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What are the Royal Stars in Numerology? Many people have asked me this question, which number is the most desirable and most lucky number in numerology? though there is no concrete answer for that particular question, i can say to a very large extent that number 23 is very special in many ways, and considered as the one of the luckiest number in numerology.

Royal Star of the Lion

In numerology there are certain numbers which are called as Royal Stars. There are four royal stars which protects our earth. They are 23, 37, 51 and there’s one more number which is 65. The above mentioned four numbers are very powerful number in numerology and can influence a person largely. Out of four numbers, the first most desirable number is 23 ! 23 can be used in their by everyone, its compatible for person born on any date. 23 can be used in their name, i.e Deepa (name comes value 23) , can be used in their company’s name, or players can wear their jersey as number 23. one can introduce number 23 in their life in many ways and become successful in the field they have used it. sports persons with their jersey number 23 are said to be one of the best in their field as 23 has the power to propel a persons fame like anything. Having ones name as 23 makes them capable of achieving anything in life, all materialistic pleasures will be rendered to them. Number 23 is called the royal star of the lion which we cover on this page.

The ultimate power of 23 comes in field of politics, where person with name as 23 can excel in politics and defeat their opponents easily, its a number of masses which creates huge fan following and admiration for the person. The real life examples are many who have 23 in their name , or business or their profession and who have attained stardom among masses ! Its truly a star number in the field of numerology.

The other royal stars will be explained detailed in separate posts.


  1. Is no 51 is dangerous ? Some say Benzir Bhotto is 51 hence she has been assisnated?
    They also say M K Gandhi is 51 who also met the same fate? I saw the comments in one of the numerologist site.

    • Sharma,

      MK Gandhi comes 25 in chaldean numerology, and benazir bhutto comes 50, she uses her name as benazir bhutto not bhotto, And 51 is a royal star of the lion which is one of the most desired number in numerology, But ur son has lifepath as 1, so i ll suggest 46 as the best option to him.

  2. Sir,

    I need help from you ,I brought new car number is 1322 and my date of birth is aslo 17 oct.

    Please help me this number is good or bad .

    Thanks in Advance!

    With regards

  3. Sir,

    My son’s life path number is 8(DOB: 20-03-2010). Can I name him R R Ritvick which comes to 23 based on Chaldean numerology. If he is called as Ritvick in real like, this comes to 1 and his psychic number is 2 which as per the numerology, is friendly to 1. In your site, I have seen that for the life path number of 8, the record name(as documented) should be compatible and also it said 8(Life path Number) and 5 or 23(name number) is very compatible and Psychic number of 2 and Name number that is used when addressing the person(in this case 1[Ritvick]) goes well together. Can I name him as R R Ritvick. Please suggest.

    Thank You.

    With Best Regards,

    P V Raja

  4. Hi
    I born 16 aug 1973 and my name is manjinder kaur khokhar is that name is good for me or not could you please tell me

  5. Hello Sir,
    1st of all, wow your website is really useful & has added to my knowledge.
    I thank you so much for that.

    My name is chaitanya patankar my name number comes to 65 according to the chaldean system.
    My date of birth is 15/11/1985
    can you kindly guide me on this matter…
    I am sure you will surely answer this for me,
    Thanks to you in advance..


  6. Hi Sir….
    Thank you so much for bringing the numerology calculator back on your website !
    I am planning to keep a new name. My D.O.B. is 5-7-1984 . Birth no. 5 & Life path no. 7
    I need your help to know, which are the most lucky letters / alphabets to start my first name with and which are the numbers / totals / compound numbers which i should try to get for my name & full name ?
    I kindly request you to help me with this ASAP.
    Thanks !


  7. Mr.Saravanarajendar i m an 8 born person (born on 17)and my destiny number is 9…After reading your posts.. I had decided to change my name Aadithyaa(19) to Aadhithya(23)…was it compatible to my birth num. and destiny num.?

    Thank u

  8. The number 23 really works. i changed my signature to 23 after reading ur article on Signature. Since, I dont know  numerology much and everybody can use 23, I changed my signature value to 23. There were many pending issues that have been worked out which I thought were out of hope. I really wish that your articles help everybody in one way or the other in resolving their issues as well. I request you to post more articles on numerology from time to time.

    • Compound Number Prediction: Your Characteristic Number is 40: It is same as Number 31. The person that this number represents is self contained, lonely, and isolated from his/her fellows. It is not a fortunate number from a worldly or material steadpoint.

  9. I have 25 as compound number with 8 as birth date and & 7 as fadic number, should i go for name change for 23 since it guarantees success in all fields.

  10. -The Four Royal Stars
    Antares = 65
    Fomalhaut = 51
    Regulus = 23
    Aldebaran = 37

    -Behenian Fixed Stars = Chaldean Name Numbers

    Algol = 18

    Vega = 36

    Spica = 72

    Star of Arcturus = 82

    Sirius = 19

    Procyon = 38

    Algorab = 17

    Alphecca = 66

    Capella = 67

    Deneb Algedi = 41

    Polaris = 79

  11. Sir,
    My date of birth is 17th December 1977. And I have faced a lot of problems in my life. I am struggling a lot to make a good career. but still not able. My earning is very poor. and I’m still not married. Whenever I try to start something new it never happens to me. I have been a failure person till date in all aspects of my life. Surprisingly I have found this blog while searching for lucky numbers and alphabets for those who have borne on 8th(8,17.26). So can you please contact me in my mail id? I need your consultation. Please help me sir.

    • Congratulations, your child is born under the Vishaka Nakshatra. The Rashi is Libra and Lagan is Cancer. The name alphabet is Tu. Some of the names that you can look are Tushar, Tushir, Tuvijat, Tushya.


  12. Hi, my name name number is 46 , and i am planning to make it 51.
    My D.O.B is 15/08/1995
    T.O.B is 15:32
    New Delhi

    Would it be a wise decision ?

  13. thank you sir, we have named him saathvik, we have a doubt if initials will be counted while calculating. His father’s name is vinodkumar, we are planning to give his name as v.saathvik. hope this should be fine.kindly suggest.

  14. HI Sir,
    my name is praveen kumar mamudur
    my dob is 31 july 1989 ,day number -4 and life path number – 2,and I have changed my name into Praween Maamhudhurr which comes under

    praween =37 and in system 2 praween = 32
    maamhudhurr = 54 and in system 2 maamhudhurr =40
    my name number total comes under 91 and 72.
    can u please tell me how many times I need to write this name daily for good luck

  15. hello sir,

    my dob is 3-6-1981, can i change my number : 1) NOOMI NARONA 2) NAYOMI NORONHA 3) NAYOMI NORONA….. Which one will be correct for me?

    with regards,

    • As your complete date of birth adds to number 1 ruled by Sun, which is the number for name, fame, seniority, you can choose your name as NAYOMI NORONA, which also adds to number 1. This name should bring you success and recognition in life.


  16. Hi, my son was born on 13-01-2017 in Pune. I am planning to name him with a name with no. 23 (e.g. Roshan). But, one numerologist suggested me to go for no. 24 instead (Roashan). Kindly advise. Also, advise about the alphabet for the name (My choices are A, K, R and S). Thanks,

    • The numerologist is right as the Son date of birth adds to number 6, you should choose name which also adds to number 6. 23 adds to number 5 while 24 adds to number 6. Therefore you can either choose Roashan or any other name which adds to number 6.



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