Sagittarius Rising


When you look at your sun sign most people don’t think to look at the other signs in the sky at the same time. However, these are all important pieces of your astrological profile. The sign that shows up in the East when you’re born is known as your ascendant or rising sign. The ascendant or rising sign is the sign that expresses how you will interact with the world around you.

Sagittarius Rising

If your sign has Sagittarius rising, then you are the sort of person who is able to envision the future you want and plan the steps to get yourself and those around you to that future. You may find that you are often ahead of a trend, able to see truths that others miss, or have a following. Those with an ascendant Sagittarius are highly intuitive, courageous and yet philosophical though this doesn’t in anyway diminish their almost overly optimistic view of the world. You will likely find that your best thoughts and inspiration come while you’re on the move rather than sitting at home. Connecting with the outside world, getting your body in motion, and infusing yourself with life will strengthen these innate talents and help you connect more closely with your intuitive mind.

Those with an ascendant Sagittarius may seem to others to be very shallow because they recover quickly from heartbreak, however this isn’t the case. Instead, you are someone who feels things quite deeply but have an unwavering faith in the goodness of the universe and that carries you through grief more quickly than others while providing you with a great sense of humor.

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter and the location of Jupiter can further affect how a rising Sagittarius will influence your horoscope.

Sagittarius Rising – Jupiter in…

Aries: The influence of Aries on the rising Sagittarius gives you the positivity and courage to embark on new ventures as an entrepreneur. Be wary, however, that you balance this ‘can do’ attitude with actual knowledge or your enthusiasm will fade and leave you with a mess on your hands.

Taurus: Taurus brings all signs a love of the material, but in rising Sagittarius the bull adds practicality and stability that allow you to turn dreams into reality. As with Aries, the influence of Taurus will likely turn you towards business ventures, but in a much more calm and organized fashion.

Gemini: The influence of Gemini on an ascendant has none of the duplicity that the star sign is usually known for. Instead, Gemini will encourage you to become a messenger, helping to educate, encourage, and facilitate communication between others.

Cancer: When Jupiter is in Cancer its influence over the rising Sagittarius is over the desire to build human connections. You will find that your soul hungers to create a community and family full of people that help to feed your soul and that you give back through empathy and compassion.

Leo: Always the life of any party, Jupiter in Leo means big, bold expression and confidence that others find absolutely contagious. You are in your element tackling big projects that express your generous spirit, enthusiasm for life, and giving heart.

Virgo: Jupiter in Virgo brings detail orientation to the big picture dreams that a rising Sagittarius can have. You may find that your projects are focused on education and learning, helping people to better their life through the natural ‘laws’ such as holistic healing.

Libra: A rising Sagittarius with Jupiter in Libra will be focused on bringing people together in harmony and unity. This means you will be spending your energy on building quality communication between people and groups from the ground up.

Scorpio: Known for its depth, Scorpio brings a rising Sagittarius a focus on the inner workings of the heart and soul. You will find you have a knack for figuring out peoples darkest secrets, finding out what they don’t want others to know, and exposing it to the light so healing can begin. Transformative, life-changing healing is your specialty.

Sagittarius: A rising Sagittarius with Jupiter in Sagittarius is someone who is able to see the whole picture without being distracted by the details. You can see the patterns of people, the world, even the universe spread out before you and understand your place in all of it.

Capricorn: Capricorn brings context to everything your heart and soul can see helping you to bring practicality and context to all your endeavors especially those that are business related.

Aquarius: With Jupiter in Aquarius, the rising Sagittarius finds itself focused on humanitarian goals, often on a global scale. You want to change the world, bring people healing, and unite them in the goal of continuing karmic joy and hope.

Pisces: Jupiter in Pisces has an interesting effect on the rising Sagittarius – rather than being a home body focused on those close to you, your altruism and self-sacrificing nature will lead you abroad to the far corners of the globe.


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