Importance of Your Signature in Numerology


The fulcrum of numerology concept lies in the concept of signature. Signature is the prime most deciding factor in the application of numerology principles in ones life. Many of us are unaware of its importance. The signature is the foremost assertion of your individual identity from cosmic identity. Lets us see the science behind signature !

Importance of Your Signature in Numerology

Before getting to know about signature, we must sit back and analyze how we write! Universally people use their THUMB and INDEX FINGER to write.

Our thumb and index finger touches the pen while rest of the three fingers are closed  and naturally they touch the middle line of your palm. i.e., heart line in palmistry. The pen acts as a medium between our thumb and index finger. To understand the significance, you must know the five elements that our fingers represent.

  • The Pinky Finger represents “WATER” ELEMENT
  • The Ring Finger represents “EARTH” ELEMENT
  • The Middle Finger represents ” FIRE” ELEMENT
  • The Index Finger represents “AIR” ELEMENT
  • The Thumb Finger represents “SPACE” ELEMENT

When you join your index finger and thumb finger, you merge your individual consciousness through “prana” or “breath” with cosmic consciousness “space”. thus you are at one with yourself!

The pen acts as a medium in this spiritual connection, and thus whatever the action you perform in form of writing carries a deep effect in your individual self. Without the pen as medium, it becomes a stage for meditation, this posture or mudra, where thumb and index finger touch with rest of the fingers closed touching the palm is called the CHINMAYA MUDRA in Yoga.

Note: There is a wrong notion going on in internet and in many books that thumb represents fire element, but its completely wrong, thumb denotes space or linga – the cosmic creator.

By now, you must have known the importance of writing, and when you sign your name, it signifies your ego or ahankara, ego here should not be taken in wrong meaning, it is the ego + karma + maya or illusion causes one to take birth. So the ego is the identity that a person relates himself, the signature is the ego of every man, it denotes his individual identity – a name. We are all separated by a unique name in this society? It would be bizarre to be nameless! we have defined everything in this word with a name. Hence, we are strongly attached to our name and thinks it as our identity, our collective desires, actions, thoughts.

Your Signature in Numerology thus becomes a powerful agent in regulating our life events. And one must approach it with love and devotion. The act of signature or signing a name should be celebrated one, not just a mere formality. Many people sign their names in hurry or sometimes even without conscience like dead people. Its very sad affair, and such people’s lives are notably filled with distaste and grief.

importance of signature
Additionally, the name or word you use as signature must be auspicious one. Its imperative that you know the numerological value of the name and check whether its auspicious for you to use as signature. If a person has a auspicious full name, then he should sign the full name and not the first name or its shorter version.

If you are using your first name as signature, then you must check whether the first name word is good according to numerology for you.

Finally, signature is like an act of worship, you must do it with devotion and love, and not in state of unawareness.



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