Loyal and Hardworking: Virgo the Virgin


Sign: Virgo the Virgin
Dates: August 23rd through September 22nd
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Life Pursuit: A Virgo will always try to do the right thing, because deep down they just want to love and be loved.

Virgo the Virgin
Virgo the Virgin

Virgo Personality:

Virgos are often the victims of astrological slander. Because their sign is known for being a perfectionist, their more positive traits are often over-looked in favor if their less positive ones. There is more to this sign than fussy perfectionism but it takes others willing to look past those quirks to see the real beauty a Virgo hides within. A Virgo that has been allowed to grow in a safe environment that nurtures their ethics, perfectionism and efficiency will become one of the most successful and creative of all the signs. Their standards are high for themselves and those around them, but when accomplished leave little to be desired.

Shy and nurturing, most Virgos are found in service industries as doctors, teachers or other well-ness practitioners. No matter how often life tries to beat them down, this is a sign that will never give in to cynicism. They will always want to help those around them, always, no matter how many times their hearts have been broken. For a sign that is so often maligned, these people are the ones who are most likely to be abused in relationships as their gentleness and eagerness to please leaves them vulnerable in power games.

No matter what, Virgo the Virgin is a Zodiac sign full of people who give and give deeply. You will always find you have a friend in a Virgo and that they will stay by your side no matter what. If you find yourself drawn to a Virgo, do your best to provide them with stability. These are people who thrive in stability but will wilt under constant personal crisis. A Virgo may be able to help everyone outside their home deal with terrible catastrophe’s, but inside their home they need safety and stability.


Like delicate flowers, Virgos need people in their lives that will nurture and protect them. These are the people who are content to sit back and let other’s take the glory, content to know that the have succeeded in making others happy. A Virgo is faithful and loyal, hyper-critical of themselves and yet very forgiving of personality flaws in others.

Though this is a sign you should never expect spontaneity from, the Virgo is still a very romantic person. They embarrass easily and will never do something over the top. Expect quiet dates with long, deep conversations and probing questions.

Avoid the pitfall of believing the Virgo wants to control your life when they begin to take on your problems. They aren’t trying to take over, they simply want to help you over-come your obstacles because they believe you deserve to be free of them. Be careful in expressing displeasure during these, and many other, circumstances. It is all too easy to wound the feeling of a Virgo and they are good at hiding that hurt instead of brushing it off and recovering. This is a sign that pours its heart into its relationships. Hurtful words will damage the whole heart of a Virgo, not just a little bit of it because they’ve poured all of themselves into the relationship.

Both male and female Virgos tend to be quite and cautious when beginning any sort of relationship. Though this sign is rarely jaded and cynical, they are careful before giving over their heart because they know they have a tendency to throw themselves into relationships and get hurt. Virgo women will always be out helping those in need, while Virgo men tend to hide that part of themselves in an effort to appear ‘manly’. Both are excellent, steadfast friends, loyal lovers, and tend to be compatible with Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Libra, and other Virgos.


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