Numerology Analysis on Pope’s of Roman Catholic Church


Pope Numerology Analysis

This week’s featured post is about the numerology analysis of various pope’s of the roman catholic church. Pope is the leader of world catholic church and also the bishop of Rome. To become a pope, the cardinals should vote and select them. But apart from this regular custom, there is something more which determines the candidacy for pope.  Pope is the highest authority in Roman Catholicism  and considered as the “Holy See”.  Now, what sort of person or person of which birth dates can actually become pope? This is a very interesting research. Now in this post, we will analyze the date of birth of last five pope’s and can unearth many numerological secrets.

Pope Benedict XVI

Born as Joseph Alois Ratzinger on 16 April 1927  is the current pope of roman church. The most important thing to notice in all the pope’s whom we going to analyze is their date of birth. In my previous posts, i have emphasized the characteristic traits of number 7 and 8. Both numbers are called the number of spirituality, wisdom and Holiness. But number 8 can be an extreme of sorts, where a person can live his life godly or like that of satanic. If we look at the birth date of our current holy father, he is 16 (7) born with life path 3. This is a very holy and divine combination. 7 born with 3 as a life path is a blessed one. 7 is the number of religiousness, all great saints,enlightened ones are mostly 7 or 8 borns.

Even Jesus Christ is 25th (7) born! now that makes some connection. Not only in Christianity, but in almost all religions, number 7 borns are said to be the religious conscious people who have the tendency to go celibate and dedicate their life to gods, or a holy cause.


Pope John Paul II born on may 18th 1920 was the  predecessor to Pope Benedict. He is 9 born (18)  with lifepath 8! The lifepath 8 is the major reason for his religious journey and thus becoming the holy father. But, unlike pope benedict pope john paul II was very religious oriented and had strong orthodox christian approach which was mainly due to the extreme nature of 8. He was widely appreciated for his orthodox nature as well as condemned by some for the same. He  even nearly escaped the assassination by a Turkish gunman and escaped only with  a bullet wound.

The lifepath as 8 made him more controversial than any other pope in roman church history. But at the sametime, he is one of the few pope’s who tried to please all religion and tried to unite all.


Pope John Paul I born on october 17th 1912. He is 17 (8) born with lifepath as 4. Again, another 8 and 4 combination which influences religion,spirituality, and wisdom. His tenure as pope was very less, just 33 days, but he was widely remembered as a smiling god. His lifepath as 4 is attributed for this. 4 as lifepath makes a person sensitive, soft and child like.


Pope Paul VI is the predecessor to Pope John Paul I, and was born on 26th September 1897.  Yet, another Pope who is 8 born (26) but lifepath 6. He too was controversial for reasons like birth control regulation during his papacy which was widely criticized as well as appreciated by the Europeans. With lifepath as 6, illness was very often and disturbed his life to great extent.

Pope John XXIII the predecessor of Pope  Paul VI was born on November 25th 1881. who is a 7 born with lifepath as 9. So far we have seen five pope’s of roman church and clearly all of them have a significance of 7 or 8 in their life.


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