Esoteric Gratitude – The Secret Key To Supreme Lord


Esoteric Gratitude – The Elixir of Soul

Esoteric Gratitude Grants Immortality

In one of my previous post, I have emphasized the importance of gratitude to acquire material wealth. Gratitude is not just about acquiring wealth, but it is also the single most quality that can connect an individual consciousness to Supreme Consciousness. The need for this post about gratitude is a result of people failing to understand the power of this quality, subsequently accumulating karma in their life. In this post, I shall talk about gratitude but more of a esoteric gratitude.

Esoteric Gratitude

Esoteric is anything that is directed within oneself, as opposed to outer or exterior. Gratitude has been largely expressed as an external emotion, in response to someones benevolent action towards us. Very rarely this amazing energy is directed towards our Self. Esoteric gratitude is not about material aspects of life, in fact it does not support itself on the grounds of objectivity or pupose or motive. Esoteric Gratitude is about our very own existence. Existence is not being alive or staying healthy, though its a part of the process; Gratitude for our existence has deep spiritual meaning, the fundamental origin of creation and its mysteries lies in this very answer. Esoteric Gratitude should be the first and foremost quality or virtue of any being, because to manifest from void is to celebrate the power of creation itself.

When you direct your feeling of gratitude towards your soul that also host the supreme creative force (God), you are given the secret key to enter this special place. In the world of countless beings, from unicellular to multi cellular organisms, you should offer your gratitude to the soul that has taken the human manifestation. The highest gratitude should be directed towards you (Your Soul) and then only to others. The reason being, all manifestation comprises of same supreme essence in their core being. When you embrace your soul with all the love and gratitude, naturally all beings will reciprocate the same towards you through the divine function.

Esoteric Gratitude also means not to curse yourself, or degrade your body, mind and spirit. The greatest sin is to speak, feel or act ill about you, as such a thing would mean Anti Gratitude. Many people live in constant suffering and agony because they blame and curse themselves for all things happened in their life. Worst, they curse the God for making them born in this world. Such attitude will only worsen their situation. The moment you direct your gratitude towards your Self, all your sufferings will gradually disappear. Dawn of wisdom occurs. This is a highly spiritual topic with many gestures or mudras to do esoteric gratitude. I shall discuss in depth in future posts to be found in our Spirituality section.



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