Casting Spells


Casting spells can be a nerve-wracking experience for a first time spell caster. You want to be sure your spells are potent, but you also want to be sure that they are full of positivity. There is so much that can go wrong and so many warnings of ways a spell can come back and harm you.   Learn more about spells and spell casting here:

Tips for a first timer casting spells.

1. You don’t need tools.
While you might find you feel more comfortable with tools and that they help you focus and channel your energy, they aren’t necessary. What makes a spell potent and powerful is the emotion behind it. You can create your own spell using words, you can imagine their success in your mind and really these are the greatest tools in your magical arsenal.

2. You can make your own tools on the fly that will work just as well as others.
If you run into a situation where you have to write a spell out quickly, the back of a receipt and a pencil are just as effective if your focus and energy are behind it as a piece of parchment and a quill with ink. Remember, magic and casting spells isn’t about the tools or the words, but the intention, emotion and energy that go with the spell as you send it out into the universe!

3. You can enchant just about anything into a magical tool when necessary.
Everything has energy in it. If you need a tool and you feel like your spell casting is stronger when you have one then relax, you can enchant anything into a tool when you need to. The way to do this is to take your common, everyday item that you happen to have with you (even a pencil could serve as a wand), and focus all of your intention into it to fill it with your energy. Bear in mind, however, that this always works best if you can use something in some way related to the type of spell you want to cast; a good example of this is enchanting a hand mirror for casting a beauty spell.

4. There are four parts to preparation and each is important.
Every time you try casting spells there are four pieces of preparation you must do. You must make sure the spell is personal, that it is cast on you or someone close to you with their permission – never cast spells on others to try and force them to do something. The spell must be specific. If you have a general goal work on making it specific; the more specific your goals the easier it is to channel your intentions. Thirdly you must make sure that when you cast you aren’t distracted but focused. Lastly, you must make sure that your goal is positive and your spell contains positive language. When casting spells you want to infuse as much positivity into the spell as you can.

You Can Do It!

Casting spells doesn’t have to be overwhelming or something that makes you anxious. It just takes a little self-confidence and intention and your spells will be safe and successful.


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