Aum Amen Amin

After a routine posts about Numerology and Astrology, I’d like to take a break from occult and post about some thing is primordial, which is omnipotent, omnipresent and ever pervading. Lets decode the deeper meaning and origin of these three words whose meaning is One. The whole world exist through  the power of Prana – it is not the same as air.


The Power of Prana

Air is a composition of many elements but Prana is what responsible for life mechanism is living organisms. Without air living beings can exist but the moment it stopped going to our body we call the mechanism as Death. Death occurs when Prana no more flows into body. Thus it acts as life vehicle to the body (click here to learn more about that).

When it enters into the body through our nostrils has two distinct sound vibrations. When the Prana goes inside the body i.e. during inhale, the prana enters the nostrils and goes to the Agna chakra (voertece that is present between the eye brows) during this phase it produces a sound vibration called So and during exhale it comes to Mooladhar chakra (voertece which is present below anus in male and below the point of uterus in female) here it produces a sound called Ham. These two vibrations So-Ham are the primoridal sound vibrations made by Prana.


This So-Ham or Ham-S0 has been called as Aum by the Hindus Amen by the Christians and Amin by the Islamists. During deep meditations one can hear the vibrations of these sounds which passes through the spine. The whole universe is filled and pervaded by this Cosmic Sound So-Ham.



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