Numerology Analysis of Britney Spears


Britney Spears has been the most searched results in the web for many years,  though she may not be as wanted by the Gen Y of this age, she is indeed a pop icon who once ruled the pop world. We can unearth the magical numbers which played vital for her success in the field of music and entertainment.  Let’s break down the numerology of Britney Spears.

Britney Spears born on December 2nd 1981, thus making her a numerology number 2 born with destiny number as 6 in numerology. Likewise, its clear that the reason for her inclination towards music and entertainment is due to her presence of number 6. A strong Venus as destiny number creates strong creative and musical talents. But a mere position of Venus as destiny number alone will not help a person to achieve their dreams and goals. There are many person who wants to become an actor or musician, for all these people we can see the presence of number 6 either in birth date of in life path (destiny number).

Numerology of Britney Spears

In numerology, to achieve ones goals and realize their dreams, a person needs a good name to make that come true. Some times even hard work doesn’t help, and one needs the help from cosmos and this is what numbers can do.

In case of Britney Spears, her name was a symbol of music and movies according to numerology. Britney Spears comes to 42. I have given a glimpses about this number in my previous post about Numerology and Actors. Number 42 in numerology is a tailor made number to become musicians, actors and artists. With both name and life path as 6, it creates an extraordinary life for that person with tremendous fame, popularity, and also controversies.

Britney born on 2nd makes her little unfortunate in terms of relationship, with 6 as life path one has the independent and bossy attitude when it comes to marriage, and the birth date as 2 complicates things as its an emotional number with fluctuations in decisions and unsteady mind. Number 2 attributes to raw creativity, but sometimes over imagination or creativity makes them obsessed with their work and make them to miss the simple things in life.

Also in case of Britney, with lifepath and name as 6, she s more volatile when it comes to health, and also makes the person to get habituated to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or other drugs. This combination is a serious threat to health even though it promises abundance fame and wealth.

We will see more about the number 42 with some examples of great names in the world.


  1. I'M 42 TOO!!!! Like MICHAEL JACKSON! I was born on 19th September, 1985. And the true is I love acting and music!!!

  2. Dear Sir Astronlogia,

    My dad birth number is 28-04-1954
    His name is RAMAN
    His life path number is 6 too. What’s your opinion about him and if there is suggestions on his name number, which would be the strongest?

  3. Dear Sir
    My daughter’s DOB is 20/06/2006. Her name is R.Rifa Zubeidaa. She is very adamant and delay in speech. Kindly suggest.

  4. Astronlogia! Will You Please PLEASE Please do a post about all of the number Elevens. My full name is a 56 and I would love to know more in depth about it. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  5. I wanted to ask if you can tell me how to add up to get the life path because i read somewhere in a chaldean numerology book that to get the lifepath you only add the date and the month of birth i was wondering if that is true or not thank you for your time.

  6. I would like to point out that Britney’s birth day (2) is the most common birth day number for musicians, whether it is 11/2 or 20/2 or 29/11/2. Michael Jackson was born on the 29/2. The number 2 is very creative, not exclusively musical, but with a strong attraction for music. Her name Britney also gives 20/2, so she is doing what destiny called her to do, even if her voice is not particularly well developed (for a singer, I mean).

  7.  Birth name doesn’t matter. What matters is the name they use everywhere. She uses Britney Spears.


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