The Path to a Past Life Experience


Everyone has a past life. We are all old souls working through the cycles, being reborn again and again so that our souls can learn, and grow until the moment comes when they are fully realized and evolved and able to begin the path to nirvana. Why can’t we access this information readily? The most commonly believed reason is simply that when we are born and as we develop, our minds are not ready to process this information consciously. We may get hints and whispers of a past existence, but nothing solid until we decide to take our lives into our own hands and learn about our past life.

The Path to a Past Life Experience

What are symptoms of a past life?

There are four common “symptoms” of your past life that may, or may not, happen. Some people experience them frequently, and some may be so spiritually closed off that they never experience them at all.  You can read all about the signs and symptoms of a past life experience here:

Deja vu

That sensation that you’ve done something before? That you’ve been in a place before? That you’ve had that same discussion? These are all signs of a past life whether in the same place or with a new incarnation of an old friend or enemy. You may experience panic attacks in a certain place, or be absolutely positive you’ve met someone you’ve never met before. All of this is your past life coming back to poke you and remind you of what you learned before.

Realistic Dreams

Those dreams that seem so real that you’re actually a part of them? These are echoes of your past life coming out of your subconscious and into your dreaming mind. They may not be completely accurate, or may be a bit shrouded in symbolism and mystery, but it is your mind trying to help you use your past experiences to handle your current life.

Historical Instinct

There may be parts of history that you simply know about. You may feel yourself drawn to certain cultures, having certain likes and dislikes that feel as though they are out of place in the current time. You may have an affinity for certain professions or skills even though you have no experience in them. You might even find you have a flair for other languages! These are all hints at who you were before.

Soul Mates

Souls don’t change, and as we move through our lives it is very likely that we’re moving with a group of other souls. These are our soul mates. When we find them, its as though we’ve known them all our life! It’s simply a form of soul recognition. It is our eternal self recognizing an eternal soul that we have known and had a relationship with for a long, long time.

Past Life Conclusion

Accessing information about your past life is both easy and hard. It requires time and patience, focus and meditation. You must be willing to spend time learning about who you have been in a very busy world. If you are interested in learning about your past life, begin by making a list of places and people that seem familiar even though they shouldn’t. These moments of deja vu are the perfect places to begin working through your history. Settle yourself in a quiet room and settle into meditation, going over in your mind these people and places that are familiar. Let the thoughts come to you on their own, don’t try to force them! You may find that current memories come to the surface, allow them to. Chances are something you’re experiencing now is similar to something you’ve experienced before and this can help you create a connection between this life and a past existence. You’ll know when you’ve connected with a memory from your past self because you will feel in your soul a sense of excitement and awe.


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