Fortune Teller Balls


Fortune teller’s crystal balls are a well-known part of the myth and mystery around divination. The idea of a magic crystal ball conjures up images of a hunched old woman, hair tied back in a brightly colored bandanna and a lace shawl draped over her shoulders. She sits at a table, a large crystal orb in the center held in place by a small wooden stand, a tablecloth covers the table but it is off center. Tarot cards, beads and small stones with runes are scattered across the table surface. The fortune teller’s eyes are closed, her hands move around the orb as she hums or mutters to herself. It’s the stuff of film and legend and sadly has little bearing on how magic crystal balls actually work.

Fortune Teller Balls

Crystal gazing is the form of divination that uses magic fortune telling crystal balls to make predictions. These balls can be made out of quartz gemstones or lead cut crystal. If the fortune telling ball is made out of gemstones like quartz then the natural occlusions and variations in color are acceptable because this is natural stone. If you choose to purchase a lead cut crystal orb then you want one that is perfectly smooth with no distinctive markings across the surface. Avoid getting a crystal ball that is too big – pick something that is between two and five inches. You want to make sure your orb is perfectly round as well, don’t get one with a flattened bottom. Instead you’ll want to get a stand.

Learning how magic crystal balls work is easy, but getting predictions from fortune telling balls requires patience and practice. Crystal gazing is felt by many to be a form of self-hypnosis and requires quiet and meditation, often in a dimly lit room. You can even use incense if you like to help settle your mind into the right state. Gazing at the reflective surface of the crystal ball you will want to open your heart and mind to your intuition and allow your mind to focus on the question your spirit wants answered. Clear your mind of any expectations – you must be an empty vessel ready to receive the answers.

A key point in understanding how magic crystal balls work is to understand that the magic ball isn’t revealing anything for you. Instead it’s more like a television screen for your mind. As you focus deep within the orb you will have the answers revealed to you by your higher self or another spiritual connection. Some people will see the orb fill with a mist and consider this the connection or opening door that allows them to see the visions that are coming. The key is to remain relaxed and receptive, open to whatever the spirit realm is ready to share with you. Likewise, don’t try to make sense of what you’re seeing while the images are being revealed to you. Let the images flow; you’ll have time to examine them when the reading is over.

Remember, using a crystal ball to tell fortunes requires practice to get your mind and body into a place where they can connect to the spirit world and receive messages. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not successful the first few times you try.


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