Queen of Wands


Seated upon her throne, the sunflower in her left hand a perfect representation of those carved in her throne, and the blossoming wand in her right, the Queen of Wands is a symbol of confidence, self-assurance, passion and determination, charisma and optimism. She draws people to her with her warmth and charm. However, like the black cat hiding beneath her throne, there is a darker side to her; a side of intuition and the lesser known self. On it’s surface the Queen of Wands’ meaning is one of focus and passion. Drawing a Queen of Wands tarot card can signify a person in your life, even yourself, that is a courageous individual, unwilling to change who they are even when it means others may accuse them of being self-centered. This is a person who is always willing to be by the side of those they love and will defend them fiercely.

Queen of Wands

In love, the Queen of Wands is someone who will always choose to be herself over forcing herself into the mold of someone else’s perceptions. If you are in a relationship she is telling you to be yourself; be open and honest. Your relationship will benefit from this frankness and you and your partner can grow closer together because of it. In your career, as in your personal life, she is a sign that you are the right person to lead and mentor others. You may already even be in this position and right now the stars are aligned for you to push forward in a meaningful and positive way not just for your career but those around you as well. When it comes to finances, she is telling you that you’re in a good place but not to lose your head no matter how fun a shopping spree sounds. You can spend a little more during this time and enjoy it, but keep a level head.


When the Queen of Wands is reversed she is warning you that you may be falling on the side of self-centered rather than being self-assured. It may be time to reassess your relationships and make sure that you’re not heartlessly putting your needs above the needs of those in your life. If you find that you’ve become neglectful don’t beat yourself up. Just reconnect with your partner, be gentle to yourself, willing to listen to their hurts, and ready to tackle any feelings of insecurity that you both may have so that you can grow forward.

If you’re doing a career reading and the Queen of Wands tarot card appears reversed it’s a sign that you’re not very enthusiastic about your career. It’s time to try and remember what got you into this job in the first place, find things about the job you still enjoy and work hard at focusing on those things. By keeping your attention on the good rather than the bad you’ll push through this phase of fickleness more quickly and get yourself back onto the road to success.


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