Spiritual Guidance: Your Path in Life


Spiritual guidance is allowing the spirit to help you find the right path to take in your life. There are many different ways to reach out to the spirit world for guidance. You can seek the assistance of a psychic, you can pursue the fortunes of tarot cards, or you can work on establishing your own connection with the spirit guides so that you need not wait until you have time, and money, to seek out the services of someone else!

How Does Spiritual Guidance Work?

There are many different ways that you may receive spiritual guidance. Automatic writing is one of the best ways to try and connect with a spirit guide to receive guidance as it gives you a written record of the information you received that you can look back at over and over again. Automatic writing is also known as inspired writing. When you communicate with the spirit guide using automatic writing you begin with a question that you would like an answer to and then just write out everything that comes into your mind onto a piece of paper. The key is not to try and control or order the thoughts, but to just let them flow onto the paper.

Key: Connect

Connecting to your spirit guide is key to receiving spiritual guidance. Begin opening yourself up to the opportunity to receive guidance by clearing yourself. Meditation style breathing is a good way to begin this. Take steady, calming breaths and let your thoughts go. Relax your body and continue steady, easy breaths. Once you are in a calm, relaxed state, ask the spirit to come to you and help provide you with guidance and healing. After you have done this, it is time to ask your question. You will want to speak your question out loud, while writing it down. Give the spirit time to connect with you and begin answering. Sometimes these answers may seem like they’re simply your own thoughts, but you should write down everything that comes into your mind. If you have more questions, ask them out loud as you write them in the journal. You’ll find that you have begun to have a conversation with something you cannot see, but you know is there guiding you. Always be sure to thank the spirit for their guidance when you are through.

Keep a Journal

Learning to listen to your spirit guide is important and it takes time and practice to be able to quickly and easily connect with a guide and receive spiritual guidance. Don’t get frustrated and give up! You want to continue going back over and over again until you are able to make a strong connection. Further, don’t be committed to receiving information in only one way. The guides know us better than we know ourselves and will reach out to you to give you spiritual guidance in the way you are best able to receive it. Answers may come in the forms of dreams, or feelings of deja vu! Don’t close yourself off to other avenues of communication!

Always keep a journal of your questions, the answers you felt you received, and what outcomes came from the information. Always try to follow the guidance of your guide. This will give you a good measuring stick of whether your communications are genuine. The opposite is also true. Both of these methods help you become more in tune with the voice of your spirit guide and will help you establish an even stronger connection with them.


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