Archangel Michael


Michael the archangel is the only one of the angels to be named in the holy texts of the worlds three largest religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Other angels, like Gabriel, are only mentioned in a single text or two. Michael is the only one to be mentioned in all three. Also known as Saint Michael the Archangel, his name means ‘Who is Like God’. He has been seen as a protector, first of the Jews as an advocate of theirs to God, and then of others. He is also a leader of the army of God and will according to the Book of Revelations will lead God’s army in battle against the forces of Satan. Those who believe they have been touched by Michael believe is helps protect, guide and heal.

Archangel Michael

Calling on Archangel Michael

Because of his role as a protector, you can appeal to Michael in a moment of urgent need and receive immediate help. No matter what the situation he will come to your aid giving you the help, courage and strength to get through any situation. You may notice his presence in times of need as a purple aura that is so bright it appears to be a deep almost cobalt blue. You may even hear his voice speaking to you as if he were standing right next to you.

Even if you don’t specifically request his help, if he sees that you need assistance he will provide it. St. Michael the Archangel is known for giving encouragement to help the faithful with their decisions. Since his domain is protection, truth, integrity, courage and strength he is always quick to offer believers help in those areas even if you don’t ask for his help specifically. If you feel that someone is present helping you, there is a sense of warmth or you can hear his voice in your mind, then you know he has come to help you either get through a difficult situation or stay true to the ways of God. Some believe that he continues his duties to protect right up through death, escorting the souls of the faithful into the afterlife.

In helping us remain faithful it’s not hard to believe that the Archangel Michael is committed to helping us remain faithful to God’s purpose for our life. He will help us get organized and focused, help us develop useful skills and talents, and encourage us to create a consistency and dependability that will helps us thrive as we go about working on God’s purpose for us as individuals. He does more than simply flash into your life and disappear again, he is committed to being there when you are needed. Though he is an archangel and not a guardian angel, he will come into your life and help whenever you need assistance. Those who have charted their experiences with him encourage others to build a good relationship with angels in general and Michael in particular. Don’t just take advantage of their good nature, but work to create a relationship.


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