Full Moon Spells


Full moon spells are spells that should be cast during a full moon. Casting spells during the full moon can be important because the power of the full moon adds extra strength to the potency of your spells. However, almost any spell can be a full moon spell – all you have to do is cast your spell during the full moon! If you have a spell that is very important that you want to cast, doing it during the full moon is the best time because of the extra energy!

Full Moon Spells during Moon Phases

The different moon phases have different types of spells that they are most beneficial for. While casting spells during the full moon helps any spell, the best spells to cast are spells looking for abundance, looking to improve the harvest of your work, fulfilling your heart’s desires and manifesting your wishes, improving sexuality, accomplishing your dreams, and seeking protection.

The Best Spell: Positivity

One of the best full moon spells to cast is a spell drawing positivity and all good things to you. In order to cast this spell you will need a red rose, a quarter of a cup of sea salt, a pint sized jar and lid, a clear crystal that you have thoroughly cleansed before the spell, some ground cinnamon, a little patchouli oil and some sunflower oil.

Begin the spell during the night time. Draw a bath of warm water and add the sea salt and the rose petals from the rose. Stir the water in a clockwise motion until the salt is dissolved. Step into the bath and carefully pour the water over yourself imagining yourself as the luckiest and most blessed person you know. Remember to experience gratefulness for the blessings given to you by the universe. Meditate during this bath, draw the power of the moonlight into yourself. If you can take this bath beneath the light of the moon, even if it is through your bathroom window, that is ideal. However, if you cannot take the bath under the moonlight, take all your tools and ingredients outside under the moonlight. Follow the same steps, with warm water in a bowl, and then pour the water over yourself.

Gather the other ingredients, dry off, and settle down in warm, comfortable clothing out beneath the moon. Take another moment to cleanse yourself and draw the moon’s power in to yourself. When you feel ready, begin chanting a spell thanking the moon for her power, asking for her blessings, and asking the universe to bring all good things into your life. As you chant this spell, place the crystal inside the pint jar and sprinkle it with the ground cinnamon. Drip four to ten drops of the patchouli oil over the top, then fill the jar three-quarters full with the sunflower oil. Tightly seal the jar with the lid and gently swirl the contents in a clockwise fashion.

When you’re through, open the jar carefully and dip your fingers in the liquid. Brush your fingers across your forehead, your throat, over your heart and down your stomach. Repeat this daily until the next full moon appears!


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