Healing Spells


A healing spell is a spell that is cast to heal physical, emotional or even spiritual pain. It can be cast on yourself or on others, however if you cast it on someone else make sure you inform them beforehand. Healing spells work best when the person casting the spells has a holistic understanding of the body – a holistic understanding of the body means knowing and understanding how each part of what makes us human is connected. Holistic medicine seeks to treat, not just the symptoms of disease, but the underlying causes whether they be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. When we suffer from a mental illness, often times the symptoms manifest themselves physically in our body. Likewise, many holistic healers believe that all illness is a sign of imbalance in the body and seek to heal the imbalance rather than just treat the immediate symptoms as much of modern medicine does.

Healing Spells

Holistic Approach to Healing Spells

It is important to note that even if you are taking a holistic approach to healing there is a time when seeking professional medical care is important. Do not seek to replace professional medical attention with healing spells and herbal remedies! Many spells and practices can be used in conjunction with prescription medication and may help your body be more responsive to these methods of healing.

Healing spells are not limited to acute healing spells. They cover a broad range of topics including self-healing for different kinds of addiction, for helping to re-balance your energy, and for positivity of mind and spirit.

Healing an Injury

If you are trying to heal an acute injury, focus on the area of pain and visualize the pain fading away as you chant a healing spell. If you are trying to heal another person, visualize the other person in your mind. As you hold the image of them, draw a banishing pentagram in the air while casting your spell that banishes negativity and sickness from them.

Happiness Spells

For more intense spells that provide a general benefit, try a happiness bath spell. Begin by selecting a colored candle such as a yellow, blue or orange candle as these colors are happiness based, and draw your bath. While the tub is filling, add Epsom salts, jasmine and rose petals, and some lavender essential oils. When it is ready, climb into the bath and spend a few moments meditating until you are fully relaxed. Light your candle when you are ready and say a healing spell that invokes the goddess and invites healing and happiness into your life while releasing negativity and fear. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the bath. The healing energy of the water will invigorate and cleanse you. When you’re through, simply unplug the drain and let the water carry all your negativity away. If you would like to, and it is safe to do so, allow the candle to continue burning until it burns out.

Not all spells for healing are based around people or animals. Some healing may be required for a space that has seen too much negative energy. This sort of ritual is similar to a cleansing to release negativity or trapped spirits and works to bring positivity and light back into a place that has been trapped in the darkness.


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