Psychic Mediums


Psychic mediums are whose who have taught themselves how to use both their psychic abilities and made themselves open to mediumship as well. They know how to perceive things about their querent using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, as well as be open to receiving information from the spirit world. Being a psychic medium means being open to both options and using both sets of talents to communicate to your querent. Not all Psychic Mediums were born with their abilities, rather have gone down a long and spiritual path to opening their inner mind and tuning into the astral plane.  Check out our Psychic Mediums guides here.

Are You Psychic?

There are a number of signs that you may be a psychic medium and learning them and knowing how to look for them in your life is a good way to determine if you have the ability to become one! Mediumship is not for everyone, and not all psychic mediums will experience all (or sometimes even any) of the following symptoms. Each person is unique and psychic mediums are no exception.

Symptoms of Psychic Mediums

1. After the age of three we often lose our connection to the spirit world. If you saw spirits or angels after the age of three you may still have your connection to the spirit world and with a little help develop your mediumship skills.

2. Your imaginary friend was as real as real could be… to you. You walked with them, carried on conversations, and you know they were there with you even if no one else could see them.

3. You’ve always felt weird, left out, not one of the crowd. You didn’t feel better than others, just different, perhaps as though you walked to the beat of your own drum?

4. Do you see things in your peripheral vision like flashes of light or sparkles? This is clairvoyance, those flashes often could be spirits or visions trying to grab your attention.

5. Do places have feelings to you? When you walk into a cemetery or pass through an area where there has been some sort of trauma do you feel strange? That is clairsentience and is another psychic sense you should work to develop!

6. If you were afraid of the dark as a child, or even as an adult, it is a strong indicator that you are a psychic medium. You are sensing spirits and presences in the darkness and without the tools to understand them, of course you’re frightened!

7. Do you hear voices? Sounds as though people are mumbling in another room? Do you hear music that no one else can hear? Is it all coming from inside your own head? You might be crazy, but chances are you are clairaudient, a psychic skill!

8. Large crowds causing anxiety could be caused by anxiety disorders, but it can also be caused by clairsentience and the need to be in places with low energy since you’re sensitive to high amounts of energy.

9. You understand animals, sometimes people call you the animals whisperer and often times you simply ‘know’ things about people and have no idea how you know them.

10. People are always coming to you for advice because hey, your advice is the best. You’re able to sense what the right answer is to their problem and word it in a way that helps them tackle the problem head on and succeed.


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