7,8,9 – The Highest Realm of Spirituality


7,8,9 – The Number Of Spiritual Awakenings

I have already said about the spiritual significance of number 7 in my previous post. This may well be the second addition of that post.  Many people ask me ” What is the best number for number 7 born  or life path people? Why don’t you give name numbers for 7 borns? Why there is very limited choice for 7 borns? ”  Learn about the number of Spiritual Awakenings

Unlike other numbers, number 7,8, and 9 belong to higher planes of spirituality. These people are sitting comfortably in a very higher evolved spiritual plane in their birth itself. Every number from 1 to 9 represents each planes of spirituality. Thus 1 represents ego and creation (Self or Soul) and 9 represents ultimate transformation of body and mind(Selfless).

These three numbers exhibit spirituality in their own ways,  but number 7  is the beginning of this higher realms. Both 7 and 9 are the poles of spirituality like north pole and south pole. The beginning and the end of spiritual quest. But number 8 is the middle plane of this two. It would be amazing to know that “EARTH”  values number 17 (8) and “HEAVEN” values number 27 (9). Heaven is nothing but the final destination of soul (19 =1) or spirit (19=1). It is evident that earth (8) is like a battle field or middle field which has to successfully fought to travel further to realm of 9. Thus number 8 represents losses, dangers, sacrifice, violence, karma, temptations and all that are to be transformed, renounced and forfeited.

The constant mystery is number 7, as we know our present destination and future destination, but we don’t know from where we came from, the origin which lead to 8 (Earth). This mystery is number 7. The beginning of super consciousness. The life of 7 ,8, and 9 born people will be fascinating to analyze. A 7 born has in born spiritual powers which he does not know what to do. Whereas a 8 born knows the secret key (Wisdom) to enter the gates to heaven but he is constantly fighting himself to relieve himself from worldly desires or sorrows. A 9 born who is actually supremely evolved at birth itself is simply busy influencing other two numbers. Now, these are the scenarios of mankind in earth.

Natural Born Spiritual Masters

Lets consider 7 born here, these people are mostly born spiritual masters. They possess immense super natural powers who can perform magical acts, it can be any field like in music or arts or religion or anything. Spirituality does not confine only to religion, spirituality means wholeness. A 7 born can be Jesus Christ, Krishna, Jackie Chan, James Cameron or any common man. All these people possess great talents in their respective field who gives out their spiritual powers to the mankind.

In specific, 7 born people like 7,16, and 25 belong to public than an individual. They are a asset to humanity, who belongs to everyone and a single person cannot possess or restrict them. Thus most of the 7 borns have a bitter marriage life as they will not be in a position to be dominated or possessed by an individual. They want to  their talents/powers/wisdom to benefit entire humanity. They start the initiation process for other people to attain the highest realm of soul.

This initiation can be done  in the form of religious practices or in the form of Dance or Music or any forms which appeals to an individual.  But the masters of initiation will be a 7 born. Only a 7 born can be an authentic guru who can start the initiation. Most spiritual gurus, sages, yogis who spread their lineage to humanity can be seen in number 7 . Highly evolved spiritual gurus other than 7 borns are also present but they either live in seclusion or choose not to communicate with worldly life, but the authority to spread the fruit of their gift is given only to number 7 borns.

Out of number 16,7  and 25. Number 25 is the most spiritually acclaimed number. The most authentic and highly evolved persons. Who stand by truth and live truth as it is. Thus these people also run high risk of failure in marriage, as one basically should be good in art of lying or acting to have a successful marriage life. Which a 25 born person cannot do at any cost. Hence, they focus all their energies and powers for the welfare of the humanity rather than living a unreal life. They are rebellious and original. Only very few choices are there for naming a person born on 7,8, or 9 series. For 8 born its number 5, for 7 born its number 9, and for 9 born its number 9 alone. These are name numbers which will enable them to complete their spiritual journey without any struggles.


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am requesting you to suggest a name for my male baby born on 05-11-2009 at 11.05pm his fadic number is 9, my husband & myself searching the best & suitable name for my son.

    calling name

    1. Vaishnav

    2. Vaibhav

    3. Pranav

    4. Vishal

    written name

    1. R.S.Vaishnav

    2. R.S.Vaibhav

    3. R.S.Pranav

    4. R.S.Vishal

    I hope that you will definetly suggest a best name for my son which matches both for calling & written and which will give him very good benefits & success in his life.

  2. Hello Sir,
    My male baby DOB is 05-11-2009 and his fadic number is 9 & birth date is 5. So me & my husband selected his name as R.S.VYSHNAV, Please suggest us that it suits him so that his life will good & success.

    Calling name VYSHNAV
    Writing name R.S.VYSHNAV

    Hope you will reply.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am requesting you to suggest a name for my girl baby born on 12/29/2009 at 17:05 p.m. i want you to analyse the best and suitable names
    writtern name
    1. Srinidhi
    2. Sreenidhi
    3. Srinithi
    4. Sreenithi

    Calling name

  4. Hello sir,
    my male baby DOB 05-11-2009 me & my husband selected his name as R.S.VYSHNAV,Please suggest us that it suits him.

    Calling name VYSHNAV
    Writing name R.S.VYSHNAV

    Sir please we waiting for ur reply last 2 months

  5. Hello sir,
    my male baby DOB 05-11-2009 time 11.05 PM me & my husband selected his name as R.S.VYSHNAV,Please suggest us that it suits him.

    Calling name VYSHNAV
    Writing name R.S.VYSHNAV

    Sir please we waiting for ur reply last 2 months

  6. my nephew date of birth 25-2-1997..is named kartekey srivastava..the fact that his name totals to 46 is very encouraging but u say his name total shud be 9 ..that cud be 45..what does this number mean independently..please tell me

  7. Hello Sarvana,

    Not sure if this is the right place to write about this….I wanted to ask about your thoughts on people seeing recurring numbers like 111, 222, 888, etc and also lot of people are known to frequently see 911. The purpose why we tend to sight these numbers at the precise time or on another vehicle overtaking ours is still not clear. I tend to have such synchronous experiences time and again and from what I know, many people do. Is this connected to numerology or is this some kind of a sign? Do you understand what this phenomenon is all about?


    • Such phenomenon are psychic in nature, they are indications of an event to happen for the person in question, mostly such numbers signify the current planetary hour, and as a result, the effect of the planet lord to that person in the given period. Its the way of nature to alert man through numerical symbols .

  8. Hi
    my date of birth is 25/12/1969 20:20 pm
    my lifepath no is 8 and birth no is 7. What number my name should spell to? is it 5 or 9 ?


  9. Dear Sir,

    Fascinating to read your articles. Is there anything known as Master Numbers and does 33 fall into this category. My DOB is May 8, 1982 = 33/6
    What would be your outlook towards this lifepath and birth day number?
    thanks and regards,

  10. Hello sir
    I am born on 14th july 1984 .
    my name is Radha s nair . it comes to number 25. is it good for me. Which number do u suggest which is suitable for me while considering my name or calling name

  11. Hi in advanced thank you for taking the time to reply. iwas borm 5/25/1982 my life path is 5 my name number comes to 11. I feel like I have terrible luck these past 2 years have been life changing, I see what you say about 7 borns and relationships and it’s very true I’ve never been married and relationships are very disapointing for me yet on some level I always want them to end. I feel like I’v had bad luck with work and money and always feel cofused about everything in my life. Please suggest a name number best for me. Thank you.

  12. Hi,
    My life path number is 9 and my name number counts to 9.
    Is this combination good. Please give your views about this.

    Thank you,

  13. So those gurus that appeared to be fully liberated yet were on the lower planes as you put it i.e. say 1,2,3 borns and/or 1,2,3 life paths etc will need to come back and put in a stint at a higher plane before truly ascending?


  14. I’m an 8&7 (8-8-1989) born with name number 23. From the very beginning I’ve always been spiritually oriented in spite of material success and my name number has always brought me success provided I aim high and work with hard discipline. Can you tell me if my life is overall destined for spirituality & God realization?


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