Numbers to avoid for Life Path 6 born.


For every series of numbers, there is a particular number series one has to avoid. People born on number 6, 15 and 24 should avoid having name numbers in 4 and 7. This goes specially for person with life path 6. With life path 6, the life’s purpose predominantly revolves around manifestation of soul’s material desires, worldly pleasures, consumption of earthly delights and creative power.

Number 4 and 7 creates extremely contradicting experiences for 6 born people. Consider name number; as we know its a heavy karmic number for person born on 17,26 and 8, not allowing them to swim against the tide of destiny. Whereas for 6 borns, it is the ultimate dispositor of material pleasures. In fact, number 4 can prompt a person to over indulge in material pleasures constantly keeping them at bay from realizing the true nature of things. A point may arrive, where the rejoice of material and worldly pleasures ultimately result in utter sorrow and disdain. The illusionary number 4 compliments the worldly number 6. World’s renowned philosophers who have questioned the fundamental existence of moralist theory have a strong presence of Rahu-Venus in their birth chart. Lets say, it gave rise to the birth of Nihilism and Hedonism.

On the contrary, name number 7 along with birth or life path 6 causes manic struggle between walking on the path of righteousness and hedonism. Unlike number 4, number 7 dominates the quest for seeking eternal truth, and hence mentally negates ones genuine worldly desires ! The worst affected area is ones marital and relationships, as number 7 by its very essence is anti to anything that is born out of social convention. Institution such as marriages and even love relationships can take a bolt as the person is constantly reminded of the impermanence of worldly pursuits, thus causing a tug of war between wisdom and desire.

Apart from number 7 and 4, name number 9 can also be avoided for 6 borns. A martian number can certainly bestow status, name and fame; however, the presence of mars can cause multiple love affairs and relationships and possibly loss of honor due to such clandestine affairs. We hope that this helps you know Numbers to avoid for Life Path 6 to have a healthier, more prosperous life.


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