Loyal and Hardworking: Virgo the Virgin


Sign: Virgo the Virgin
Dates: August 23rd through September 22


  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Element: Earth
  • Root Power: Ability to edit
  • Positive Traits: Analytical, observant, reliable, precise, loyal, kind, intelligent
  • Negative Traits: Skeptical, fussy, inflexible, cold, interfering, shy, worrier
  • Likes: Outdoor concerts, childhood friends, trivial pursuit, animals, books
  • Dislikes: Lazy people, dive bars, rudeness, asking for help
  • Good Day: Dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking, witty, practical
  • Bad Day: Overwhelmed with pressure, preachy, self-destructive, self-pitying, uptight, critical, obsessive
  • Turn offs: People who are unreasonable, arrogant, or stupid
  • Lucky Color: Grey
  • Lucky Number: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Flower: Morning glory
  • Basic Trait: “I analyze”
  • Quirk: So structural they will not do anything that isn’t structured
  • Advice: Loosen up every now and then, no one is perfect
  • Life Pursuit: To do the right thing
  • Secret Wish: To be a hero
  • Known for: Detailed, guarded servant healers



The Virgo constellation carries a depressing tale.  It centers around Icarus and his daughter, Erigone. According to legend, shepherds got drunk on Icarus’ wine. Not knowing what was happening to them, they thought they were poisoned. They killed Icarus’ in retaliation. As Icarus lay dying, he was so mad that he killed a goat. As the goat lay dead, Icarus realized he only further hurt himself. His daughter, Erigone discovered her dead father and ended her life. Her dog was so depressed that he lay where she died until he also died. Dionysus was so angry about all of this that he forced Athens’ maidens to commit suicide until the original shepherds were found.

Ultimately the moral of this story centers around the stupidity and ignorance of humans. The take away is that you should always value life. This is what Virgo does; they live to value and serve mankind. They have a constant drive to improve and perfect all they can. Virgo’s are born to serve, it gives them joy.

Day to Day

Virgo’s will fix all that is broken. They treasure life and understand tradition. They realize the importance of responsibility, are proud of their upbringings, and everything that made them them. They are the most intelligent sign of the zodiac. When confronted with a problem, they will pick it apart and then put it back together properly. This sign is a good investigator and researcher. They are rational and good at settling other people’s disputes.

Virgos are masterful helpers. They can teach us to serve, do impeccable work, and prioritize our well being. This sign’s primary focus is on control, purification, and organization. Their sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs. They always approach everything methodically so that nothing is left to chance. They are often misunderstood because they do not accept their own feelings. They get stuck in the details and are overly critical. This sign’s eye for detail is second to none.

Virgo’s have an excellent memory and are highly analytical. Their perception is their reality. The world will see calm and collected, but inside a Virgo is nervous and uncontrolled, with an intense mind. Though not to the same depressing extent as the constellation, the Virgo zodiac struggles with the sheer amount of pressure that they place on themselves. They have to learn how to relax and not be so hard on themselves. If they cannot, they will end up having a nervous breakdown.

They suffer from a lack of awareness of their own self worth. They are very picky with high standards. This sign is the epitome of flawless. Virgos are observant. For this reason, they often micromanage their life, as well as those around them. They easily find flaws, which can sometimes make them seem critical or judgmental. They often are hard on themselves as well as their loved ones.

Virgos are often the victims of astrological slander. Since their sign is known for being a perfectionist, their more positive traits are often over-looked in favor if their less positive ones. A Virgo that has been allowed to grow in a safe environment that nurtures their ethics, perfectionism, and efficiency will become one of the most successful and creative of all the signs.

They are industrious and efficient. They want to get things right the first time, despite their natural skepticism. This sign can be indecisive and slow. One of the biggest challenges this sign will face is trusting the unknown and being okay with not understanding things. They have to learn to calm down.

This is a sign that cherishes solitude and independence. They can easily spend hours reading, writing, planning, etc. As an extremely intelligent sign, they take care of themselves effortlessly. Unfortunately, they can also be narrow minded, which stumps their creativity and leads to routine lives. Additionally, their intelligence causes over thinking and over complicating. They sometimes dwell too much on the past which can limit their ability to ever move forward. This sign retreats into themselves and need help from others to find the right balance. Their powerful mind requires real work in order to create the right attitude to be happy.

Their greatest weakness is not being able to live in the emotional world. Virgo’s are not good at recognizing their own feelings even though they are very sensitive. As a defense mechanism, they are often in denial. They easily look too deep into an issue. They strive to know more and more, as they are on an eternal quest to bring order to chaos. They cannot silence their over active mind. Ultimately all they want is to be of use and essential to everyone.

Impact of Element, Quality, and Planet

Virgo’s element is earth. Earth makes them an effective, strong character that prefers conservative things. Thanks to earth, Virgo has the ability to arrange schedules and make impeccable plans to follow through on everything. Earth helps Virgo remain humble.

The mutable quality combines with earth to give Virgo the ability to edit and adjust any situation to make it more efficient. They can be a chameleon. These combinations mean that Virgo is best suited toward the service of mankind. Mercury creates Virgo’s keen observation skills, analytical brain, and perfectionism. Thanks to Mercury, this sign has the ability to multitask and check off the to do list with precision.


Virgo’s will always spring into action for a friend in need. They can be looked to for straight thinking and solving problems logically. At the same time, they can be hard to pin down because they are not great at revealing emotions. This sign definitely keeps an emotional distance.

Additionally, though they always mean well, Virgo’s might try to control their friends and family. They do so with the best of intentions and with the goal of improving things. If their friends and family can be patient, this sign is truly excellent to have around. They will treasure people they have solid relationships with. They are dedicated to their family and attentive to the elderly and sick.

They are caring and nurturing when they love someone. Almost obsessively, they will do all in their power to make loved ones feel good and satisfied.  This can sometimes seem clingy but its simply a Virgo trying to control what they put in place out of fear of loss. The best thing to do is give enough love so that a Virgo can relax.

No matter what, Virgo the Virgin is a Zodiac sign full of people who give and give deeply. You will always find you have a friend in a Virgo and that they will stay by your side no matter what. If you find yourself drawn to a Virgo, do your best to provide them with stability. These are people who thrive in consistency but will wilt under constant personal crisis.


Virgo men have a cool exterior with a sensitive interior. They have tremendous respect for their partner and will treat them as an equal. However, any partner will definitely need patience and understanding when it comes to this guy. They need predictability, no romance, and smooth sailing.

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo women are earthy and sometimes seem cold. They will put on a facade of indifference. On the outside they are timid but the inside is strong and passionate. They will play hard to get and you will need patience. Once this woman is in a committed relationship though, she is in love for the long term.


Like delicate flowers, Virgos need people in their lives that will nurture and protect them. They are the people who are content to sit back and let other’s take the glory, content to know that the have succeeded in making others happy. A Virgo is faithful and loyal, hyper-critical of themselves, and yet very forgiving of personality flaws in others.

Virgos are highly compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Virgos can be moody, so they will need a partner who says “I love you” a lot. Though this is a sign you should never expect spontaneity from, the Virgo is still a very romantic person. They embarrass easily and will never do something over the top. Expect quiet dates with long, deep conversations and probing questions. Virgos are generous givers. This is a sign that pays attention to the little things and will need partners who appreciate that, as well as will reciprocate.

They need intellectual stimulation and do not like topics that go nowhere. This is a sign that is conventional and prefers to take their time. They will keep their emotions closed off until they feel the relationship is solid. They will not be direct in expressing emotions. A Virgo’s partner needs to make sure they do not give them cause for worry, otherwise a Virgo will end up wound tight as a spring. It is best to let a Virgo take the lead, as they like calm, classy surroundings and people.


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