Psychic Predictions


Psychic predictions are precisely what they seem to be, predictions about the future made by psychics using their ESP abilities such as clairvoyance to interpret signs of the future! Every few months psychics will make predictions about the months or year ahead and these predictions are then watched to see if they come true.

Annual Psychic Predictions

When the current year comes to a close readers should check and see what psychic predictions have been made about the upcoming year. This is a great time to have tarot readings, psychic evaluations, and astrological readings done for yourself so you can see how current predictions will affect your life in the coming year.

Many psychics maintain web pages and websites in which they document their predictions and show their accuracy. This makes it easy to check and see just how accurate they are when they make a prediction and gives you a good gauge of whether or not their new predictions for the coming year are worth looking into. For example, a psychic who made ten predictions about the year 2016 but then was only correct two or three times is perhaps not the best psychic to look at for the year 2017. Instead you’ll want to look at a psychic whose predictions for 2016 were more correct, maybe seven or eight correct predictions out of ten. Rarely will a psychic make a list of predictions and get them all right. Remember, psychics aren’t reading from a book, they are using their special extra sensory perceptive skills such as clairaudience or clairvoyance to see and hear things that we cannot see and hear. Sometimes these sounds and visions may be cloudy or short, or even confusing mixtures that it’s hard to pick apart accurately.

It’s important to remember, too, that psychic predictions may not include a spread of predictions for the year, but a psychic may receive only one vision for the whole coming year. While these sorts of visions may seem full of doom and gloom, you must remember that psychic predictions are just a slice of the future, not the whole thing and much can change around those visions and can, in fact, change the very visions themselves.

If you look at psychic predictions, whether for yourself or for the world at large, it is important to remember that the world is not static. None of us are stuck on a track that we cannot change. The future is fluid and dependent on us. If we chose to change it then we can change it. The future should never be a vision of hopelessness because we all, each and every one of us, has the power to change its outcome and make our future better either individually or as citizens of the world!

Look to the Future

No matter how dire the future looks in a psychic prediction, remember that your life is yours to control and that even if the world around you looks as though it is falling apart, you can still grow and improve things in your life!


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