The Saint of Compassion – Shirdi Sai


Shirdi Sai is the Indian Saint who lived during the nineteenth century. He is very popular in India and also around major parts of the world, I have said about the power of mystics and saints in one of my previous post. Saints and Mystics are born to carry the karmas of sentient beings and strive to seek benevolence for all. His place of Mahasamadhi is located in Shirdi, a town four hours drive from Pune city in Maharashtra.  Spiritually a very powerful and sacred place of our times. One who sets his foot there is sure to realize his goals in his life.

Mahasamadhi places are the gift of saints to humanity, out of their infinite compassion, they leave their spiritual boons to that place before leaving their physical body, so that worldly mortals can cleanse their karmas when in contact with the spiritual force. There are many powerful Mahasamadhi places in the world, but the most auspicious and compassionate one is Shirdi itself. The world has not known the lives of great saints, and it is only after they leave their physical body, we come to know about them.

A majority of people in this world live in obstacles, misery and constant suffering. They constantly search for some solutions to their problems, and knock at all possible doors. But sadly, their life remains same and are deprived of happiness and a fulfilling life. Saint have manifested themselves into this world to alleviate human condition of suffering. They provide a way, a means to end ones suffering. All you need to do is to accept their compassion. One of the primal reasons for our constant misery is our ego, our reluctance to accept love and grace. Knowingly or Unknowingly, we refute the way to blissfulness by our discriminate mind. The moment we are ready to accept the Masters Love and Grace, our Karma is burnt instantly and we move to a higher path.

There are many people who have come to me with problems that cannot be solved by human intelligence, and this post is for them. Surrender your actions to this compassionate master and you will liberated from your miseries. Compassion is the highest energy which showers like a rain irrespective of qualities or morality. It never judges, it only showers its grace to those who seek. So seek your answers in this Great Master Shirdi Sai Baba. He will sure to answer you.

Just a silent acceptance is enough to receive His Grace.


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