Numerology Number 8 – Accidents and Disasters

  • Numerology Number 8 – Accidents and Disasters with their death toll
  • Serbian Ammunition Plant explosion – June 8th 1941 – Killed 1500
  • Iraq illegal militiary plant explosion – August 17th 1988 – 750
  • Halifax explosion in canada – April 17th 1917 – Killed 2000
  • Bhopal Disaster India – January 8th 1984 – Killed 20000

and many more accidents like Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Challenger disaster, Mecca stampede have their date as Number 8 (comes as a life path number). When analyzing the events of the world, Numerology gives us the light to the path of darkness. An insight into the days that causes disasters can be found out using the science of numerology.

Numerology Number 8 – Accidents and Disasters


  1. Some see number 8 as a lucky number that can bring fortune and luck espeacially when it comes to money matters. What do you think about that?

    • Yes its lucky in certain matters, it gives financial stability, longevity, power, and businessess related to iron, ores, metals, law, mines.. In these matters 8 is very fortunate number. But for marriage, relationship, love, children, 8 is unfavorable

  2. You are right sir. I can add some more.
    Gujarat earthquake: January 26, 2001.
    Tsunami in India: December 26, 2004 (Lifepath also 8).
    Mumbai attacks: November 26, 2008.

  3. I was born on 8 8 1981 (Saturday).
    and my name and lastname in the calculator gives 56. Can you tell me more please?
    Thank you very much in advance

  4. My birthday is 8-17-1966 I haven’t had a lot of bad luck in my life just one bad divorce that in hindsight was the catalyst for my higher spiritual learning other than that-I can’t say that I have a great deal of bad luck. Please reply.

    • Relationship and marriage are the vulnerable points for 8 borns when their name is not in 5, The purpose of 8 born is to attain ultimate liberation, Saturn is a saintly planet, hence the divorce in your case for a higher learning is a clear purpose of your life.

  5. I was born on 8-8-1984. so it will be helpful for me. I have faced lot of difficulties in my life. can u tell me more about my future. so it will be helpful for me.

  6. My partner’s dob is 8.8.75 , his life path is 11 and name comes to 3. He has 2 nicknames, one comes to 8 the other comes to 3. Which is better?

    I am born on 26th and my life path number is 4. My names comes to 5 ( I changed it a few years ago) is this good? Previously my name came to 9.

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you

  7. hi this is kavashgar from singapore , me too born in 26 -06-86 , only way to become success, keep updating your knowledge and keep moving 🙂


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