Numerology Meaning of 666 – The Number of Beast


If there is any number in numerology which is worth analyzing time again and again, it is number 666 in numerology or symbol of Antichrist. There are numerous numerology interpretation for the number 666, most of them are biblical interpretations of the number. Whereas, this one will be based on numerology and successive year of Mars. The numerology meaning of 666 is entirely an  independent view, and it should not be confused with biblical prophecy. This version of interpretation just coincides or affirms the prophecy told in bible.

Biblical prophecy cites that end of world is marked by Antichrist whose number is 666, Hindu prophecy reveals that the end of world is marked by Kali Yuga (yuga mean span of time) which started at the beginning of kurukshetra – the Mahabharata war which started in approx 3100 BC. The advent pf Kali Yuga signifies that dharma or righteousness will not prevail, truth will be buried, and sins will multiply. During the final stages of Kali Yuga,  the world will be dissolved and formed again (known as Mahapralaya or destruction of Universe) by the time it happens, all the people in world will know the real truth about universe and themselves, yet they will be helpless to save themselves.

Kali Yuga

Beginning of Mahabharata war marks the Kali yuga, The war went for 18 days, and 18 days of war marked the greatest number  loss of mankind. Numerology interprets number 18 as the sign of destruction. 18 signifies destruction of self for the revival. The number 666 when added comes 18 in numerology. There is a profound significance for number 18. The number of beast marks the beginning of hell in bible, and after 18 days of war kali yuga started, from that day, there has been continuous war and suffering all over world

When interpreted in numerology, 18 is a number of self destruction, in this context, the term of beast or anti christ is not an alien or another superior force, but rather its our very own self. Man is the beast, and he is the anti christ too ! The term beast and anti christ is not a particular person but its the time period, the period of destruction for living beings. The anti christ period is the final phase of Kali Yuga, which we are running now. Hence, we are living in the era of beast.

Number 666 as Suicide

666 or 18 symbolizes suicidal nature, it resonates the current pattern of life of human beings. Everything we do is suicidal in nature. The food, the life style , our collective actions, are all suicidal to an individual. An individual represents cosmos, hence when an individual is  destroyed, universe is nearing destruction.

Number 666 in Destruction

The period of ultimate destruction can be sensed by applying some numerology and astrology concepts, the number 666 not only points to 18, but also number 6 that is present in it. The earth is running the great age of Venus at present, number 6 denotes Venus in numerology, The age of Venus is  will end in an year and Age of Mars will start. From 1930 -2010, it was Venus Age. It was the time, where sexual diseases multiplied, humanity lost their senses in earthly pleasures, luxury and lifestyle barred the healthy way of living for a soul.Wars were started for power, resources and wealth. Hence, 666 in numerology context can be taken as Anti Christ period starts  at Venus age and ends at Mars Age. Number 18 is the number of Mars in numerology. Even in astrology, 9 is termed as Planet Mars.

Mars is the planet of War, Weapons and great mass destruction. This is very well coincides the current climatic changes, environmental destruction and full scale wars. Going by numerology and astrology, the beginning of 2011 will mark the dawn of destruction. In Mars Age, sex , luxury, entertainment will lose value, and power, weapon, and resources will gain importance. Health will play a major part, people will do anything to be healthy, which indirectly also says that diseases may multiply.


  1. So what we can do to get relief from all these ? From these wars and destruction and other cruelties that we are about to face ?? Are there any way out or we have to suffer anyways?? Really eager to know !!

  2. You do not “get relief” from it, it IS relief, it is the great cleansing. It is a good sign that someone cares and wishes to steer our humanity back to the divine.

  3. It is the universe that ends, that much is true.For a brief moment we will feel and know everything, all the wonder and all the horror of knowing everything, it won’t matter no longer.

    In that true peace will form and we shall be one body again.


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