Numerology Number 59


Many of our readers wanted to know about the number 59, they have asked relentlessly why i am not mentioning about numerology number 59 when i speak of fabulous 5. Its not that this number is of less importance but rather very rarely number 59  is being used, so are the people having this number in their name.

The trademark traits of number 59 people are their inquisitive and researcher tendency. These people tend to become one of the greatest writers and literary men of this world. Their strong urge to express their views can be seen in their writings. They have a profound sense of humor which is displayed in their day to day life. The ideal profession for them would be anything which deals with writing, publishing or journalism where they can be masters in that field like other number 5s as we go over here.

They attract a strong support from the public, the public supports them and encourages them consistently, These are people are public figures. They hold high places in society due to the public favoritism. Number 59 name in numerology also has strong traits of ambitiousness, these people are extremely ambitious and have great desire to make enormous money. They are also lucky in all aspects.

One of the important thing that numerology number 59 is that they should be careful of windy diseases, they should abstain from any sort of bad habits or addictions.


  1. Sir,
    u said that these people have great desire to earn money…… Do these people earn huge amount money in their life?? Is it possible to know through numerology???

    Could u give a brief description about a person born on 2 having his name number 59,lifepath number 6……..a brief description

  2. Hello Sir;
    I would like to clear a doubt here.
    I’m a 7 born with lifepath 2.
    Is number 23 (PRAVIN) and 41 (S.A.PRAVIN SEGAR) lucky for me??
    And can u pls explain if numbers have effects on career. Which name number would be better for someone taking a profession in engineering, 5 or 6 (in the case if 9 could not be used)?
    Your brief explanation is very appreciated.

  3. Hi there,
    I want to ask.. Lets say someone’s lifepath and birth path dont match at all. For instance one is 8 born 8 lifpath, and the other is 9 born and 9 lifepath. What if only there is a match in names for instance the 9 born person is a 9 in male and 8 born 5 in name. Since it is only the name that is compatible does this mean there relationship wont be as strong, lets say of someone who’s lifepath and birthdate match?

    • The match should be present atleast in one way, like birth date match or LP match, or Name match, or Ascendant Match, if no match is there, than it wont sustain. Name match is the best and strongest compatibility than any match

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have learnt a lot about number 8 recently from your site. My brother SARVESH CHOWDHARY is September 26, 1973 born and is married to SHALINI SRIVASTAVA who is a November 1, 1972 born. They got married on April 19, 2000 but have no issues so far. Our problem is that my brother is least interested in having children but my bhabhi wants them. Also she does not pay attention to the remedies suggested by my parents. I am not sure whether she still uses her maiden name or has changed her surname. Shall we wait for the right time or can anything be done in this case. I am happy about one thing that my bro’s name sums up to 59 which makes it 5. I know this from your blog that say that all eight-born people should have their name in series 5.
    Please hint me on this…

    • One of the main reasons for delay in marriage is marriage date, The life path of marriage date is 7, lifepath with 7 can delay progeny, as number 7 is Ketu, and emits magnetic waves which can affect the fertility of a person or their desire to acquire progeny.

  5. hi
    my name is devshish waghmare
    born on 14:2:1986
    i just needed to know of what value should my business (company,website & studio) be really confused in choosing their names

  6. a person born on 2, having his lifepath 6, name number 59. whats the overall position of his life…will he become businessman or employ????

    ur brief explanation is appreciated

    Thanking you sir

  7. Sir u may have understood, that i have posted question as two different profiles…sir plz give a brief explaination… i am very curiously waiting for ur reply

    Thanking u sir

  8. Wow, I have been looking for an explanation of the number 59 for quite a while now. This is the first post I have read here but it looks like you have a wealth of information so I am going to have a good look around now 🙂 Thanks Josh

  9. S-R.

    You said, on 01-Aug, which

    “68 is a good as 59. Most people wont Have such big names to get 68, hence They do not advocate it. ”

    In this case, the number also has a spiritual sense, is not it? At this point, it is different from 59?

    Thank you.


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