A History of Child Abuse


More than 70% of number 8 born persons have experienced child abuse in their life

Child abuse is the most serious nature of all crimes. Sadly, one in 10 children in this world have experienced physical or sexual abuse in their life. 99% times, the crime goes unnoticed, which results in  a permanent state of trauma and pain for the child. Importantly, 70 % of child abuse victims are happened to be number 8 born. In my extensive research about number 8 in numerology, i have interviewed thousands of 8 born, and 7 out of 10 people have reported that they were abused in their childhood and most of the times their parents had no idea about it.

A History of Child Abuse

Among number 8 born, girls are the most affected victim than boys. Every second, a number 8 born girl is sexually or physically abused in this world.  In fact, most of the 8 born readers who are reading this post will agree with me.  Child Abuse is the prime cause for emotional and physical break down of a child’s health in the later years. Such traumatic experiences create multitudes of paranoia and fear in the child, thereby retarding his intellectual ability. Most of the 8 born without name in numerology 5 experience a torrid childhood. As a child, a 8 born struggles so much in life, there is so much pain inflicted on them, and worst of all, they don’t receive the love they long for.

Ultimately all this bitter experiences stop them from reporting any child abuse to their parents. In some cases, their very own parents become offenders.  The condition of woman child is even more pathetic when it comes to child abuse. Girl child born on number 8 should strictly have name in 5 to avoid such abusive incidents. Parents should closely monitor their children, and give special attention especially if he/she is a 8 born. Parents lack of commitment and care is the sole reason for such incidents. Most parents are even unaware of what is child abuse. Parents should be educated about the potential dangers to a child from abusers and pedophiles. Parents, importantly of number 8 born,  should create awareness to their children about various child abuses through cartoon forms, and should instruct the child to report to them if they have experienced such things.

Parents of number 8 born should keep the child name in number 5, not only that, but they should never try to hurt a child in  emotional or physical way. Since, 8 born children are sometimes suicidal in nature, a mere scolding or beating can drive them to take extreme measures. Hence, parents must know about their nature, and must nurture them with all love and care.

Here are some of the do’ s and don’t s to parents of number 8 born children

  • Never scold (verbal abuse) or physically harm your child, After all they are children and are bound to make mistakes sometimes.
  • Never leave your child alone in the hands of strangers, or friends or even relatives. 30 % of child abuses are caused by relatives of child
  • Always keep a watch on child
  • Be aware at the same time educate the child about various forms of child abuse.
  • Communicate and spend maximum time with the child, only then a child can openly discuss his problems.
  • Be open and truthful to child.
  • Till 12 years, a parent should never leave their child out of sight (Except during school hours) and must always accompany them in school and everywhere. If you cant do this one, then one must not even think about having a child
  • Finally, keep the child’s name in numerology 5 if he/she is a 8 born.

If parents can follow the above principles, then child abuse will no longer be in society.
Remember, It is our Child, and its our duty to Protect them.


  1. I am one of these children. But I am NOT an 8 born. I am actually a 5 born, with a life path 6. My name is also no 8, but a 20. When I was a child I was called by a 14 name, which i dislike to this date, which is why I go by my middle name, the number 20 which I found nicer since teenage years.

  2. Oh my god !! This is so true …. !! Reading this bought tears in my eyes !! 8 is my fadic number and I have experienced all these painful tortures as a child that also without my parent’s knowledge !! My relatives used to lock me into dark garages & bathrooms !! I was bitten almost everyday by my school teacher so no major reason …. and it hampered my studies ! I couldn’t express to anyone & bottled everything inside me !! I was traumatized !!

    After 20 yrs of my life I changed my name to number 5 !! Am 21 now !! Hope it gives me some relief !!

  3. This is really sad that sick people would do this. How could someone do this to a poor inisint child? I think that people that abuse children should be sintince to life.

  4. this is a little eerie cuz i had a nephew who is an 8 born and suffered from abuse.. crazy

    im not an 8 born, im a 5 born bur i have an 8 name.

    would the 8 affect me too?

  5. i am born on the 08/09 and i was abused sexually and now iam abused in a different ways. what should i do to get rid of this problem..?

    • Very sorry to hear that, and we hope you find the help you need. This is a matter best handled by trained professionals. If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. They are great people who can help you get your life in a better place so you can once again have a happy, hopeful, bright future.


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