How to get a male baby?


Astrology Secret to get a Male Baby

Children are manifested form of the Supreme Reality or GOD, but once their mind is developed their karma comes into play and soon they lose their innocence and forget to know about the Supreme Consciousness. Till the age of 3 yrs, a baby’s consciousness is same as Supreme Being’s one, thats why every one loves and adores the babies. Its everyones desire or ultimate aim to become a creator atleast once in our life. Apart from the Supreme Reality (Un manifested) who created this universe, only a mother – a woman can become the Creator in manifested form.  Learn how to conceive a male baby.

That is why woman is more precious than man, woman is more powerful than man, woman is more than divine than man. Nature is thy Mother. But in these times, the role of creator for woman has staretd to become a distant dream. Many woman are facing difficulty in child birth, due to man’s anti-nature policy, the creative powers of woman have experienced a great setback. Their sedentary and artificial lifestyle has only caused to act as a barrier for continuity of human species.

Though the science and technology is advanced enough to treat these setbacks, still it doesnt work for all. This emphasizes that man cannot achieve everything through science and technology. We have ignored the truth that Nature is the real science.

One such natural science is astrology. The stars, constellations, planets, man, woman, and everything comes under nature – The Supreme Reality or God or Supreme Consciousness or Para Brahmam which you can read more about here.

Constellations and Child Birth

In the ancient times, period before 100 BC, people who lives at those times never faced the problem of childbirth, the average child births given by a woman used to be between 8-14, They had profound knowledge of nature and are super intelligent than us. Our intelligence are bookish, knowledge passed by others, and learned ones. Theirs were knowledge gained through self discovery. Using certain constellations, they were able to give birth to masculine child. Many of these secrets were hidden these days and was not properly passed on to next generations.

Certain secrets survived, and one among them is what i am going to reveal now.

In my previous post, i mentioned about wearing new dress on certain constellations which will enhance health. This is a similar kind of secret. There is a particular constellation, on wearing new dress on the day of that constellation for 3 months, the couple will be blessed by a masculine child. Even, for childless couple, when they practice wearing new dress on this constellation day, they will give birth to a male child. Now, lets see the constellation name and its significance.

The constellation name is  Uttarabhadrapadha (Hindi) , Uttratadhi(Tamil) or Pegasi and Andremade 4(English)

Uttarbhadra  is a constellation of planet Sun, Sun is a Masculine Planet and the supreme planet in zodiac, and is denoted as the life giver or source of all living beings. Wear new dresses on day having this constellation for three months and see yourself the results.

This constellation comes once in a month. As 27 constellations for 27 days, and for rest of the  three days it repeats.


  1. sir,
    i heard that RAHU and KETHU changing houses after one and half year….. we wil be very happy if u write an article on that
    Thanking u sir

  2. Sir,

    I tried to look up the delta sagittarius constellation for this month but could not find it; I went on the Panchang website also. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

  3. A reminder again, Sarvana – I need to contact you for a professional consultation. Kindly let me know via email, the sooner the better for me. Thank you.

  4. Hello Sir,

    The service you provide is absolutely wonderful, and I pray for joy and abundance for you. As there is a “method” for a baby boy, is there also one to give birth to a baby girl? Thank you, Simone

    • Yes, there is a method too. If a couple has sexual union on a day having constellation of Venus, and also during hour of Venus on that particular day, then the chances are very high that the conceived baby will be female child.

  5. sir,
    ur posts are rlly wonderul and gr8 . but can you please tell me how to find the dates of delta sagittarius constellation i would b obliged .

    thnkin u

  6. sir.
    your posts are wonderful and gr8 but sir is der a method to knw whn the delta saggitarius constellation is formed pls sir if u help i wd b obliged

    thnking u

  7. Dear Readers,

    I feel to share with you this too with you all….

    Here is the result who wearing new clothes in 27 constellations

    1 Ashvini Plenty of good clothes
    2 Bharani Theft of clothes
    3 Krttika Burning of clothes
    4 Rohini Achievement of objects (or Wealth)
    5 Mrigashira Troubles from rats
    6 Ardra Death
    7 Punarvasu Auspicious things
    8 Pushya Influx of wealth
    9 Ashlesha Destruction of cloths
    10 Magha Death
    11 Purva Phalguni Troubles from King / Govt.
    12 Uttara Phalguni Gain of Money
    13 Hasta Success of undertakings
    14 Chitra Auspicious functions
    15 Svati Good food
    16 Vishakha Popularity
    17 Anuradha Meeting of friends
    18 Jyeshtha Loss of cloths
    19 Mula Loss of the same in water
    20 Purva Ashadha Disease
    21 Uttara Ashadha Sumptuous feast
    22 Shravana Eye-Disease
    23 Dhanistha Gain of corn
    24 Shatabhisha Great danger from poison
    25 Purva Bhadrapada Danger though water
    26 Uttara Bhadrapada Birth of son
    27 Revati Gain of valuable stones

    AK Sentil


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