How to protect yourself from negative energies, evil spirits, evil eye and black magic.


How to protect yourself from negative energies, evil spirits, evil eye and black magic.

Most of our viewers have personally mailed me asking me how to ward off negative energies, evil spirits or magic spells. Even more ask me about how to protect myself from the bad eye, so this post is about how to protect myself from the bad eye in the first place before it becomes a problem? First of all, one must know that not all are vulnerable to such attacks, people with very weak “Aura” alone are affected by these negative energies. One thing is its better to prevent and protect us from such evil manifestations, if in case you are affected by any of these cases, then you can follow below steps to gradually remove the negative or evil eye cast on you.

The Evil Eye aka Nazar Lagna

The Science of Evil Eye, Evil Spirits or etc….

Let us know that all beings are manifested in this universe in energy forms, we are all collections of atoms. Our thoughts too have electro magnetic fields and carry a distinct energy pattern which can affect us and others in their ways. When a thought gets powerful and strong with the help of the ‘Individual Self” then that thought gets manifested. This is how endless cycle of birth and death happens. Evil eye is a thought of a person whose motivation is destructive and which gets strength and power to manifest and affect the person in question. Evil spirit is a different story, when soul leaves the body, some reaches higher realms because of their fruits of action, and some stay in earthly plane owing to desires and wishes unfulfilled, such souls or non physical energy forms tends to draw and suck the spiritual energy of living beings. All forms whether in physical or non physical form needs something called spiritual energy or cosmic grace which is endlessly showered to all beings in universe by the Creator, but the same can also be stolen and drawn from a physical or non physical being by the physical or non physical being. Either way its possible. When non physical being whose body is no more  draws this spiritual energy from a living person, its called possession of evil spirit or influence of evil spirit or the least it can unknowingly without your attention take away all your grace and fortune.

You may not even be aware of such happening, and suddenly feel losses, illness, confusions and drastic change of life. This is because your cosmic grace is severely compromised. You should be aware of the symptoms of evil eye so you can learn their remedies and treatments.

There are ways to prevent us from spiritual losses but let me brief about simple thing which can be done by the victims to shed off this malevolent presence.

When I learned how to protect myself from the bad eye, these tips helped me…

As the picture suggests above, turmeric is the best solution to create spiritual shield and protect yourself and how I personally learned how to protect myself from the bad eye.

Turmeric is one of the wonders of earth, its miracles are many which most of them are even secret and not revealed by saints. I ll share some of the greatness of turmeric.

Every element in earth has got some properties, and turmeric is one of the natural resource which creates a strong bio magnetic field around a person who applies or consumes it. The bio magnetic field or aura is so powerful that no evil or negative energy can penetrate the person’s Aura. This is the reason, in India, woman applied turmeric on their body and also wear turmeric root as sacred thread in the marriage ceremony, which is mainly to receive abundant cosmic grace.

More than applying, its power is ten fold when consumed orally. The turmeric powder can be consumed with milk (without sugar) add a tease poon of turmeric powder in milk and drink. Milk with turmeric powder not only prevent cold and strengthen your immune system, but it actually energize your chakras or spiritual centers, and make your body as receiver of abundant cosmic energy. People affected by evil eye, evil spirits should drink sugarless milk with turmeric powder daily in the morning (not night). This will remove the evil energies from their body. Turmeric also protects you from cancer, blood diseases, worms, viruses, sexually transmitted diseases and even its a strong immune factor for HIV AIDS. Because of its immunity against STD’s, saints and mystics hided the medicinal facts of turmeric considering man’s immoral adventure.

Second way of removing evil eye or evil spirit influence or negative energies is by taking a big round bowl filled with water

Its like the above picture, but without flowers.

Once you fill it water, add neem tree leaves and mango leaves in the water. Take considerable amount of Neem and Mango tree leaves (young leaves) and put it in the water bowl. Now, sit facing towards EAST direction, and look at the water bowl for 15 – 20 mins. just gaze at the water for that duration and then keep the water bowl in hall of your house for whole day, and in evening pour the water outside the house. Do this for 21 days and your negative energies will fly away. This is what I learned about how to protect myself from the bad eye, and I hope it helps you, too.


  1. Hi, can you please tell me what if you cant find milk without sugar, its very tough to find,
    What about almond milk or Soy milk? That has no sugar added. Can you also drink it with water? and can you take it several times during the day to enhance the effect of it?

    Thanks Danny

  2. Hi mss i been felling terrible and i know a woman who is crazy and obssed with me is doing some black magic against me because im getting married and she is trying evrything evil to stop it i feel so bad day and night sick headeach dizzy going crazy i know she ractice santeria and black magic do you think is any way to stop this thanks for your help

    • Hi, my partners brother and sister are jealous that we are happy and use dark energy, forces and spirits to upset our lives. My concern is what it is doing to our children who are 4 and 2. They tell me that they can see the evil and are scared of it. I am really desperate to find out what I can do. Can you please please help us?

  3. Hi, I need your help. My brother is gravely sick. His name is Neeraj kumar sinha. Due to some reason water comes in his stomach. After so many surgeries still his condition is worsening. Please help, if you can.

  4. Hi, my query is should all members of family take milk with turmeric or just some person and should the milk be raw or boiled?

  5. I been told that there is someone who is very jealous of me and doesnt want me to be happy. Hence why I have horrible luck in love and money. They dont want me to succeed. What are some examples of sugarless milk?

  6. Hi I ever since my boyfriend ex wife found out we been dating. I been so sick and I know she did a black magic on me I’ve lost lots of weight and always sick. Can you please help me how to stop her and for hurting the rest of my kids. Please ?

  7. Hi I ever since my boyfriend ex wife found out we been dating. I been so sick and I know she did a black magic on me I’ve lost lots of weight and always sick. Can you please help me how to stop her and for hurting the rest of my kids. Please ?

  8. am sad but u make me happy
    for that opinion because there is lady after me who don’t want me to succed in school and be free and have changes and even make ma heart to think about bad things always
    thanks for what u show me
    that was good opinion i will try it
    i hope u will get me more opinion at
    [email protected]

  9. Thanks for the advice. Am having to spot all times before my period. Been to docs no problem everything is fine. I have sister in law who is doing jadu all time and she is my neighbour.

  10. Thank you for your article. I have had some terrible experiences in my life concerning this.
    All from people I loved. I related (some) of these things to a man with a gift whom I thought I could trust. Very sympathetic, kind, generous. Now I know he’s using dark thoughts and probably spells/rituals to get me under his control. It is horrible.

  11. hi, I feel my mother in law is doing jadoo against me and my husband. Ever since i joined them I never remained happy. My husband also stays away from me… Your sugestion of haldi in water reminds of her. she drinks evernight haldi with milk and gives it to her husband..
    I am allergic to milk and my husband.. I cannot drink milk..
    Please suggest something.. so that I get rid of her jadoo..

  12. Hi can anyone do negative by rubbing dirty hands of his sweat or oil of his face…. touching body parts a no. Of time
    Many days I can’t get enough sleep,my feelings getting worse, hopeless and serious stressed tell me what to do.?

    • To get sound sleep you should keep any glass of water on your bedside covered with a lid. In the morning you should put that water in Tulsi. Do not do the remedy on a Sunday.


    • Use Fitkari ka paucha daily in the house for getting good results. Also put Picture of Hanuman Ji in the house entrance or near main door to remove evil eye from disturbing family peace.


  13. Hi my husband when sleeping happens to see 2 women(unknown faces) standing in front of him around 2 to 5 am once in 2 months. This is repeated since 1.5 years and ever since his health is going bad and even got chronic disease. He keeps talking negative and the environment at home is not good and other problems too exists. We are not happy with our marriage too (married a year back). I too feel that there is some negativity at home like feel someone just passed near the door. One day I felt that someone is pulling my legs and asking why the hell I wanted to move to some other house. This matter I had discussed with my family members only but all of sudden some unknown face is questioning me. He gets bad dreams and wakes up out of fear and he too feels that someone is physically abusing him. Even I had felt that someone is sexually abusing me when I wake up I see none around me.
    Kindly help me find a way and let me what is happening with us? Is it black magic/bad eye/evil possessing our bodies often?

  14. My b f keeps getting sicker by the day he feels like he is dieing. Doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong . I feel like maybe someone has cursed him. I’m scared for him and I don’t know where to go for help. Can u help?


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