Meaning of Zero in Numerology


What is the Meaning of Zero in Numerology?

The European number system is denoted by numbers ranging from 0 to 9. However, it has to be noted that the current system that is widely practiced is borrowed from Hindu-Arabic numerical system. Mathematically speaking, zero is the absence of any number or valueless entity which makes the meaning of zero in Numerology particularly interesting. Anything added to 0 becomes a value, whether its positive or negative. Zero by itself, remains valueless or void or null by definition. However, only very few philosophers  and scientists have looked beyond the scientific application of number 0. What is the need to have something like 0? Early western civilization questioned the use of number 0 and abstained from using it. But the perception changed by Neo-Platonist philosophers who deeply expounded the origin and mysticism of number 0.

The origin of zero is traced to Indian civilization, the Sanskrit word Shunya means 0. Shunya here means void or nothingness. It does not necessarily have to equated with material nothingness. If you look at the order of numbers in Indian system, it starts with 0 and ends with 9 (the current European system is adaptation of this one) The meaning of this numerical system resonates with the Hindu cosmology, that out of nothingness (void) everything is born. Zero is a spiritual metaphor to The One or The Supreme Being or The Unmanifested or The one without beginning or the end, as the symbol of 0 is like an eternal cycle without start or the end. From the womb of the void (0) comes the creative power 1, the source of life of all beings, the creator of souls. From 1, the causal action 2 is born(the mind) and so on. Hence, number 0 and 1 are considered the foremost in both number system as well in numerology.

It only makes sense, as number 1 signifies the planet Sun, as Sun is the source of life of all beings in our world. Number 1 signifies the first soul, the dawn of existence (manifestation). In numerology, there are only 10 numbers. From 1, the dawn of manifestation to 10, the merge of individual soul to the ultimate reality (Grand Void). rest of the numbers are just extensions or manifestations of these 10 energies to empower us to participate in this grand play (A cosmic play ! ) Its not just the binary digits 0 and 1 that rule this world, our own body’s neural system is ruled by two forces 0 and 1 (Cosmic Soul and Individual Soul), the interplay of these two forces drives our destiny according to our own actions.


  1. is it lucky to have my third and fourth life challenge numbers #0. The first two challenge numbers we’re 4. If you could direct light and help me understand my potential to grow further it would be cool 😛


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