Extra Sensory Perception & Electronic Voice Phenomenon


ESP or extra sensory perception and EVP or electronic voice phenomenon are two very interesting and sometimes terrifying psychic phenomenon.

Extra Sensory Perception & Electronic Voice Phenomenon

What is Extra Sensory Perception?

Extra sensory perception, often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’, is the ability to receive information from sources not directly attributable to the five sense. In other words, a clairvoyant may see something but they are not receiving those images with their eyes. Someone with clairgustance may taste something without actually eating anything. The psychic senses are all forms of ESP, as are telepathy, precognition and the many forms of mediumship. Electronic voice phenomenon are sounds that normally would not be audible to anyone but a person who has clairaudient abilities but are picked up by machines carefully calibrated to hear them. EVP is a halfway between clairaudience and mediumship, allowing those without the skills to communicate with the deceased and other entities that are not physical present.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic voice phenomenon is a natural extension of the abilities associated with ESP. In fact, back in the early days of the spiritualist religious movement, when Ouija boards were highly popular, the idea of using new and upcoming inventions to improve this psychic communication was at the forethought of spiritualists. Even Thomas Edison was asked about the possibility of his inventions being used to improve communication. When ‘ghost hunters’ and mediums began trying to record the sound of non-phyiscal entities it was with tape recorders and silence as they re-wound the tapes later on and listened in the silence for impressions of sound that they may have missed during any interactions. As technology has progressed, so has the ability to pick up sounds in real time, without having to rewind a tape later on.

There are three levels of quality in EVP recordings:

  • Class A are easily understood by everyone and are often the loudest.
  • Class B are the most common and are characterized by a warping of the voice in certain syllables.
  • Class C are the hardest to understand, softest in volume and contain the most warping.

EVP is a way of taking ESP and giving it to others who may not have had the opportunity or willingness or knowledge to expand their own psychic skills. The kinds of voices that are picked up by EVP are believed to be the voices of those who have died, those from other dimensions, or the voices of angels and demons. There are certainly skeptics who believe that all of it is just in the mind or subconscious of those listening, however these same skeptic thoughts have surrounded psychics and their ESP abilities for generations. Modern attempts at using devices meant for recording to capture the sound of non-physical entities attempting to communicate have gone on for nearly 100 years! As with most of the subjects that fall under the realm of pseudoscience and the psychic arts, while there have been and always will be skeptics, there is enough proof that those with faith are willing to continue working to find solid pieces of evidence that they can provide to show there is a world beyond our own. Using EVP to provide evidence of the clairaudient abilities of ESP is just one step in that direction.


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