New Year 2013 – Numerology Analysis


Wish you all a Happy New Year ! , The year 2013 ! Can’t believe that 12 years have passed since the dawn of new millennium. I sincerely pray that all sentient beings enjoy a healthy and prosperous life in this wonderful year. The year 2013 born on Tuesday, with life path 8. Let us analyze this year on three aspects, astrology, numerology and universal cycle based on elements (chinese astrology). Every new year makes a significant impact on both the individual and environmental level. The impact on individual level is determined by ones ruling planets, i.e numbers, which can also be manipulated by power of self (very few achieve this) and for environment it depends on the ruling planets on moment of new year on particular latitude and longitude.  The effects of new year are never the same through out the world, it differs from various regions, as celestial position changes for a particular latitude and longitude which Astronlogia expands on further.

New Year in Numbers: A Political Struggle

The year 2013 comes to 6, the the total life path comes to 8. The day falls on tuesday, which is ruled by Mars. We don’t consider number 1, as number 1 or Sun represents the soul , and all  cycle of existence occurs due to the soul’s desire to manifest. This the occult logic behind celebrating every year on number 1, the day of Sun. As long as there is an individual soul, there is an existence and manifestation.

We have Mars, Saturn and Venus as prime ruling planets for this year, in addition to being the 14th year of this millennium (including 2000). we have number 14, which is ruled by Mercury. This situation reminds me of an oldest  babylonian astrology manuscript in which a babylonian priest speaks about this celestial event as

A warrior emperor who lives in exile returns in from the cold

This culmination of saturn and mars, signifies a country – a super power (political authority) is secretly grouping its soldiers to attack the enemies in an unexpected way. But for this attack to happen, the role of planet venus is crucial as the morning star venus signifies war and evening star venus denotes treaty and truce. The decision making to attack or inflict pain on enemy is based on planet mercury. Unless the planets operate within mercury constellation, the decision to go for war will not happen. Unfortunately, the moon is in constellation of mercury when new year was born. The pattern that was described in 3000 yr old babylonian manuscript is happening now.

This situation can be related to present day conflict between Syria and NATO. NATO (Mars)  being symbolic military might of world super power, supported by the western european bloc (Venus) will be influenced by political decisions (Saturn) of world super powers to carry out an attack on Syria. Which will eventually happen, and Syria will be left to embrace the fate of Libya.

Astrologically, the year was born with moon in mercury constellation, and saturn and mars being in exalted position, i.e with their strength at their highest ! and moon getting the negative aspect of powerful Saturn, and Mars is in the constellation of moon as well as it aspects moon. we all know that Mars is weapons, and saturn is the driving factor that enables to use them. Mars Saturn Venus is the classic war scenario. And Mars Saturn Mercury relates to air accident, and causalities. The NATO strike is going to be Air-strike. There is an interesting pattern related to natural air accidents, we will discuss it in the following para.

According to chinese astrology, 2013 is the year of Snake.  In Chinese astrology, the year of particular animal occurs once in every 12 years. This has great meaning, as 21 is the number that denotes a finished cycle, whereas number 12 represents a continuing cycle, a cycle that will repeat itself. The interaction of five elements interchange once in 12 years causing impact on lives and environment. And whenever the year of snake was born, there are always causalities due to air related accidents. The previous snake years were 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013. Let us see the level of causalities in these years and how they happened?

Year 1977:

  • January 15 – Kälvesta air disaster: A Swedish airliner crashes into a residential area of Stockholm, killing all 22 on board
  • January 18th – SFR Yugoslavia Prime minister, Džemal Bijedi?, his wife and 6 others are killed in a plane crash in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • March 27 – Tenerife disaster: A collision between KLM and Pan AmBoeing 747s at Tenerife, Canary Islands, kills 583 persons (the deadliest accident in aviation history).
  • April 27 – The Guatemala City air disaster kills 28 people.
  • May 14th – The 1977 IAS Cargo Boeing 707 airplane crash in Lusaka, Zambia kills all six on board.
  • May 27 -The 1977 Aeroflot Ilyushin 62 airplane crash in Cuba kills 69 people.
  • October 17 – 18 – German Autumn: GSG 9 troopers storm a hijacked Lufthansa passenger plane in Mogadishu, Somalia; 3 of the 4 hijackers die.
  • November 19th – TAP Portugal Flight 425 crashes at Madeira Airport, Funchal, Portugal, killing 131 and leaving 33 survivors.
  • December 4 – Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 is hijacked and crashes in Tanjung Kupang, Johor, Malaysia, killing all 100 passengers and crew on board.
  • December 13 – A DC-3 charter plane carrying the University of Evansville basketball team to Nashville, Tenn., crashes in rain and dense fog about 90 seconds after takeoff from Evansville Dress Regional Airport. Twenty-nine people die in the crash, including 14 members of the team and head coach Bob Watson.
  • December 18 – Flight SATA 730, an international charter service from Zurich to Funchal Airport (Madeira), touches the sea in a landing attempt. Many of the 36 fatalities got trapped inside the sinking plane. 21 people survived with the help of rescue teams and by swimming to the shore.

Year 1989:

  • January 4 – Gulf of Sidra incident (1989): Two LibyanMiG-23 “Floggers” are engaged and shot down by 2 US NavyF-14 Tomcats.
  • January 8 – Kegworth Air Disaster: A British MidlandBoeing 737 crashes on approach to East Midlands Airport, leaving 47 dead.
  • June 7 – Surinam Airways Flight PY764 crashes, killing 176.
  • United Airlines Flight 232 (Douglas DC-10) crashes in Sioux City, Iowa, killing 112; 184 on board survive.
  • August 7 – U.S. Congressman Mickey Leland (D-TX) and 15 others die in a plane crash in Ethiopia.
  • Explosion of UTA Flight 772 over Niger, killing all 171 people on board. The Islamic Jihad Organization claims responsibility.

Year 2001:

  • January 25 – A 50-year-old Douglas DC-3 crashes near Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, killing 24.
  • July 3 – A Vladivostokavia Tupolev Tu-154 jetliner crashes on approach to landing at Irkutsk, Russia, killing 145.
  • September 11 – 2,996 people are killed in the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City
  • October 4 – Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 crashes over the Black Sea en route from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Novosibirsk, Russia; 78 are killed.
  • October 8 – Flight SK686 of SAS collides first with a private plane and then a building in Milano Airport; 118 are killed.
  • October 19 – SIEV-X sinks en route to Christmas Island, killing 353 people.
  • November 12 – In New York City, American Airlines Flight 587, headed to the Dominican Republic, crashes in Queens minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing all 260 on board.

I have not included other accidents and war causalities that happened in these years. Almost on every snake year, a new war had started and ended creating a political reformation thereafter. This year 2013 also being an year of snake, may be a  difficult one to pass through. The Europe will be victim of the overall outcome (financial and economic) , as dawn of new year on europe ( I took Paris as place of occurrence, since i live in paris ) falls on malefic place. The financial 2nd house is jeopardized by Saturn – Mars, symbolizing the price of war that europe may pay and potential economic loss.

P.S – This analysis is for global environment and not for individual. For individuals, the year depends on their own ruling planets and their birth and life paths. This i will cover in next post


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