Heart Line Palmistry – Interpreting your Love Life


Heart line palmistry is palmistry that is focused on the heart line and what it means. The heart line is the deep line that curves along the top of the palm beneath the fingers, it is also known as the love line. In general it starts from the edge of the palm beneath the little finger and runs, curving upwards, till it terminates beneath the middle finger or between the middle and index fingers. This line is important because it shows the matters of the heart and what you can expect to experience in your lifetime. Most people are concerned with falling in love and getting married and so heart line palmistry seeks to answer those questions for people.

Signs of a good Heart Line

A good heart line is deep and clear, unbroken and curved without branches or any other markers. Ideally it will end between the index and middle fingers with two or three branches where it terminates to show that you have lots of friends and loved ones when you pass away. But what does it mean when there are other characteristics to your heart line? No one is perfect and an ideal heart line is something that is rarely seen. If your heart line is short, barely extending to the middle finger it’s a warning that you tend to be a bit selfish and impulsive, acting without considering consequences for others around you. If your heart line is very long, stretching from one edge of the palm to the other, then you are to strict and hard-nosed and this makes you difficult to get along with. In both cases, people with short or very long heart lines will struggle to find lasting, happy relationships.

Having a gently curved heart line is a positive, however you want your heart line to curve upwards or be straight. If your heart line curves in a downward slope then you have a tendency towards negativity which can make you reluctant to express how you feel to others and that, in turn, makes them feel insecure with you.

Heart Line Branches and Forks

Branches and forks are other important markers to consider when looking at your heart line. Spliting at the end of the heart line indicates a willingness to sacrifice for love and a trident at the end indicates a broader love of mankind. Branches near the start of your heart line show that you have lots of love to give, and any upward branches along the line are signs of love that you can expect to see in your life while downward branches indicate moments of heartbreak. If you have islands in your heart line beware, these represent moments of emotional distress or big changes in your life and a broken heart line can indicate a huge emotional set-back in your life.

Be careful that you don’t take heart line palmistry as absolute. First off, the length of your heart line shows major events over your entire life, not just a small portion of it. And no form of divination is absolutely going to happen the way it appears. Heart line palmistry, like any form of divination, is just a tool to be used to help you figure out what to expect up ahead and to give you a heads up explaining the sort of personality you are and how others may perceive you.


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