Fortune Tellers: Future Predictions


Fortune tellers are not quite the same as psychics. Where many pop culture ideas of psychic phenomena, such as hypnosis, are quite ridiculous, the mysterious fortune teller with her dramatics and flair isn’t that far off of the real thing. While fortune-telling is, in theory, the same as any other divination, those who call themselves fortune-tellers are most often just those who are not as skilled at the art and most often will perform at telling the future for others. And where many psychics prefer to stick to less radical forms of divination, a fortune teller is a bit more free to indulge in some of the far more rare and less ‘normal’ arts. A psychic, for example, may use astrology, or pendulums or tarot cards, while a fortune teller, for the sake of the ‘show’ may use augury (watching the flight patterns of birds), ceromancy (seeing patterns in dripped candle wax), or even gelomancy (divining the future from someone’s laughter).  Learn more about Psychics here:

Fortune Tellers vs Psychics

When you’re out looking for a good psychic, you want to be wary that you’re not being courted by a fortune teller. There are some distinct differences and they are important if you want your reading to be accurate and useful. Remember a psychic or psychic medium is more than just someone who happens to close their eyes or gaze into a crystal ball and give a 100% accurate prediction of the future. Furthermore, it’s important to understand, and a good psychic will be sure to tell you, that just because they see something happen in your future it doesn’t mean that that event is absolutely going to pass. Instead, it means that if you continue down the path you are on, it is very likely to happen.

Cons of Fortune Telling

The first thing to look out for is that a fortune teller will probably have a big ‘ego’. They’ll talk about being able to tell you your past, present and your future. Plus, a psychic will always be sure to tell you possibilities, but a fortune teller may make a prediction of unavoidable disaster that might happen! To avoid this horrible happenstance they assure you that you will need their services! They are the only one that will be able to help you make the right choices and avoid this horrible fate! A real psychic or psychic medium will not try to make you feel dependent. Your money is nice, but for a psychic, putting good thoughts out into the world is more important that terrifying someone into giving them money. You’ll also want to avoid ‘fortune tellers’ that put out a lot of negativity. They may talk about their other clients by name, they may try to force or guilt you into making a decision that they feel is right. They might also put down other psychics or other forms of divination other than the method they prefer. This kind of negativity is just harmful. It doesn’t help you, it just serves to further their own ends.

A real psychic will not try to force you to believe in a certain set of beliefs, convince you that your fate is unavoidable, insist that they cannot be wrong, and try to tell you only what they want to hear. Fortune tellers are, more often than not, out for money and a quick visit.


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