The number two in Numerology is considered to be the most feminine of all the numbers and its strength and power are often underestimated. These people are gentle, tactful and diplomatic almost always, as well as forgiving and understanding. They love to keep the peace and avoid confrontations, however they are also the ultimate survivors and very resilient. Unlike the warrior one, the two can handle even the most crushing burdens and keep going without breaking, then when the pressure is relieved they will come back up and continue to be their same gentle spirit.

Number Two’s Numerological Ally

Number 2 in NumerologyThey are the greatest ally of the number one, often viewed as the power behind the throne in which the one sits, the one relies on the information and insight gleaned from being close with a number two. These people operate from the shadows, with no desire to be in the spotlight. In the shadows they use their grace, sensuality and gentle persuasion to learn all they can about those around them. These people are natural born psychologists, able to see through human nature and understand it naturally. Patience is a trademark of those who are born twos, and though they may not get significant recognition for their work, they will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of those they interact with because of their grace and sophistication.

Those born as a Number two in Numerology are natural musicians, popular in a social crowd. They are excellent dancers and conversationalists, with a witty and self-deprecating sense of humor that is never slapstick or juvenile as that would be beneath a two’s gentle sophistication.

Numerology Explains Number Two In Relationships

In a relationship those who fall under the number two will defend their friends and partners and have an unshakable loyalty, but expect to be treated like a princess in return. They are jealous of their partners and will become a formidable opponent for anyone who tries to take someone they love away from them. This other side can be cruel, vengeful and downright mean until the other person figures out that what a two claims as their own is theirs and they will not share. Though they are not particularly materialistic, they do like the occasional gift or flowers. If you are slacking in this area they’ll let you know, often with irrational arguments and anger. The best way to handle a two having a bit of a melt-down is go away and come back with some flowers. They’ll make up for their tantrum later.

Number two in Numerology can be a little demanding, but a partner in a two is well worth the little bit of extra attention. they are graceful and loyal, will do everything they can to help their partner achieve their goals and use their natural intuition and ability to read people to help their loved ones succeed against others. This will help them feel fulfilled in the relationship too because they have the need to understand what motivates other people. Plus their ability to rationally look at people and their reasoning will help them help you understand yourself better. To get the most out of your knowledge of this specific numerology number, it is recommended you learn about ALL numerology numbers on this section of our website. That way you can have a full range of all of the master numbers and how they work together.