8 – The Number of Natural Disaster


Natural Disasters have occurred in this world since time immemorial, but there is a strong correlation between numbers and natural disasters. If we look closely through the dates of the natural disaster we can discover some shocking truth about the influence of number 8 in this destructive behavior of earth. Let us analyse some events that have demolished innumerable human lives.

Examples of the Curse of 8

Event                       Date           Numbers

Tsunami               26-12-2004      8&8

SaturiaTornado     26-4-1989        8&3

Phestigo Fire         8-10-1871       8 &8

Krakatoa Volcano 26-8-1883      8&9

Mount Pelee           8-5-1902        8&6.

Many more natural disasters have occurred in date which has No 8. In my next post, I ll give the most deadly accidents ever happened, lets analyse the dates of those accidents and we’ ll find the same shocking truth!. In many countries, the attacks and disasters has been a continuous one, this pattern when researched on basis of numerology gives us some truth about the geographical location, The vibration of the name of location is a cause to a greater extent for these disasters.


  1. NAME:senthilkumar .v.k
    Birthcountry :india
    please suggest me lucky name for me to sucess in life.

  2. Dear Attendant

    I am born June 8, 1982. I have read something about number 8 born. My date of birth also sum up to 7. The month is 6. The sum of the year is 2. My name sum up to 4. My first to names sum up to 7.My first and last name sum up 7 and my middle and last name sum up to 7.

    Please tell me more about me in numerolgy of having these number and how I can make it in life.

  3. Hi everyone, many of us know that lord Shani’s number is 8, but does it prove that he was also born on a 8th, 17th or 26th? Indeed, we know much about the positive and negative impacts of the planet Saturn on human beings, particularly on those who are born on a 8th, 17th or 26th, but I think that little is really known about the “true” date of birth of lord Shani, the Hindu deity who is associated with the planet Saturn in Vedic astrology. Moreover, I strongly feel that people born in the Rohini nakshatra face similar problems in life as most number 8 people, primarily due to the fact that the Rohini nakshatra is associated with Prithvi, or “Mother Earth”, the Hindu earth and mother goddess, so all ups and downs in life are part of it. Besides, lord Shani must have been born in the Rohini nakshatra, so I personally believe that the number 8 and the Rohini nakshatra have so much in common. By the way, I was born on 17th March 1986 (Monday) at 11.25 AM (my birth star is Rohini, lagna is Mithuna). Other birth details are: Shukla paksha, Saptami tithi and Garaja karana. Regards.


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