Numerology Marriage Compatibility


Numerology marriage compatibility for happy couples is determined by looking at the five core numbers in numerology: your birthday number, your life path number, your expression or destiny number, your heart’s desire number and your maturity number. The compatibility of each of these numbers is used by a marriage numerology compatibility calculator to determine just how successful you and your partner will be in different areas of life and marriage as well as the overall success of your marriage.

Numerology Marriage Compatibility

Numerology compatibility tests for marriage look at the destiny or expression number compatibility first. As one of the two most important of the five core numbers having excellent compatibility here is important. Your destiny numbers cover what is most important to you and your partner. It looks at what your goals are in life and what makes you happiest. If these goals and desires are too far apart from one another then you will not have high compatibility and your relationship may suffer because you are both moving in opposite directions or one partner is giving up what matters to them in order to make the other partner happy. For example, you will not likely have a successful relationship if one of you is career focused and is willing to put their career ahead of everything and the other wants a family that’s home every night.

Your life path number is the second number that a numerology compatibility test for marriage will look at. Your life path number is the number that shows what your goal or purpose here is on earth. No relationship can be truly successful if the partners are pulling away or against one another because of their purpose. You want to know that you are both working together towards meeting your cosmic goals that, even if they are different, are complimentary. This allows you both to support and encourage one another.

Most numerology marriage compatibility calculators then lump the remaining three core numbers and their comparisons together and look at how they average out. Your birthday number expresses a unique talent you have that helps with your life path. Your personality number tells you what impression you give to other people, and your soul urge number helps you understand why you do what you do and make the decisions you make. While these are certainly useful to know when it comes to marriage compatibility, they have less influence over whether or not a relationship will be successful than your destiny and life path numbers. Knowing how your partner will first perceive you can help eliminate nervousness and anxiety; having a grasp of what your special talents are gives self-confidence. If you know your soul urge number, and that of your partner, you can help to diffuse arguments when they crop up. As long as you both stay aware of how the other operates you can eliminate hurt feelings and open up pathways for strong communication and support; these are the keys to making any marriage successful anyway.


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