A Simple Relationship Horoscope for Aries the Ram


This Aries love horoscope should cover both the Aries personality and how to win their heart. Aries personalities are great at the romance of a relationship, but struggle with the long term. They love the chase and the hunt, but once they get their hands on what they were seeking, they have a tendency to wander off. These people are masters of flirtation, as well as Kings and Queens of the dating game. They can often reduce the object of their desire to a puddle with little more than a masterfully smoldering look. This is a sign that, whether you are male or female, will quickly sweep you off your feet. Learning and knowing how to hold your ground for a while makes you worth so much more than someone an Aries can quickly overcome. An accurate relationship horoscope outlining Aries will be your first weapon against Aries tricks when it comes to love, so let’s begin.

Aries, the God of War and His Love Compatibility Horoscope

Great: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

Favorable: Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

Challenging: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer

Remember that in mythology this sign is the God of War and Aries is the original Alpha. They love the thrill of the hunt and are looking for more than just a pretty face to try and win. Aries loves a good intellect and a good challenge. They want someone who will appreciate a gesture, but without falling head over heels in love with them. The goal for the partner of an Aries is to find the line between giving too much appreciation and letting Aries feel as though they won too easily. Be careful to to not play too hard to get or you’ll make the Aries feel as though they’ll never succeed at winning your heart. The longer you know your Aries the more you’ll see that an Aries love horoscope talks about this balance. It’s important to remember that if you want to keep your Aries, you can’t use their weakness, their need to be the best, against them. Always let them win in the end or you’ll find that they soon give up the chase and move on to greener pastures as is their nature.

Aries know how to seduce. They’ll say the lines with a sparkle in their eye, trying to pull you along with them and hoping that you’ll pull back and make them fight just a little harder. If you want to keep your Aries by your side then you’ll want to be unfalteringly loyal. It’s hard for this sign to open up to people. Despite their success at being romantic and flirtatious, their partners often forget that they want the same thing. Give your Aries gentle touches and soft, seductive words and watch them melt into a puddle at your feet! They are looking for spontaneity but without making them feel insecure. They enjoy a little possessiveness on your part and you should expect them to be possessive of you as well. They must always be the best. This is the first sign of the Zodiac and there is always a level of competition involved in everything they do.

Confidence Is Key Dating An Aries

Aries aligns with Air and Fire. They are a Cardinal Fire Sign that wants to take the lead. They are not so great with other Cardinals for that reason (aka Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) who like or think the same. From an element perspective, Aries does well when merging with the wind of Air Signs or matching up sparks with fellow Fire. The best matches are the Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius. Sometimes Mars ruled Aries can work with Venus ruled Libra because of it being a classic Venus/Mars plan. It will, however, take extra effort as those two signs like to outwit and outplay each other all the time.

Naturally self-confident, Aries wants a partner that is confident too. They want someone who is their equal and a challenge to win over. The key to winning over this zodiac sign is by giving as good as you get and never giving in too easily. As a Fire sign, Aries love horoscope is best suited to Fire and Air signs.


Aries & Aries

ELEMENT: Fire, The heat is on!
QUALITY: Both Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY: Both yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Conjunct, Twinning that needs separation

Overall: Two Aries together is a wonderful match and fabulous combination. It is nothing but fireworks and one of the most passionate matches. They are two natural leaders with a fire in their bellies to succeed in all areas of life. This will be a dynamic and fiery partnership. They both love to be first and certainly will be challenging, but never dull.

Positive: These two together are really like mating with a mirror of the self. They get each other because they are each other. They will understand why each always needs or wants to be the boss. They want to lead, and they need fireworks. They do not waste time and do not like it when others do. These are explosive superstars who collide on one stage. They will either be electrifying or combustible. They will be extremely loyal but don’t trust easy. They will want to be coddled and babied. Kids may seem unnecessary addiction but sharing them could be an enlivening experience.

Challenges: Both of the individuals in this match love to be the boss and take the lead. They are the strongest spirits in the room. They can’t both be the boss. They will have an enthusiastic and positive union, but they will butt heads once in a while due to a clash of egos. Temper tantrums are certainly possible and if they occur at the same time, look out! It will not be a pretty sight. Both are big earners, but they blaze through cash just as quickly. They need a financial advisor. They have a tendency to get lost in each other as well. They will need to make sure they don’t become so obsessed with each other that you forget to call up friends and family.

Make it Work: They are both ruled by Mars the warrior planet. This means wars are inevitable. Yes, they will argue. A fire can and will fizzle this pairing out unless they can keep things spontaneous. If they let the passion win, then they can overcome.

Taurus & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Taurus is Earth, Steady Earth to build a Fire
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Taurus is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Taurus is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Semisextile, Cosmic combination

Overall: This is a Cardinal Fire and Fixed Earth pairing. This is one of the few pairings that depends on the commitment of players. Aries is ruled by Mars the Warrior and Taurus is ruled by Venus the Lover. The lover and fighter need a balance in order to make it work. Aries will always be Taurus’ hero, which Taurus likes a lot. Aries will want to dive into the relationship, but that won’t go well with Taurus. If Aries dials down the speed and ramps up the charm, Taurus can tryout their spontaneous side more. This can be a match made in heaven. It’s a dynamic but also grounding relationship.

Positive: Aries as a Cardinal wants to be the boss all the time. As a Cardinal Fire sign, Aries’ passion is unprecedented. Taurus being ruled by Venus means they are patient, gentle, and sexy as all get out. There is no shortage of sparks. Taurus wants someone who goes after what they want and will love this quality the most in Aries. Not to mention the unrelenting Aires passion! Taurus gives security and the long term vision that Aries wants in work and play. Aries doesn’t like guessing games so they love Taurus.  Aries is ruled by the masculine, Taurus by feminine, so this pairing could really be great if they let it. Everlasting love is a possibility here, if you can pace your way to the altar. This relationship begins with a bang, gushing compliments throughout the courtship phase. Taurus is happy to bask in Aries’ fiery glow. With the Bull’s rapt attention Aries puts on a show-stopping performance that rivals Celine Dion in Vegas.

Challenges: The biggest challenge this union faces is Aries’ take charge attitude and Taurus’ stubborn will. If Taurus wants what Aries doesn’t, no good sparks will fly.  Taurus as a fixed sign is possessive and independent. Warrior Aries doesn’t like this at all. Both will need to bend. Taurus will have to flex and Aries must use their energy to show they are not a wanderer. Aries has to be okay not always getting their way. Homebody Taurus wants to settle down and create family traditions, while Aries wants to roam around on an eternal discovery voyage. They move at very different paces. It is amazing you met in the first place. If you can embrace the different speeds, you could be okay. Taurus can be the rock to hold down the fort. Aries can be the roll that keeps the two from getting stuck in a rut. Creating a family together can be okay, as long as Aries does not dump all the domestic duties onto people pleasing Taurus. Aries will push for growth and progress. Taurus brings practical magic.

Make it Work: They are very compatible if they both put the work in. On one side there is impulsive Aries, on the other is deliberate and considerate Taurus. Both need to learn each other’s ways to reach a mutually satisfying relationship. The more committed these two are to learning more about each other and how to work, the greater the chance at finding the balance they can have. It can be slow to get Taurus, but patience results in a great payoff.

Gemini & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Gemini is Air, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: Cardinal Fire and Mutable Air combine to create sparks, action, and passion. In other words, it is a beautiful love match. Both signs love to be optimistic and active. Good communication and deep appreciation abound. Gemini don’t like controlling behaviors unless they have to so it could get dicey with Aries. Both sides will need to pull back on control issues and Aries will have to stretch flexibility. If they can swing it though, this Air and Fire combination is one with the potential to create sparks for decades. This is an exciting and dynamic match-up. These intellectuals both love good conversation; it is a meeting of the minds and is never dull.

Positive: Both have a wide body of energy at disposal. It is an active and passionate relationship. Both also have goals and this is especially important to Aries. Gemini as an Air sign thinks a lot and is good on communication. Aries likes the intellectual side of Gemini so this match makes for many long nights by the Fire. Gemini likes that Aries is the decision maker but Gemini will need to have some control in this area in order for this to work. This is an easy breezy, harmonious match. They are two beautiful minds. They have intellectually stimulating brains, where conversation is an aphrodisiac. They have a common love for adventure and excitement. They move at warp speed and will delight in having found someone who can actually keep up with them.

Challenges: Aries is ruled by Mars, so they use fire or passion first in everything they do. Air Gemini thinks before they act, which frustrates Aries because they will wonder whats taking so long. Aries doesn’t like Gemini’s constant bickering or arguing; they will have to understand this is Gemini’s way of talking it out. The less Aries takes personally, the more luck and chances this union has to work. Aries has a tough time with that and when the sparks are flying it could get ugly fast. Passion is never in short order but they will have to work hard to develop an emotional bond. Gemini makes fast friends with everyone, while Aries picks a select few. Gemini can cause jealously by failing to devote undivided attention to the Ram. You need to ensure you travel together.

Make it Work: If there is anything that squashes this pair quickly it will be the one heated argument that is the end result of several small ones. Aries will be the one that will have enough first. If Gemini wants Aries, they will need to give the freedom and individuality they want most. When its balanced and they are working in unison, they will prevail over ego driven arguments. Both need to give in some and exercise flexibility if they want the match to last for the long haul. If they make a commitment not just to each other but to the relationship, then it can last.

Cancer & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Cancer is Water, Delicate balance so neither evaporates
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Cancer is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: Cardinal Fire and Cardinal Water could pose a potential challenge since water can squash fire. At the same time, water plus fire can create steam. So this match can be steamy and passionate, if both put their egos aside for some time. Both signs are incredibly emotional. Aries is fiery and passionate. Cancer over-analyzes every feeling. They must find a way to work together on their emotional turbulence; if they can, then it will be steamy and stimulating. This could be a nurturing but over bearing relationship. They are great at keeping it real. It is challenging but loving, since both understand each other’s needs.

Positive: Aries loves how sensitive Cancer is. With Aries being a sign of the self and Cancer being a sign of the home, this pair will go to the end of the Earth to protect each other. Cancer has the tough shell of crab to protect. In the Aries world, they are the knight in shining armor. Cancer wants what Aries wants, a happy home life. Aries will never complain about the home center that Cancer putters to each day. The instinct of Cancer will also help Aries get as far as they want and wherever they want in life, which Aries really loves. This can be a nurturing and loving relationship. Cancer is the Zodiac Mother sign, while Aries is the baby. This is a relationship of endless care taking or of tireless demands. The moody quality of them both can be enhanced when they are together, but neither of you actually consider this a bad thing. You are able to keep it real around one another, no false fronts or exhausting facades. There is a shared competitive spurt that makes you great motivators and cheerleaders for each other.

Challenges: When this match fights, its going to get ugly with a lot of hurt feelings. Cancer is the most sensitive and takes things personally. Cancer is also stubborn and attacks with pincers. Aries has to be careful when they start something. Aries will be the first to bail because of it. Cancer really needs to be careful in how they manage their feelings in conflict. Cancer isn’t as independent as Aries and that could cause conflict. If Cancer doesn’t get the cherished feelings they want then they will bail. There are challenges, but the kind that you can grow from. Do not rest on your laurels. You need to provide each other with enough emotional security to continue, which can be harder for Aries. They are great partners and parents to children, family, etc. Cancer is a legendary homebody, Aries can lounge too. A comfy base camp is essential for this relationship. Both need space, so you need to create personal areas.

Make it Work: Steam and sparks are possible, if they focus on it. Makeup sex will be as steamy as a person could want, as long as they can survive the battle that proceeds it. Both Cardinal signs are born leaders and initiators. Aries won’t worry about who will make the first move because Cancer is always on it. Cancer will be in charge of the emotional bliss of the union. Aries will be in the lead when fighting off intruders and enemies. They need to take turns being boss and compromise in order to have a long and happy life.

Leo & Aries

ELEMENT:  Both are Fire, The heat is on!
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Leo is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This is a double fire combination so they are never short of fire or passion. Cardinal Fire Aries and Fixed Fire Leo will have a dynamic connection with a lot of action and movement. If they clash, its a clash of egos but they are in it for the long haul. Both generally admire each other and can carry deep and abiding respect for each other. The fire will truly light each other up where ever they go, as long as the fires are continually stoked. This relationship is full of fiery star powered, attention seeking signs. It can be difficult if you are competing for the same role. There will never be a dull moment. You both understand each other’s need for praise and recognition.

Positive: They will not be short on passion or energy. This is an exciting combination. The fixed Leo loves lasting relationships. They fall in love with an object of their fixation easily and its pretty tough to get their eyes off of the one. Aries will appreciate this focus. Aries may not like Leo’s flirtiness or need for attention but will see all of it is superficial. If Leo declares their love they will not change their mind. Aries loves Leo’s loyalty and highly respects how they command strong friendships. There will be an occasional clash of egos. They need to be flexible to keep the fires burning. The makeup sex will be outstanding. Roll-out the red carpet for this star powered couple! The celebrity quality of this relationship is electrifying. Both are self-centered and bossy at times, but keep up with each other’s tireless energy. They crave public attention and praise. As long as they are not competing for the same role, this is a warm and energizing match.

Challenges: Double fire is good, very good. But, at the same time, the bad will be explosive. Fights are as grand as the makeup sex. Which can mean that it will be questionable if they survive. The volatile fights can cause a lot of damaged egos. There is a potential for the pair if they put aside their grandiose sense of selves. All fire energy means that they are on the move quite a bit. Leo may find Aries is too quick for them. Leo has to hold off on resentment to keep Aries. Aries must shine the light on Leo as often as possible to show respect. Issues can flare up when kids come into the picture. Eternally youthful Leo gets down in the sandbox to play, forgetting that Aries needs to be babied too. Aries’ brash style can offend soft hearted Leo. Aries will have to quell their inner taskmaster to stay in Leo’s VIP circle. You will enjoy bossing each other around and your advice is straight from the heart. You can grow stronger, richer, faster, and motivated as a result.

Make it Work: They have to get past their egos to be a passionate and energetic match. Then they can stand the test of time. Leo will love Aries driving them to go forth and take risks and chances. Aries will love Leo’s fixed nature and ability to follow through. Both need to learn from each other and allow for flexibility instead of ego to drive partnership. If they do, they will find mutual respect and admiration, as well as unconditional love.

Virgo & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Virgo is Earth, Steady Earth to build a Fire
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Virgo is Mutable, Directing the flow
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Virgo is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Quincux , Original odd couple

Overall: Cardinal Fire Aries and Mutable Earth Virgo at first glance do not look compatible. There is an opportunity for Aries to ground their self in something that could stand the test of time. Aries wants a partner who is as real as it gets, which is Virgo. Virgo loves it and wants to keep it. Virgo takes it slow and Aries will have to remember that if they don’t want to lose the relationship. This is a challenging but also healing relationship. They easily butt heads and unite in a common mission to strengthen their bond. This can lead to frustration because they step on each other’s toes.

Positive: This combination is the essence of opposites attract and at first they may only see faults. At the end of the day, they will find mutual respect and learn a lot. Virgo is fussy and detail oriented which could drive Aries nuts. Eventually, with patience, Aries could learn to appreciate that. Virgo will also teach Aries patience. Aries is used to getting everything their way quickly. They will learn they can get good things with a slower approach. Aries has a deep appreciation and admiration for Virgo’s work ethic. Initially this pairing is not the best idea, but it does happen. They share a love for dancing. This could help them work out a compromise. They can hopefully get into step with each other and figure out who is leading. If they can, this can be an exciting challenge that will keep them on their toes. Both are notably neurotic; they will banter about all that’s wrong. That is the shared purpose. If they unite around a common charitable cause then they are a force to be reckoned with. Virgo plans, Aries gets the Marketing. Together they can reach a significant accomplishment.

Challenges: Cardinal sign Aries rushes into everything which will aggravate Virgo. Aries will be annoyed that that annoys Virgo. They will have to find a balance between major personalities, which is the greatest challenge. Virgo wants to analyze and think about it all. Aries can be flexible with that. Aries needs the grounding. Virgo needs to be spontaneous. Aries will teach that they do not always have to think things through. They might hate each other before this project is through. Aries starts and then leaves things unfinished. Virgo autopilots into a martyr role and picks up the slack for Aries, seething silently with resentment. Aries’ spending knows no bounds, while Virgo is a notorious penny pincher. They apply different styles with the home or their family, which means there could be trouble in paradise.

Make it Work: There has to be some serious compromises by both to make it last. Virgo needs to allow Aries to be the boss all the time. Aries needs to be flexible and open to Virgo options. Aries needs to slow down to find the balance between when to rush on life and when to hold back. Virgo will teach them how to do that. Aries needs to help Virgo know how to get out and about. It can be well grounded but fiery.

Libra & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Libra is Air, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS:  Opposites, Soul twin match

Overall: Cardinal Fire Aries plus Cardinal Air Libra results in the wind moving fire and abundant sparks. This passionate affair is caused by being polar zodiac opposites. They are very skilled at creating balance in the union. This pair will learn well from each other, even if there are nasty sparks along way. Aries loves Libra’s need for harmony and balance, Libra appreciates the energy Aries brings to the table. Aries will be able to learn from a Libra mate that their way isn’t the best way. Libra will learn to be more spontaneous and to appreciate versus criticize. This could be a relationship to last. This is a feisty relationship; they are two dreamers that are passionate about what they believe. Unfortunately, there could be a spontaneous combustion if they find themselves at odds. This is challenging, but they can meet half way by sharing a mission.

Positive: They are the polar opposite of the zodiac, so the sexual chemistry is difficult to reproduce. They are well balanced. Venus rules Libra who exudes charm and couture with Aries by their side.   Libra will appreciate Aires ability to provide luxuries. Libra always balances pros and cons and thus has difficulty making decisions. Aries will help or make the decision all together. Libra’s harmony and partnership helps for the long haul. Is this a match made in heaven? Warrior Aries and peaceful Libra have immediate chemistry, even if they initially cannot stand each other. The tension can dissolve as they discover shared conviction for justice and honor. They get into deep conversations quickly. They fight differently, but have the same passions. Libra works the room, Aries wants undivided attention from a few admiring fans. If they meet in the middle, both are better.

Challenges: Cardinal signs are great initiators. Starting projects are their forte, whereas finishing is not. Each will be frustrated at the other for some thing that they do. Libra will be frustrated at Aries impetuous and impulsive nature. Aries will feel weighed down by Libra’s need to pause and think. Libra’s pause is sometimes manipulation which will rile Aries. Compromise will be critical. It is certainly a love hate relationship. Fast paced Aries acts on impulse and rattles Libra’s feathers. Libra is polished, charming, and non-confrontational. Tactless Aries goes for the jugular. When talking about family they are not home enough to do anything. They have to purposefully coordinate things if they want a family.

Make it Work: There is an opportunity for bad sparks if they don’t both compromise. Fire Aries is a true leader in energy. Aries needs to truly appreciate the intellectual component that Libra brings to table. This will result in harmony. With time, and a little effort, they can realize they balance each other’s needs and fill in the blanks. They will fall in love with things that they will imitate later on in their commitment and unity.

Scorpio & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Scorpio is Water, Delicate balance so neither evaporates
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Scorpio is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS: Quincunx, Original odd couple

Overall: This is a beautiful match to watch unfold. At first sight this pair is the type that will wonder how they managed apart. Aries is a Cardinal Fire that loves power. Scorpio is a Fixed Water and loves it when Aries initiates. This is a balanced and passionate match. Aries is all passion, while Scorpio is a very sexual mate. They will never be short of loving as long as they have the room they need to grow. This is a smoking hot, feisty, love of good argument pairing. They have explosive fights, and then steamy makeup sex. As exciting as it is clandestine, they understand a need for privacy.

Positive: Fire plus water creates steam. They will never complain about the sex life. This is an extraordinary combination of emotional groundings and physical energy. Scorpio will love how Aries teaches them to let go of the little of things they are fixated upon. Aries truly explores the intuitive side of Scorpio that gives all the tips and secrets needed to pursue extraordinary success. Spy games anyone? This is a tricky combination with undeniable sex chemistry. This pairing is made of two dynamic, competitive, slow to trust, private people. Who will show their hand first? They are both slow to admit or jump into things. Passionate Mars as the ruling planet makes this matchup really hot.

Challenges: There is something to be said about too much of a good thing. Both have tempers that can flare and fizzle the love flame. Passion is bad for fights, which will arise. Aries needs independence and will easily feel smothered by Scorpio fixation and obsessions. Aries has a need for freedom with a desire to stray. Both of them can be very jealous, they will have problems if they don’t first have solid foundations with each other. They need true commitment to understand these differences which will prevent Scorpio’s manipulative and vindictive nature from coming out. They also need to curb Aries temper. The bedroom antics are the ties that bind. But make sure that the attraction goes deeper than that before you label it as a relationship. Fights can be epic because both think compromise is a weakness. Put your pride aside, learn when to surrender, and you will elevate each other to new creative and sensual highs for years to come.

Make it Work: This is a challenge oriented couple because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which represents power and Aries is ruled by Mars which represents war. This couple will always be fighting if they let that energy in. Both want to win and in those fights they need to remember how the other feels. One personality trait that both signs possess that will work very well for them is loyalty. When both draw from this trait in explosive moments  they can carry this for the long haul. Both signs need to win all the time. However, combined, they are a force to be reckoned with. Aries as energy and Scorpio as emotional leaders make a combination that can stand the test of time if they don’t put each other out.

Sagittarius & Aries

ELEMENT:  Both are Fire, The heat is on!
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Sagittarius is Mutable, Directing the flow
POLARITY:  Both Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: They are both a double fire sign, which means there will be passion, sparks, and lots of energy. With Aries, we have a Cardinal Fire who is the initiator and the leader. With Sagittarius we have Mutable fire, which is flexible spontaneity. There will be little these two disagree on. Aries will love that Sagittarius is always diving into something new and exciting. Sagittarius will love that Aries wants to lead and make all of the major decisions. Both are very independent, that can lead to some wrinkles in this Fire match if not they are not careful. Both signs are high energy and always want to start new things. It won’t bode well for long term love unless both find some common ground to get rooted in. This is a fiery and liberating relationship. They love excitement and adventure. It is difficult to settle down and is never dull. They understand each other’s need for independence and freedom.

Positive: The Sagittarius and Aries match is double fire, little two disagree on. They have all of the same things in common and their optimistic take on life is contagious. Fights will probably be few and far between with this pair.The passion will always be abundant. This is a couple that is always up for another road trip adventure or staying home to explore the fiery passions and energy. Aries being ruled by Mars brings a lot of competitive energy to this match. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which also makes this a very lucky match indeed. Both of these signs view the world and its greater vision in the same way. This works very well for both mates in this relationship. They are kindred spirits that truly cherish independence. They are nauseous at the idea of settling down. In each other they have found a match that wants to go out with a bang. They elevate each other to new heights and find a relationship that works easily for them both.

Challenges: They are very independent in own their way, Sagittarius even more so. This won’t bode well for controlling Aries and their jealousy. There will be few if any power struggles in this union but Sagittarius is always getting up and going somewhere, and does not necessarily need Aries along for ride. Aries will have to watch their temper and Sagittarius doesn’t have the groundedness to root Aries like they need to. This is the biggest threat. Be careful, as it easy for romance to fade. They have fun adventuring the world but they need time for the relationship or the sizzle could fizzle. Children or something similar that you can co-create will maintain the connection.

Make it Work: These two are natural pioneers that blaze trails differently. If they can appreciate the differences they can last a long time. They need to maintain enthusiasm, passion, and energy in order to smooth out wrinkles. Aries needs to let go of their jealous side and give Sagittarius the freedom they need to explore world. Sagittarius should stay home a little more to give Aries attention. The investment of time will always be worth the wait. They need to give room for growth and freedom. If they each give a little bit of room on both sides of the coin, this will surely be a fiery match born from Stars.

Capricorn & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Capricorn is Earth, Steady Earth to build a Fire
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Capricorn is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS: Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: This relationship is slower than most but once it is acknowledged than the parties are in it for the long haul. Both sides of this match are Cardinal, which means both are leaders and decisions makers. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth sign and so is more grounded than Aries who is always onto next big thing. This may cause a few wrinkles for the match but if Aries learns to slow things down to Capricorn tempo, the match stands a real chance. Capricorn also may need to learn that risk is a part of life and if they can accept that they will truly come to love and enjoy the Aries spontaneous fire and energy. This is a complementary but demanding relationship. This pairing has larger than life personas where both strive for success and achievement. That can be draining. They are destined for power couple status as long as they compromise.

Positive: Both are Cardinal so both are very driven when it comes to personal successes. They  just go about it in completely different ways. Aries has a fiery and flashy side, whereas Capricorn is more quiet, thinking carefully and strategically. Aries could be too fast for Capricorn and Capricorn too slow for Aries. These are qualities that come to be widely appreciated and respected by the other over time, if the relationship is allowed to percolate. The plus with this pair is that they are both very stubborn, so they are committed to making it work. They are both born leaders but in their own ways. The Earth and Fire balance will create practical and responsible relationship. This can be an exciting and spontaneous relationship over long term if desired. This can also be a warm, fuzzy, and draining relationship. Capricorn is responsible, protective, and loyal which is safe for Aries who needs structure and certainty. Electrifying Aries lights Capricorn’s fire, bringing out the Wild Goat side. Capricorn plays a dutiful role in the relationship. The business venture collaboration can be fulfilling and romantic because their talents dovetail beautifully. Larger than life personas mean an attractive and enviable power couple.

Challenges: Any conflict between these two born leaders is because they have little in common. Aries likes things exciting and fun, where Capricorn finds too much risk in that. Aries will find Capricorn slow on occasion and sometimes even boring. Capricorn has same problem with Aries, that they are a little too high on the energy meter and should probably settle down to one idea or thing. In a work environment, they are good. In love, this can lead to problems. Both Capricorn and Aries are completely different energy wavelengths, if they fight at all, this is what its about. Aries is always living in the moment, whereas Capricorn is thinking five years down the road. This pair will need to find a way to balance these differences if they want to stick it out for the long term. Aries is the Zodiac baby aka a spoiled brat under Capricorn’s endless generosity. Aries will need to step up a bit in this relationship, otherwise Capricorn will burn out. Capricorn will need to regulate Aries demands and say no from time to time.

Make it Work: The best way to compromise the obvious differences would be to come together and define a shared goal. Although both of these signs pursue their goals differently, when they share the same goal, success is inevitable. If Capricorn and Aries can do this from the beginning of their relationship then success is to be had. The easiest and most comfortable ways for both signs to accomplish this will be for Aries to let go of their need of instant gratification and slow down a bit. Capricorn as well needs to speed things up and should be open to living in a moment more than once in a while rather than always worrying about what is going on ten years down the road. There will need to be some flexing by both, but both are committed to success and sharing that vision will lead to many successful years together.

Aquarius & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Aquarius is Air, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Aquarius is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: This will always be an exciting partnership. The fixed Air Aquarius is wind beneath the Cardinal Fire Aries’ wings. This relationship is going places, its high in energy and passion, as well as in visions and creativity. There is nowhere to go but up as their foundation is in friendship. Their communication is inspiring to many other couples. An Aries and Aquarius match is one where both parties have a unique understanding of each other. It is often filled with special thrills every single day. These playful best friends with benefits are dynamic. They are opinionated signs that both love to debate and this easily leads to an explosion. They can also be complementary and exciting because they understand the need for worldly adventures.

Positive: Air and Fire are always a great combination. Aries and Aquarius are destined to do well. This match is based on a wide number of mutual commonalities and experiences. Both deeply admire each other and respect goes right along with that. Aries will love the big vision and big thinking of Aquarius. Aquarius will adore Aries’ spontaneous side. They are extremely independent, both appreciate that as well. Aquarius offers Aries a fixed nature of loyalty and trust. Aries offers Aquarius an exciting and passionate experience. There will be a special  bond between these two. There is a deep understanding between them that is star crossed to stand test of the time. This is definitely BFFs with benefits. It is an energetic matchup that is full of playful humor and offbeat adventures. They will still be friends if the sexual chemistry is not there. That or they might have been friends a long time before they became involved romantically. They are intellectually kindred spirits. They revel in cutting edge ideas with sci fi twist. Laid back Aquarius chills out Aries’ gladiator mindset. Aries pushes cool headed Aquarius to live life more passionately.

Challenges: Aquarius can compete with Aries spontaneous side. However, this affects Aries jealous and possessive side. Aquarius will definitely have problems with that and that will cause Aries temper to flare. When an Aquarius is burned, the offender will be dead to them. Fixed signs mean it, so Aries has to tread lightly. At the same time, Aquarius can work on understanding the possessive side of Aries and taking it as a compliment, rather than a lack of trust. Aquarius may not always be up for the physical active energy that Aries needs to use up every day, as Aquarius is more active mentally. They need to find a balance in love between thinking and doing, which is something both will have to work on.They love to debate. Both have volatile tempers that explode unpredictably. They need to check temperatures before they start teasing or arguing. Aries is private and hates crowds. Aquarius longs to create extended family of your 10,000 friends. Aries will need to open up more.

Make it Work: Cardinal Fire sign matched with Fixed Air sign is one of the best possible matches because the pair always has their bases covered. They are compatible unless the jealous natures come out. Aries has to reassure Aquarius they are in for the long haul in order to keep their sentiments in the right place. Aquarius will be very good at keeping Aries on task and on point when it comes to completing projects or love requests. They should continue to do this in order to see their relationship thrive. Aries on the other hand should pull back from jealousy and possessiveness. Once a Fixed sign gets a fix on their partner, they are in it for the long haul. When both of these signs can overcome these individual insecurities, there is a cosmic connection.

Pisces & Aries

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Pisces is Water, Delicate balance so neither evaporates
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Pisces is Mutable, Directing the flow
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Pisces is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS: Semisextile, Cosmic combination

Overall: At first, they seem polar opposites when first feeling each other out. At the end of the day, Fire and Water make steam. Pisces loves how grounded Aries can be as well as spontaneous. Aries on the other hand, will be fascinated by intuition and fantasy world of the dreamy water sign of Pisces. Both are impulsive which could land them in trouble. Road trips and hot dates will keep the steam going so that they do not want to walk away. This is a dynamic and fiery pairing. They are two head cases that are imaginative and cerebral. At times, they can be brooding and resentful. It certainly won’t be boring as both understand the need for stimulation.

Positive: Pisces is mutable and a little more reclusive than other signs. By having the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries around, who takes charge all of the time and initiates absolutely everything, this will go over very well with Pisces. This is what Pisces likes and needs. They meet each other needs and satisfy wants. Aries and Pisces are very creative, which is an inspiring match. Aries exerts with energy while Pisces is artistic. Pisces fills containers (any and all), while Aries picks the container. They are giving and loving, almost destined to work. It is a total head trip with this pair. Aries rules the brain and Pisces rules imagination. Two minds like this coming together means the magic manifests into reality. Dreams have funny way of happening! Aries starts it all and Pisces can then finish.

Challenges: Aries has a big temper, while Pisces has a sensitive soul. This could cause quite the collision, but it can still happen. Pisces sensitive nature could really bug Aries. Pisces may not last through one of Aries temper bursts. Aries ego can have the tendency to evaporate Pisces vision. Aries needs to check their ego and Pisces has to not take it personally. They are prone to brooding. This is problematic if they happen to do so on the same day. Aries can shore up Pisces with a pep talk. Pisces can give chicken soup for the soul for Aries. The main difference lies in how they navigate disagreements. Warrior Aries goes headfirst while Pisces disappears at first sight of conflict. Aries needs to employ anger management or the Fish will swim away forever. Pisces needs to be direct about disagreements.

Make it Work: They will have to consider their differences and commit to happiness. Pisces does not like drama. Pisces must go with the flow emotionally too, they have to be flexible, and not take things personally. Aries can direct things but they have to pull back from jumping to conclusions. Both of these signs are independent and have to give each other the freedom to flourish. Aries has to let Pisces retreat to the cave every once in a while. Pisces has to realize Aries cannot read their mind when they are upset about something. As long as they celebrate their differences, this will be a steamy and successful pairing.


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