name) in numerology


I have mentioned many times about the importance of first name in ones full name, as the first name is sole significator of ones identity and ones great strength of Will. In many cases, we witness that even though a person has an unfortunate and dangerous name number, one of the worst numbers in Numerology, and he/she still continues to be lucky and enjoy great fortunes of life. This is mainly because, the person must have a fortunate first name number. for e.g, lets say a name Helen Cage, which even though comes 35, a unlucky number for most people, this person might actually enjoy great luck due to presence of Helen as first name which comes 23.

Similarly, a fortunate name number (full name) should be devoid of a bad or unlucky first name. Because, First name is the fulcrum of ones life. It is the real name of the person, where surname is added due to social obligation. Some 3000 years ago, there were no surnames or last names, there was only one word name, the actual name! Even some 500 BC, people had only one word name like Socrates, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Solomon or David.. etc. After the fall of roman empire, new system of society was formed and necessity to include fathers name or surnames based on ones lineage or caste (to emphatically display their proud lineage) were included. But, in law of nature, there is no need to include any surnames or any sort of names next to ones first name.

Since the whole world follows first name/surname pattern, which has become necessity in passport and other legal documents for ones survival in some countries, let us see the worst numbers in Numerology that should be avoided as first name number which you can find more out about on this part of the website.

1) Number 16 – This is first and foremost of the worst numbers in Numerology that should be avoided as first name. Specially for woman, this number should be avoided as first name. In Numerology, this number is not only unlucky but also a number of great struggle and fight for both men and woman. Woman with first name number as 16 may usually have problems in giving child birth, and their uterus or ovaries are risk of health issues.

2) Number 26 – Though this number is powerful and offers great post and power in some profession, this number can pull one into gravest danger and humiliation. The whole life events may change in a moment and make one suffer. One should not be intoxicated by its gift of power as eventually it plays the Devil’s Advocate.

3) Number 22 – Some of my peers and fellow numerologist argue that number 22 being a master number in numerology is lucky and no way it can be deemed as unlucky. With great respect, i prefer to differ. Number 22’s greatness applies to event or activity or process or mechanism of universal beings and not for the being itself. For individuals, the concept of master number is not applicable, they are meant for universal events and effects. So reading about master numbers and keeping it as name number for individuals is bad idea, it may cause failures and conflict with oneself.

4) Number 29 – This number cannot be deemed as completely unfit, but for one reason, people should stay away from this number. It is the uncanny ability of this number to break relationships like love and marriage, and some times tempts one to experiment unlawful activities.

5) Number 38 – We have spoken about this number in Julian Assange’s episode, no matter how big you are, you are always surrounded by enemies and traitors around you to put you down.

6) Number 35 – This number might spiritual solace to some 8 borns who are living as ascetics, apart from that, this number is not favored to keep it as name number.

7) Number 28 – Don’t ask me if 28 is unlucky number as first name then how come google is so famous and rich. Number 28 like 22, is meant for non living entities, and for living entities it may prolong your life’s goals for eternity and keep you away from reaching it ever. This number is also symbolizes lost love relationship.

8) Number 43 – One of the dreaded numbers in numerology, and even if it comes as first name, it should be avoided as it can increase the animal instinct of a person and keeps us away from reaching the divine plane. With this number, it may be difficult to realize this phrase ” We are spiritual beings in human form”

9) Number 44 – A radical and wild number at heart, though it bestows life of roller coaster like ride, it results only in blamable end for a person.

10) Number 18 – Its not unlucky number like the above ones, but its too pure to be used as first name. Only martyrs, saints, pure ones, initiated ones, self less ones, should have it, others might face great challenges in life with 18 as first name.


  1. I see there is very little info on the name number 14.  I have it as my first name, but I am now actually called by my middle name 20.  I was called by the 14 during my childhood though.  And I sign with both plus my last name 18.  Which gives a 52.  During my childhood I usually used 14 plus 18 which gives 32 but I had a dangerous childhood.  Maybe because my life path is a 6 and 32 has the 3 which opposes it?  Or because i have a birth day 5 and there are too much fives with the 14 and the 32?

  2. Numerology or astrology are science, and for some they wont work or influence, there is a reason for this. a spiritual – scientific reason, for enlightened people or people who have transcended the ability to receieve energy from zodiac, it wont work. Thats where the power of meditation and esotericism comes. 10 % of people in world falls in this category, who receives energy from more subtle channels beyond our zodiac.

  3. last name has 23 and my first name has 10. so is this good or bad? i have a long middle name also but i never use it nor spell it. xD

  4. You are correct about name number 22. I know a female, not with first name 22, but with total name 22, and is extremely reckless with her body. She doesnt seem to care what she does with it, and has an addiction of self indulgment. She doesnt know when to stop and be introspective, and is constantly indulging in physical worldly pleasures ignoring the spiritual implications.

    • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. You are highly energetic, imaginative, practical, trustworthy and a simple person. You are a born leader and you are known for your ability to handle jobs which require immense responsibility and courage, but you need to keep a check on your tendency to behave impatient and extravagant at times. You are a master of your own destiny as you are hardworking and ready to put all efforts no matter how challenging the situation may be. You are loyal friend and once you commit into a relationship you take it lifelong.


  5. My first name is Gopal, last name is suryawanshi. my birthdate is 11 jan 1978. What is good for me service or business. I am mechanical engineer.

    • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. You are independent, intelligent, hard working. However you change often and do not stick with one thing for long. You try many things, but you cannot decide which one is good for you, eventually leading you towards failure. You should try for service and job seems to favour you during this period.


  6. Hi
    My name is rachit gupta and my do. Is 21.08.1990
    I have consulted a numerologist who wants to change my name to rachitt gupta
    Kindly advise will changing will be good??


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