Cartomancy and Divination: The Future Through Cards


Cartomancy is the divination art of using regular playing cards to tell the future. It is similar to tarot, in fact tarot’s roots are grounded in cartomancy, but a bit simpler and a little different. There are four main spreads used in cartomancy. The single card is used for quick answers, the three card spread is used to look at the past, present and future of the querent, the nine card spread looks at the past, present and layers of the future, and the twenty-one card spread, also known as the Gypsy Spider Web looks at everything.

Cartomancy and Divination: The Future Through Cards

Each of the suits in the traditional deck of cards is focused on a particular area of life. Hearts are focused on issues regarding emotion and the home. Diamonds are focused on work and life outside the home. Clubs are focused on money and finance, while the spades suggest roadblocks and difficulties in your life. Before you continue, make sure you have a firm grasp of Tarot as a whole before learning each individual card. The knowledge you are about to learn can be powerful with a strong foundation in the basics of Tarot. Visit this part of our website to start out:

Card Meanings According to Cartomancy:

  • Ace of Hearts: Known as the Homemaker, it represents a desire for affection or love
  • Ace of Clubs: The Communicator represents a strong desire for knowledge and a coming message.
  • Ace of Diamonds: This card is known as the Ally and represents positive unions.
  • Ace of Spades: This is the card of Changes, it represents endings and new beginnings.
  • Two of Hearts: Known as the Companion, this card emphasizes home and family.
  • Two of Clubs: The Talker is the card of establishing new communication.
  • Two of Diamonds: The Investor signifies and invitation to go out and good financial news.
  • Two of Spades: The False Friend is a challenging card that tells you that you need others and are afraid of being alone but can’t let your needs outweigh your common sense.
  • Three of Hearts: The Player means you are experiencing indecision in love and affection.
  • Three of Clubs: The Fighter indicates creativity, but also worry and mental stress.
  • Three of Diamonds: The Confronter is a card of indecision regarding finances that may lead to quarrels.
  • Three of Spades: The Worrier indicates fear, indecision and stress as well as troubling news.
  • Four of Hearts: The Protector indicates that you feel protected and secured in your marriage, relationship and family.
  • Four of Clubs: The Balancer indicates a feeling of mental stability and satisfaction.
  • Four of Diamonds: The Inheritor indicates a solid financial foundation and fiscal responsibility.
  • Four of Spades: The Comforter indicates quick recover from illness, and stability in work and health.
  • Five of Hearts: The Separator represents change in the family and home, very likely a separation, break-up or divorce.
  • Five of Clubs: The Renovator signals a need for change in your life.
  • Five of Diamonds: The Exchanger signifies a need for change in your job or business for better financial growth.
  • Five of Spades: The Breakup Artist means things in your life will be changing and they will probably be big changes.
  • Six of Hearts: The Negotiator indicates compromise in order to bring peace and harmony to the everyday.
  • Six of Clubs: The Prophet indicates that your intuition will be very strong and improvements in your life are coming.
  • Six of Diamonds: The Payer indicates taking responsibility for paying debts, investments, and the need to budget.
  • Six of Spades: The Viewer indicates events that are destined and conflicts that are coming.
  • Seven of Hearts: The Fly-by-Night care represents challenges in your relationships and is often a signifier of coming disappointment.
  • Seven of Clubs: The Prisoner represents a warning of danger or a feeling of confinement.
  • Seven of Diamonds: The Gambler is a warning about money, envy and gossip.
  • Seven of Spades: The Eraser indicates an uncovering of some truth or a removal or loss of some kind.
  • Eight of Hearts: The Social Butterfly indicates positivity in social gatherings such as meeting a new person or a promotion at work.
  • Eight of Clubs: The Fixed Mind indicates stubbornness or a state of confusion.
  • Eight of Diamonds: The Entrepreneur indicates an unexpected financial windfall.
  • Eight of Spades: The Workaholic is a mixed card representing work and health. Time for a vacation.
  • Nine of Hearts: The Wisher often represents the end of a relationship, a wish for deeper relationships with others, and the selfless giving of yourself.
  • Nine of Clubs: The Achiever signifies the completion of your plans and ideas. The end is coming!
  • Nine of Diamonds: The Stimulus Check is a warning to expect to have to make a financial pay out.
  • Nine of Spades: The Downer is a card of loss, disappointment and death, but remember death brings life!
  • Ten of Hearts: The Partier indicates good news and big gatherings of friends, family and loved ones.
  • Ten of Clubs: The Traveler indicates upcoming travel and is a sign of happiness and good fortune.
  • Ten of Diamonds: The Money Tree is the best money card you can get it indicates great financial success.
  • Ten of Spades: The Worrier represents worry and grief as well as health issues and unwelcome news.

Cartomancy Face Cards

  • Jack of Hearts: The Lover indicates a lover, best friend or confidant.
  • Jack of Clubs: The Champion indicates a person who has your best interests at heart.
  • Jack of Diamonds: The Messenger indicates a coming message as well as confusion and anxiety.
  • Jack of Spades: The Trickster is someone who is lazy and may betray you, even though they seem charming.
  • Queen of Hearts: The Goddess of Love indicates marriage and a woman worth loving.
  • Queen of Clubs: The Charmer indicates a woman who has authority an power in your life.
  • Queen of Diamonds: The Gossiper indicates a woman who loves to flirt and gossip but also has a strong sense of responsibility
  • Queen of Spades: The Black Widow is a card warning you that a woman who can be cruel and manipulative is present or coming.
  • King of Hearts: The Saint indicates an influential man who can and will do good things.
  • King of Clubs: The Leader represents a good friend or companion who is highly intuitive and will not compromise on integrity or truth.
  • King of Diamonds: The Provider indicates a successful businessman.
  • King of Spades: The Judge is a man of authority and leadership, sharp and intelligent who may cause problems with relationships.



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