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Uranus – The inventor, explorer, game changer or revolutionary or the one who brings mass reformation, call it anyway, but its the single most important planet in this age of universe. Number of Uranus is 4, but it is not 4 alone. Now, traditional numerology system allocates number from 1 to 9 to corresponding nine planets. Where 4 and 7 being Uranus and Neptune respectively. But mere planetary knowledge is not enough to dwell deep into the science of numerology. We must analyze the structure of our solar system, then the age of the universe corresponding to our solar system, and further the zodiacal age that is ruling the earth. Now, all these factors combine together determine the course of life in earth as well as the quality of the human species, its karmic factors and the evolutionary pattern.

Before learning about the significance of planet Uranus, resting our amazement for a while, let us recap the origin and age of universe as told by the greatest saints of our times. Now, this knowledge is not affirmed by one person, whereas it is acknowledged by various saints of different age from different countries and race.

The Universe of Beyond & the Number of Uranus

The center of Universe is called Meru or Sumeru (in buddhist terms) Meru is the point of establishment of seven spiritual planes or worlds that exist in our universe.  The distance between meru and earth is 1 billion miles, The area covering the four directions of meru is 400 billion miles. From earth to top of 1.5 million miles lies a plane which composes of various gases that causes formation of clouds in earth as result of friction between fire and gas/thereby acting as a important agent for living beings in earth to survive.

In this vast universe, life species in our solar system is governed by agents called planets. The nine planets and twenty seven constellations within the orbit influences the life of beings as per their individual karmic actions. In every age (Zodiacal Age) and planetary year, the evolution and karmic cycle of living beings are experienced according to the nature of the governing planet. Thus, the pattern, life style existed in Piscean age might not be prevalent in Aquarian age. Hence, its imperative that we know the outcome of this Aquarian age and our individual responsibilities in accordance to this age based on what we understand from the knowledge on this page here:

For a human being to ascend into higher spiritual planes in our universe, an external agent plays the critical role in the attainment. The external agent is nothing but a planet of that particular age. The rays or grace as you may call is received by us from Uranus in this age. From Aquarian age onward, great saints or yogis or siddhas who attain samadhi become one with Uranus, and thus send their energies to human beings who are on the same path of attainment.

Generally, without the help of a previous master’s energies one cannot experience enlightenment. Thus, the very process of enlightenment or samadhi is initiated by the masters who have merged with the planet. This energy is requested by the living guru or master of the disciple to whom samadhi has to be bestowed.

In ancient hindu scriptures, planet jupiter is termed as Guru or The One who gives enlightenment. Why did they term jupiter as Guru? and why not Saturn? Saturn is the most spiritual planet of all. then why it was not given status of guru?

The reason is because, Piscean age lasted till 20th century, and from then onward Aquarian age started. Piscean age lasted for more than 3000 years, and all saints and holy men born in that time period knew that Jupiter was the planet of salvation, hence they glorified Jupiter in astrology. But the concept will not hold good now, as with aquarian age, it is Uranus the most significant planet of everyone’s life. One should seriously analyze placement of Uranus and its sign to discover the path of highest spirituality.

We all know that advent of Aquarian age has created wide spread Aquarian events like anti corruption fights, revolution, liberation, freedom of speech, free spiritedness, religious introspection, scientific advancement, astronomical discoveries, and most of all let us know that computer are symbolic representation of the Number of Uranus. The very discovery of internet is Uranian in nature.

In this aquarian age, it is through sharing of knowledge, openness, service of humanity, one can reach the higher spiritual realms. Gone are the days of Jupiter which accounts for clandestine protection of sacred texts and practices. Uranus will reveal all mysteries of universe and there will be virtually nothing unknown to man by end of Aquarian age. All will be revealed. So it is collective effort by one to help and care for humanity that matters most. But this is also the age where false prophets, liars, false redeemers will be prominent. Truth will be extremely difficult to find, it will be like a drop in ocean, such will be the depths of false information and knowledge propounded by men. To differentiate truth from untruth is the challenge of this age.


  1. i know there is a common misconception that if a 8 born has mercury in a malefic state (based on his ascendant) then he should not have number 5 in name. but this is false, reason is your natal chart is just the position of planets when you were born, a balance sheet of your lives upto date, a malefic is not necessarily a malefic, its only malefic for some state of affairs. and for 8 born, mercury alone can enlighten them, whether its malefic or benefic in chart.


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