Numerology Forecast For April 25th 2011

  • Today’s Number: 25
  • Today’s Life path: 15 (6)
  • Today’s Moon Sign: Capricorn
  • Today’s Constellation: Shravana
  • Today’s Constellation Lord: Moon

Famous persons born today: Al Pacino, Felipe Massa, Rene Zellwegger, Guruji Sri P Rajkumar

Bottom Line: Should be avoided for important business activities,  number 2 borns should avoid treatment of eye s on this day. A day that can suck up your energy levels but deliver very less. A good day for meditation though.


  1. Hi Saravana,

    Since today’s constellation is Shravana in India – does that Nakshatra also apply here in the United States? Or do we need to adjust hours given time difference, i.e. subtract 13 or so hours?


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